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Are you looking for Angular training in trichy with expert guidance? Join in Our Credo Systemz Angular Training in Trichy. This is the best angular course for beginners that is framed to develop the knowledge of Angular framework. With Angular Professional, Angular Course in Trichy is handled using Hands-on training approach.

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Angular Training real time projects

Real Time Projects

To experience and Build, Deploy and Hosting 15+ Real-time Angular Apps in a Server along with the advanced Angular concepts.

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Angular Training Assignments

Hands-on Assignments

3 to 5 practical assignments along with every sessions to build better clarity with all the concepts. It makes you an expert in Frontend.

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Angular Training Expert

Expert Faculty

Professional Angular experts assist training with standard course curriculum designed to gain the industrial knowledge.

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Lifetime Support & Access

To enquire and get clearance using Technical Forum for 24x7 online support team along with the Lifetime access to our LMS.

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Credo Systemz Placement Team works to assist the aspirants in fitting them in the correct place with the industry exposure.

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Credo Systemz helps to transform the aspirants into Angular Certified Professionals with the final project completion.

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Angular Training Curriculum

Our Angular training course in Trichy is the Angular course for beginners using standard course syllabus . The course content starts from the basics of Angular framework, html,Typescript to advanced concepts, features and techniques. It is framed by Angular professionals which can be customized and reviewed then and there.

HTML 5, CSS, BOOTSTRAP, JS & TS - Curriculum

  • Web Introduction
  • Client-side Technologies overview
  • Different Types of Web Apps overview
  • Web Designer vs Web Developer
  • HTML Introduction
  • Structure of HTML
  • Tag vs Element
  • Semantic vs Non-semantic elements
  • Block level elements vs Inline elements
  • HTML Elements deep dive
  • HTML Forms & its Attributes
  • HTML Input Elements
  • HTML Global Attributes
  • HTML Element Specific Attributes
  • HTML5 Validations
  • What is CSS?
  • Understanding the CSS Syntax.
  • CSS Selectors.
  • How To Add CSS in HTML.
  • Cascading Order.
  • CSS Colors.
  • CSS Backgrounds.
  • CSS Borders
  • CSS Margins
  • CSS Padding
  • CSS Height and Width
  • CSS Text
  • CSS Fonts
  • CSS Links
  • CSS Tables
  • CSS - Display Property
  • CSS - Position Property
  • CSS - Overflow Property
  • CSS - Float and Clear
  • The display: inline-block Value
  • CSS Attribute Selectors
  • CSS Box Sizing
  • Bootstrap Introduction
  • Get Start with Bootstrap
  • Containers
  • Grid System
  • Structure of a Bootstrap Grid
  • Bootstrap Colors
  • Bootstrap Tables
  • Bootstrap Jumbotron
  • Bootstrap Alerts
  • Bootstrap Buttons
  • Bootstrap Navs
  • Navigation Bars
  • Bootstrap Forms
  • Bootstrap Modal

Chapter 1: Introduction Of Javascript

  • Client Side Scripting
  • JavaScript
  • Variables in JavaScript
  • Rules to create variables in JS
  • What is varibale declaration and What is variable definition?
  • What is Variable Scopes?
  • What are the list of Data Types in JavaScript?

Get detailed Angular course content Download Curriculum

  • Event in JS
  • Onload, Onunload, Onsubmit, OnFocus, Onchange Event, Onblur Event, Onmouseover, Onclick, Ondbclick Events, etc.,
  • Function
  • Define Functions in JS
  • What are the functions available in JS?
  • What are Function Invocation Types?
  • How to pass Arguments & Parameters in Function?
  • Define String inbuilt methods
  • What is Number and Math inbuilt methods?
  • Define Array inbuilt methods
  • What are Array Overview?
  • How to Manipulate (Add, Edit, Delete) Array Elements ?
  • Define Array Sort?
  • JS Object Overview.
  • Object Structure in JS.
  • Object Properties and Methods.
  • How to add New Properties and Methods in Existing Object ?
  • Object Creation ways in JS
  • Conditions Statements (If, If Else, Switch)
  • JavaScript Loops (For Loop, While Loop, Do While Loop and for in loop)
  • Introduction about DOM
  • Methods of Finding HTML Elements.
  • Methods of Finding HTML Elements.
  • Methods of Changing HTML Elements.
  • Methods of Add/Delete HTML Elements.
  • Event Listener Overview.
  • Timer function
  • setTimeout() - overview
  • setInterval() - Overview
  • Client-side Storage Overview
  • What is Local Storage?
  • What is Session Storage?
  • Difference between Local Storage & Session Storage
  • Set, Get, Remove methods in Local Storage & Session Storage
  • JSON
  • Purpose of the JSON
  • Convertion of JS object into JSON object?
  • Convertion of JSON object into JS object?
  • How to parse complex JSON Data Structure.
  • What is AJAX?
  • Synchronous vs Asynchronous.
  • What is XMLHttpRequest Object?
  • What are the properties and methods available in XMLHttpRequest Object?
  • How to receive HTTP response?

