Selenium Interview Q & A

Selenium Interview Ques & Ans Part 5


1) How do u get the attribute of the web element?
driver.getElement (By.tagName (“img”)).getAttribute(“src”) will give you the src attribute of this tag. Similarly, you can get the values of attributes such as title, alt etc.
Similarly you can get CSS properties of any tag by […]

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AngularJS – Learn AngularJS

“A Dominant JavaScript framework for professional web development”
AngularJS is a open source front end application framework which is completely based on JavaScript and it is maintained by Google. AngularJS perfectly fits for Single Page Applications (SPAs).
AngularJS Tutorial
This AngularJS Tutorial will helps you to know about the AngularJS and the importance […]

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Non Functional Testing – A Complete Study

Non Functional Testing – A Complete Study 
Non Functional Testing  

Application or software that are tested for its functionalities to ensure that the features are working during certain situations and condition(Environment, traffic etc)

Performance Testing:

Load – Positive Performance Load testing – Maximum capacity of an application or software to respond the user.

Stress […]

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Black Box Testing – A Complete Study

Black Box Testing
Black Box Testing is a method of Software Testing which is used to test the functionality of an application without peeping into its workings. This method is also known as Behavioural Testing. Black Box Testing is performed by independent testing team,

This Software testing method can be applied to […]

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Test case prioritization – A Complete Study

A Complete Study
Test case prioritization – As per the principles of testing, we all know that “Exhaustive testing is impossible”. So we need to plan efficiently to cover the total scope of functionalities in our testing. It is our responsibility to select the suitable test cases and with the minimal count of test cases we should cover wide scope of testing. To achieve this we need to follow the […]

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Time to Learn HTML5 New Tags and Attributes

HTML is the standard mark up language used for creating web pages, HTML5 is the current and fifth version of HTML. HTML5 benefits are ranging from platform compatibility, cleaner code, and user interface. Here are the Top 3 reasons to learn HTML5
Importance of HTML5
Browser Support:

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Top 5 Reasons to Learn C Programming

C programming is an effective general purpose programming language which is fast and also available in all platforms.C is always a good choice to start your programming career, Learning C will teach you to learn about how the computer operates with respect to your program.C is the basics for C++ programming language and Java programming language  and also C# […]

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Selenium Interview Questions and Answers Set 4

Top Selenium Interview Questions and Answers for both freshers and experienced professionals.

1) How to get the number of frames on a page?

List < WebElement> frames List = driver.findElements (By.xpath (“//iframe”));
int numOfFrames = frameList.size ();

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Tips to Design Your Test Data Properly and Secured

Tester should always focus in test data that he is going use for validating an application. Aim of this article is to provide importance of test data in testing as well as to provide the standard guidelines to prepare test data that can be used for testing.
Test Data Introduction:

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Hadoop Interview Questions and Answers

These are Hadoop Basic Interview Questions and Answers for freshers.

1. What is Hadoop?
Hadoop is a distributed computing platform. It is written in Java. It consist of the features like Google File System and MapReduce. […]

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Software Testing Tutorial – Complete Guide

Software Testing Tutorial – Complete Guide for Testing:
A Complete guide for Software Testing from the beginning to the end which involves all the latest updates in both manual and automation testing designed for both beginners and experienced testers.

1. What is Testing? […]

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CSS Interview Questions and Answers-Set 2

Updated Interview Questions in CSS – Useful for both Freshers & Working Professionals:
1.Explain external Style Sheet?

Create a CSS file and place all the CSS in that file and include the same file in one or more web pages called External Style Sheet.
<link rel=”stylesheet” href=”/css” />

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Indians Earns Highest – Finding the Bugs in Social Sites

Indians accounted for the Largest share of Facebook’s Bug bounty program in 2016, and glad to know that we are ahead of the countries such like Mexico, US.

Social Networking Giants paid a total of $611,741 to 149 researchers in the first half of this year as a bug bounty program.

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Selenium Interview Questions and Answers Set 3

Series of set of frequently asked interview questions designed by our experienced Selenium trainer

1) How to get typed text from a textbox?

Use get Attribute (“value”) method by passing arg as value.

String typedText = driver.findElement […]

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Hadoop – Best Platform for Data Management

Due to the vast development of mankind in technologies especially in Social Sites  leads to a big issue in managing the data used by the peoples. Literally the amount of data we produced is huge. In the correct sense

90% of World’s Data was generated in the last few years !!

In other words, ” the amount of data created […]

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