Top 10 Benefits -AWS Certified Solutions Architect


According to the Indeed report, about 60% of cloud computing job roles require AWS-related skills. GlobalData predicts that the cloud computing market will experience substantial growth. The growth rises from USD 480.04 billion in 2022 to $1,119.5 billion by 2026.

Learning AWS is one of the best choices to advance in the career. It also ensures salary growth in the top companies. AWS certification in 2023 is a smart career move for IT professionals. AWS certified professionals are the highest-earning professionals in the tech field.

AWS Certified Solutions Architect

The AWS Solutions Architect are responsible for designing the most efficient cloud solutions. To meet business requirements, These professionals collaborate with other AWS project teams. AWS Solutions Architects monitor the solution’s performance and troubleshoot any issues.The Average salary of an AWS Solution Architect is ₹7,00,000 in India per annum.

AWS Certified Solutions Architect Certification:

AWS Certified Solutions Architect is the most in-demand AWS certification. It validates the technical skills and knowledge to design and deploy AWS applications.This certification is offered at two levels:

  • AWS Certified Solutions Architect – Associate
  • AWS Certified Solutions Architect – Professional

This AWS certification focuses on developing optimized solutions with design and performance. It demonstrates the understanding of the AWS Framework. This certification enhances the career, income of certified professionals. It also increases the credibility and weightage in the job market.

Exam Details

The AWS exams includes topics like AWS architecture, compute, storage, networking, databases, security, and more.It consist of multiple-choice,scenario-based and multiple-answer questions. This exam assess the designing and deployment ability of AWS applications. The exams are administered at testing centers and also online format. As these exams are challenging, Study AWS using Credo Systemz AWS training courses.We ensure best practices and support to take these exams.

Benefits of AWS Certified Solutions Architect Certification

1.Cloud-the Future

Every industry has incorporated cloud services and transferred to the cloud. AWS is the leading cloud service provider in the Cloud Technology. It ensures better career opportunity and career growth. AWS Certified Solutions Architect certification demonstrates your expertise and guarantees you career growth.

2.Increased demand for AWS experts

With the rise in cloud computing, the demand for skilled professionals is increasing. As AWS is experiencing massive growth, there is a shortage of skilled cloud professionals. Having AWS Certified Solution Architect Certification will make sure you grab the best jobs. This certification is suitable for all aspirants and professionals.

3.Appreciation for Efforts

AWS Certification provides digital badges that represent the efforts of acquiring the knowledge. Use this budget to enhance the skill sets on social media and email signatures. It helps to move forwards in the career with expertise.

4.Better Pay

The important benefit of the AWS certified solution architect is better salary and increment.

  • Entry- level AWS solutions architect’s salary – ₹644,000 per annum.
  • Middle level AWS professional’s salary – ₹13,86,744 per annum.
  • Experienced AWS professional’s salary – ₹24,67,543 per annum

The salary estimates for a certified AWS professional are high when compared to the non-certified professionals’ salary.


AWS Certified Solutions Architect is a valuable certification. It is evidence of commitment to gain knowledge and expertise in the cloud field. this certification represents the time and effort invested to be a significant professional. It displays your potential and understanding of AWS Cloud Technology.

6. AWS Partner Network

The organization with AWS certified professionals can participate in AWS Partner Network (APN). They can take part in the APN program based on the eligibility. APN is like a certification for a company. It ensures the company gets more AWS projects.The company can handle complex cloud problems.

7.Increase the Resume Weightage

The Resume with AWS certification creates a positive impact. It will definitely help to show your knowledge,effort,and strength on AWS. As all companies need AWS experts,AWS certified solution architect is in high demand.

8.Professional Network

Join the AWS Certified Global Community,LinkedIn Community and network to know and explore the latest cloud trends and updates. It helps to attend Meetups, conferences, and more. Interacting with professionals to learn new things.

9.Subject Matter Expert

Get access to the Subject Matter Expert (SME) program after completing the AWS solutions architect certification. This program offers extended learning about AWS services. It allows students to participate in the exam development process and other workshops.

10.Credibility And Expertise

Credibility, and expertise are important factors offered to certified professionals. These are the factors that help AWS practitioners to stand out. AWS certifications demonstrate the credibility to their clients and potential employers. It is a proof of expertise and helps to grab your dream job.


To validate the skills and knowledge, AWS Solutions Architect Certification is important. It enhances the career prospects in the cloud computing industry. If you’re interested in pursuing this certification, Enroll Credo Systemz AWS training courses now. The trainers are experienced AWS certified experts who support to clear the AWS exams. Gain hands-on experience with AWS services using real time projects and interview assistance.

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