Chapter 1: TypeScript Introduction

  • TypeScript
  • Features of TypeScript.
  • How to compile TypeScript into JS?
  • Transpilation

Get detailed Angular course content Download Curriculum

  • Node
  • Node Environment setups.
  • A Brief Node Introduction.
  • Node Modules
  • Types of Node Modules available
  • Local & Global Module
  • Install TypeScript Engine in Node.
  • Execute the 1stTypeScript code.
  • watcher
  • Introduction of ts-node NPM.
  • Difference between Static & Dynamic type checking.
  • How to Declare & Define Variables in TS?
  • What is any in TS?
  • Difference between let & var.
  • Template string introduction.
  • Brief Introduction of below types,
    - String
    - Number
    - Boolean
    - Array
    - Object
    - Tuple
    - Enum
    - Any
    - Void
    - Never
    - Null
    - Undefined
  • Difference between JS parameter & TS Parameter.
  • Let vs var vs const
  • Passing Parameters to the functions.
  • How to pass optional parameter?
  • Default Parameter
  • How to use default parameter before required parameter?
  • Rest Parameter overview.
  • Arrow functions.
  • Where to use Arrow functions?
  • Destructing an Array.
  • Destructing and Object.
  • Class
  • Class definition
  • Object
  • How to Create Object?
  • Brief introduction about,
    - Property
    - Method
    - Constructor
  • What is Inheritance?
  • Different types of Inheritance in TS. ?
  • Access modifiers in TS. ?
  • Readonly in TS. ?
  • Static Property & Methods in TS.
  • Interface in TypeScript.


Chapter 1:Angular Introduction

  • Angular Definition
  • Difference between Framework & Library?
  • History of Angular and its versions.
  • Why Angular?
  • Features of Angular.
  • Single Page Application
  • Difference between SPA & Traditional Application.
  • MVC
  • How MVC works in Client & Server sides?

