Automation Anywhere is one of the Trending tool in Robotic Process Automation. It allows organizations to automate task just like a human being was doing them across application and systems.

According to the Google Trend, Automation Anywhere is one of the Top RPA tools in the world right now!

In this tutorial, we are going to discuss complete information about Automation Anywhere.

Let’s Begin,

What is Automation Anywhere?

Automation Anywhere is the developer of Robotic Process Automation Software. Over 1000 of the world’s largest Organization use the Automation Anywhere to manage and scale their business faster, no errors while reducing their business costs. It is a web-based automation system.

The latest version of AutomationAnywhere is 10.7, but still, many clients use version 9.6

How Automation Anywhere is differed from other Tools?

Automation Anywhere is better than other tools because of their functionalities. Some of the points are listed below,

  • Blue prim is used for Back office automation only but Automation Anywhere using Front and Back office Automation.
  • Macro Recorders are very faster than other RPA Tools.
  • Automation Anywhere is a reusable one.

Why should I Learn Automation Anywhere?

Automation anywhere tool is used because of the following Reasons

  • Process Automation
  • IT Support and Management
  • Automated Assistant
  • Reduce Human Error
  • Increase Throughput
  • Accelerate time to value

Careerin Automation Anywhere

There are many job roles in Automation Anywhere

  • Developer
  • Admin
  • Architect

What can you do with Automation Anywhere?

Automation Anywhere is used in different fields such that Financial, Information Technology, Government, Sales, Marketing and Healthcare across more than 80 countries for over a decade. Some of the Automation anywhere tasks are listed below,

Financial – Reporting, Auditing, Invoice

Healthcare – Claim Status, Reporting, Data Migration

Government- Verification Process, Daily Reports

Marketing -Report works, Monitoring Social Network Activities

Information Technology– Software Set-up, System integration

Future of Automation Anywhere

According to the Transparency Market Research, Automation Anywhere market will be approximately $5 billion by 2020. Most of the largest industries using Automation Anywhere for their Business.

List of Companies using Automation Anywhere

  • Cognizant
  • Accenture
  • ANZ
  • Deloitte
  • Cerner
  • Dell
  • L&T Infotech
  • Infosys
  • Wipro

Automation Anywhere Training

Automation Anywhere Certification training helps you to get jobs as a Robotic Process Automation Professional with the very good package which helps to boost your career.

So what I’m trying to make you understand is Robotic Process Automation is the Best Career Option.

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