Get detailed Angular course content Download Curriculum

  • What is Angular CLI?
  • Purpose of the CLI.
  • Angular CLI installation.
  • CLI vs Without CLI Overview.
  • Create an Angular App by using CLI.
  • Compiling the Angular App & Open it in a browser.
  • Angular app Bootstrapping process.
  • Angular libraries
  • Brief explanation about the structure of the Angular App.
  • An Overview of the below Main Building blocks of Angular
    - Modules
    - Components
    - Decorator
    - MetaData
    - Templates
    - Data binding - Directives
    - Services
    - Dependency Injection.
  • Angular Module Overview.
  • Importance of the Module.
  • Why Modules?
  • Root Module, Core Module, Feature Module and Shared Module - Overview.
  • How to create Angular Modules?
  • @NgModule Decorator & its Meta data properties - Overview.
  • How to Import & Export Module?
  • Angular Component - Overview.
  • @Component decorator & its Meta data properties.
  • Root Component - Overview
  • How to create a Component manually and through CLI?
  • Component’s Structure overview.
  • Component in an Action
  • What is Instance of the Component?
  • What are the ways to render a Component in the view?
  • Component Lifecycle Hooks.
  • Nested or Parent & Child Component - Overview
  • Components Interactions overview.
  • How to pass Data from Parent to Child & Child to Parent?
  • Data Binding Introduction
  • String Interpolation.
  • Property Binding - Overview.
  • Custom Property Binding.
  • Overview of Event Binding.
  • String Interpolation VS Property Binding
  • Two-way Data Binding - Deep dive.
  • Implementing the 2-way Data Binding and understanding the process.
  • Style Binding, Class Binding.
  • Element reference and $event service in Angular.
  • Event Filtering
  • Introduction - Service.
  • Importance of Service.
  • How to create Services in Angular?
  • What are the ways to Provide Services in Angular?
  • Dependency Injection - Overview.
  • How to use Dependency Injection?
  • Singleton Object - Overview
  • Singleton Obj VS Regular Obj
  • What is Providers?
  • What is @Injectable()?
  • Registering a Service in Providers VS @Injectable() Decorators
  • Hierarchical DI
  • Directives - Introduction.
  • Component VS Directives
  • What are the Different kind of Directives available in Angular?
  • Difference between Structural & Attribute Directives.
  • Overview of All Structural & Attribute Directives.
  • - ngIf
    - ngFor
    - ngSwitch
    - hidden
    - ngClass
    - ngStyle - ngNonBindable
    - ngTempate
    - ngContent
    - ng-container
    - ng-template
  • Difference between ngIf & hidden directives.
  • How to create Custom Directives?
  • @Directive Decorator and its Meta data properties.
  • How to pass Input property to the custom directive?
  • How to receive Input property from the outside of the directive?
  • @Input decorator and its methods.
  • What is ElementRef and its purpose?
  • @HostListner decorator overview.
  • What is Pipe in Angular?
  • Purpose of the Pipes.
  • Difference between Pipes & Directives.
  • Detailed explanation of the below Pipes,
    - Lowercase
    - Uppercase
    - Titlecase
    - Slice
    - Json
    - Number
    - Percent
    - Currency
    - Date
  • What is Pure Pipe & Impure Pipe?
  • How to create Custom Pipes?
  • What is chaining Pipes?
  • What is Parameterized Pipe?
  • Overview of Components Interaction.
  • Share data between components by using Service.
  • Component Interaction from Parent to Child.
  • Component Interaction from Child to Parent.
  • @ViewChild decorator overview
  • @Input & @Output decorator overview
  • Custom Event Binding
  • Components Interaction by using Event Emitter & Subject and observable
  • What is Event Emitter?
  • When to use Event Emitter?
  • How to transfer data with Event Emitter?
  • How to create Custom Events and Trigger?
  • View Encapsulation Overview.
  • What is ng-content and its purpose?
  • ng-container Directive overview.
  • Template Driven Form
  • Purpose of Form in Angular.
  • How to setup a form in Angular?
  • What is form control and how to set it?
  • ngForm
  • How to Access form values?
  • What are the form states available in Angular?
  • TD form Validations.
  • HTML5 Validation vs Angular form Validation.
  • How to set prepopulate values in form fields?
  • Setup One-way data binding in Angular.
  • What is Reactive Form?
  • Difference between Template Drive & Reactive Form
  • What is form group & form control?
  • How to sync view & Reactive form TS?
  • What is Patch Values & Set Values?
  • How to attach Dynamic Validations?
  • How to get Reactive from Values?
  • Create Dynamic Form by using Reactive Form
  • Service in Angular
  • Create & configure Service in Angular.
  • How to do Dependency Injection in Angular?
  • Singleton Object
  • Multiple DI in single Class.
  • What is Routing?
  • How Routing makes our App into SPA?
  • How to configure Routing in an Application?
  • Load our components dynamically based on url path.
  • How to create Child Route?
  • Navigating to other links programmatically.
  • Passing Parameter to the Routes.
  • Static Route vs Dynamic Route.
  • Fetching Route Params.
  • Router Directives overview
  • Client-side authorization using Route Guard
  • HTTP Client in Angular.
  • REST API Overview
  • How to establish HTTP request to Server side.
  • How HTTP Mechanism works?
  • What are the methods available in HTTP?
  • Observable & Observer
  • What are the call back methods available in Observable?
  • Creation of a Custom Observable
  • Define next(), error() and complete()
  • How to send Query Params & Custom Headers?
  • How to connect any backend & APIs?
  • CORS
  • How to resolve CORS errors?
  • Client side Authorization vs Server side Authorization.
  • Server side Authorization by using JWT Token.
  • Set JWT Key Expiry time.
  • HTTP interceptors - Overview.
  • How to configure HTTP interceptors?
  • Angular form setups for File Upload.
  • FormData() in Angular
  • Server side setups for File Upload.
  • Multer NPM in Node.
  • How to use Multer NPM as middleware in Node?
  • Attach the Multer middleware in server-side routing.
During the course we will take one Real-time E-commerce application and apply all the above sections into the project. In the project Front-end will be in Angular and Back-end will be in Node JS. On top of the Node JS we will write Express JS as a REST Api. For Database, we choosed MongoDB for CURD Operations.

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    Hours of Practical Training
    Case Studies and Projects
    Expert Support
    Placement Assurance

    Angular Realtime Projects Covered

    Our unique hands-on Angular training program helps the candidates to be highly qualified Angular professionals. Here we mentioned the top 3 Real-time projects among the 10.

    Project 1
    Payment Management

    Developing Payment Management project which includes all the top Building blocks like Components interactions, Services, Custom Pipes, Custom Directives, Forms, etc.,

    Project 2
    Shopping cart - Ecommerce Application

    Develop a Real-time Shopping cart app with Advanced concepts of Angular, Node js, Express JS, REST API, MongoDB and multiple top trending NPMs.

    Project 3
    HTTP App with various API Interactions

    Create a Real-time app which interacting various live APIs like News, Weather, Zomoto. This app covers, HTTP Client, Authentication, Authorization, Observable, CORS, etc.,

    Skills covered in our Angular Training

    Credo Systemz's Angular training covers the below listed skills to make you a Full Stack Developer. These skill sets transform you into experts in both front-end & back-end with 5+ Real-time Projects.

    HTML 5

    CSS Overview





    Angular 14

    Node JS

    Express JS



    Angular App

    Host an App
    in Real-world Server

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    Angular Training in Trichy Reviews


    I got enrolled in the Angular course in Trichy with placement support at Credo Systemz. It learned the Angular framework with the help of the trainer . My trainer is the professional Angular developer who provides a practical oriented training approach. He explains each concept with real time examples. Based on my training, I like to recommend this Credo Systemz Angular training course in Trichy.


    When I searched for an Angular training program , I found that Credo Systemz Angular Training in Trichy is the best platform based on the reviews and demo class. The training course is job oriented and starts from scratch. It also includes real time projects, assignments and code reviews . All credits to my trainer.


    I successfully joined as the frontend developer in a top MNC after completing the Credo Systemz Angular training course in Trichy. This Angular training course is handled by professional trainers. The trainer follows a hands-on approach and job assistance with utmost support. Thanks to Credo Systemz.


    I strongly recommend the Angular Training in Trichy to learn Angular with the knowledge and skill set .This Angular course follows hands-on training, trainer utmost guidance, and support. The Placement team is very supportive and focused on interview assistance .


    I recommend Credo Systemz for learning Angular training in Trichy based on my training experience which has upskilled my knowledge with hands-on training. Even though I am a beginner in the IT field, my trainer explains every concept very clearly using many examples .he is very friendly, always available to clear our doubts and help us to complete real-world projects.


    Credo Systemz Angular course in Trichy is the top professional software course. It focuses on dedicated training to become an expert in Angular framework. My trainer is an industrial professional and provides Angular training at the best. Thanks to my trainer for his support.

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    Credo Systemz has placed thousands of students in various top multinational organiation,
    witnessing the progress of our alumni gives us immense gratification.

    And 1,000+ Tech Companies

    Our Angular Training Overview

    Our Angular Training in Trichy covers all the necessary skills of Angular framework from the scratch. With professional trainers, Become an skillful Angular professional using hands-on training along with real time practices and projects. This course also provides Placement assistance, career guidance and certification.

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    For Online and Classroom Training

    AngularJS is written in JavaScript and when you are writing code for AngularJS You will be writing JavaScript. So it’s essential to know JavaScript before learning Angular.

    If you don’t have sufficient knowledge in JavaScript, Don’t worry, our AngularJs Training course will kick start from JavaScript.

    • Become an Expert in Native JavaScript, JSON and AJAX.
    • Depth understanding of Single Page Applications and Two-way data binding.
    • Overall knowledge of components, services and Dependency Injection.
    • Get the ability to create any Custom Pipes and Custom Directives.
    • Create any Angular applications with robust features.
    • Expertise on HTTP, Observable, Routing, Form validation, etc.
    • You can able to work on the server side - Node JS.
    • Strong knowledge on implementing REST API by using Express JS.
    • Develop CURD Application by using MongoDB.
    • Be able to build a real-time Shopping Cart Application by using MEAN STACK.

      Front-end Technologies

    • HTML 5
    • CSS Overview
    • JavaScript
    • JSON
    • AJAX
    • TypeScript
    • Angular
    • Back-end Technologies

    • Node JS
    • Express JS
    • Many Popular NPMs
    • MongooDB - CURD operations
    • Lifetime access to Course Materials.
    • Downloadable Real-time project codes.
    • Assessments in every section.
    • Project-based practicals under every topic.
    • 50+Assignments.
    • Weekly 8 job reference.
    • Round the clock technical support through WhatsApp.
    • Real-time Shopping cart Application by using Angular, Node js, Express js & MongoDB.
    • Flexible batch timings.
    • Certificate of Completion.

    Credo Systemz offers 300+ IT Software Training Course using Expert level Instructors. We offer this Angular Course in Trichy for aspiring professionals using the best experts.

    • Latest Updated Angular Courses
    • More than 3000+ Certified and trained Candidates
    • -time Practicals and projects
    • Certified Industry Experts
    • 100% Placement Assistance and certification
    • Affordable fees structure

    AngularJS is a JavaScript framework developed by Google. AngularJS is a Superheroic JavaScript MVC framework. AngularJS Application works as Single Page Applications (SPA) without reloading Entire page. It used HTML as a Template language and it extends existing HTML elements with attributes called Directives. Application data binds to HTML with Expressions.AngularJS is a powerful Front end MVC framework for create Rich Internet Applications.

    The Amazing feature of AngularJS is a Two-way Data Binding, Since None of the other web-based languages support it.

    If you have Good Knowledge in JavaScript or having work experience in AngularJS 1.x versions means you are ready to Learn Angular 11!!

    Angular is the booming development platform, the most used UI framework in the IT industry which is in high demand and it leads to huge job openings due to the enormous advantages of Angular like scalable, faster with less effort. Get the Best Angular Training in trichy from us and Make your entry in the IT industry with this latest Technology to develop powerful single-page applications on the front end. The few important features of Angular which enable it to stand out are because of its unique modules, directives, template, MVC, scope, expressions and so on. The few different job roles you can grab after completing Our Angular course in trichy,

    • Web app developer
    • Associate technology analyst
    • UI developer
    • UX developer
    • MVC web developer
    • JavaScript developer

    According to the Glassdoor report, the average salary of an Angular Developer is more than INR 460,000 per year in India which depends on the company, location, experience. The few global companies using Angular are Forbes, PayPal, Upwork, Gmail, Deutsche Bank and more. We have tied up with our client companies and whenever they have recruitment, our clients conduct walk-in drives or we will send our candidate's resume to them. Our Placement team assists you to get your dream job with our utmost guidance.

    According to the Glassdoor report, the average salary of an Angular Developer is more than INR 460,000 per year in India which depends on the company, location, experience. The few global companies using Angular are Forbes, PayPal, Upwork, Gmail, Deutsche Bank and more. We have tied up with our client companies and whenever they have recruitment, our clients conduct walk-in drives or we will send our candidate's resume to them. Our Placement team assists you to get your dream job with our utmost guidance.

    Credo Systemz also helps you for your placement. We have tied-up with our client companies and whenever they have recruitment, our clients conduct walk-in drives or we will send our candidate's CV to them.

    Here is the lists of the Latest Angular Job Openings in our Client Companies..

    Angular is one of the most mature, complete framework for building complex web applications and suitable for building single page applications .Let’s take a look at the learning objectives of our Angular training in trichy

    • To enhance the understanding of Angular with SPA, MVC and CLI which in turn develop a complete knowledge of Angular concepts and its basics of applications.
    • To develop a strong knowledge on TypeScript this is the primary language for Angular application development and
    • superset of JavaScript and to know from basic –variables of TypeScript to the advanced level.
    • Our Angular course in trichy ensures you become expert in handling Angular projects with a deep understanding about the main building blocks of angular and its components.
    • To become pro in handling the services, directives, different forms and pipes which help in handling complex web applications.
    • It is also important to learn the advanced level of Angular like advanced routing, file handling security, testing and much more.
    • Finally Our Angular training in trichy course assists you in completing real time Angular projects to make sure you become an expert in Angular with all the necessary in-built skills.
    • Strong foundation of Angular with HTML, CSS, TypeScript
    • Real-Time live practical learning and coding sessions
    • Certified Angular professional trainers
    • Projects, assessments and code review
    • Placement support
    • Best Professional Angular Training in Trichy with Real Time Projects rather than theory Oriented.
    • Moreover, Well Experienced Trainers (MNC Employees) with dedication, same as you become an Angular Expert.
    • Our value is to provide attention to each student to ensure the Subject knowledge during the Angular Course in Trichy.
    • Interactive practical oriented Angular Training in Trichy since from the first class using assessments, code reviews, real world projects.
    • In addition to effective Angular Training in Trichy, we offer flexible session timings on both Weekends and Weekdays.
    • Furthermore, you can choose your Best time to learn Angular Training in Trichy at your suitable timing.
    • We provide free placement assistance because we care about your career.
    • Our Angular Training in Trichy is Job based Practical Oriented training to grab your dream job.
    • We are frequently updating Angular Interview Questions, important topics and challenging tasks in our Tutorial.
    • Ranked as the Best Angular Training Institute in Trichy as much as all positive Reviews with real time projects using effective Angular Course in Trichy.
    • Online Angular Training is also available with live Instructor led Training with all-time trainer availability.
    • Furthermore the BEST Software Training institute provides Angular Training with placement assistance with Special offers available, especially for both Freshers and Students, so the Training Cost is affordable.
    • Our Angular Course syllabus is standard and updated frequently by our professional Angular trainers to meet the expectation of the evolving IT market.
    • Importantly, hands-on sessions with real time projects in Angular Training in Trichy for effective handling of real world challenges.
    • Offering Angular Corporate training program for employees, In addition, we conduct periodic Angular Workshops for our passionate aspirants.
    • Credo Systemz is the Best Angular training center in Trichy which arranges Mock Interviews after completing the training which helps you to crack any Angular Interviews.
    • Best reviews across the Internet for our all course especially Angular with happy customers.
    • Offering Angular Corporate training program for employees, In addition we conduct periodic Angular Workshops.
    • Further Our Angular Course syllabus is standard and updated one.
    • We arrange Mock Interviews after completed the training, So you can crack any Angular Interviews.
    • Providing an Angular Course in Trichy with Certification which adds values to the professional resume. Finally, you have found Best Angular Training Institute in Trichy.

    As the need for developers who create effective, interactive front-end applications are increasing, there will always be a need for professional Angular developers with a good salary package. Angular Development will be the best choice for both beginners and experienced professionals using Our Angular training in Trichy from basic for the betterment of the future for effective career growth which ensures to reach great heights.

    NO HARD!
    Basic knowledge of HTML, CSS and good knowledge of JavaScript can be very helpful if you really want to learn Angular. If you don't have knowledge in JavaScript, no issue, our Angular courses begin JavaScript and other prerequisites. In 60+ Hours of course duration, you become an Angular Developer

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      Our Angular Instructors - Industry Experts

      • Credo Systemz Angular training in Trichy provides Angular trainers who are Professional Angular full stack/ UI developers working in top MNC companies.
      • More Importantly, Our trainers are skilled Angular professionals with more than 15+ years. They have passion towards dedicated training in a friendly approach.
      • Angular trainers provide their utmost support to develop you into a skillful Angular developer using practical training.
      • During our Angular Course in Trichy, our trainers start training from the basics of Angular to advanced level with coding practice.
      • Moreover, Angular professionals assist in developing the in-built knowledge with availability at any time and support to placement.


      Briefly, Angular is an open-source front-end framework used for building mobile, desktop and web applications. It includes coding using HTML and TypeScript – a JavaScript superset and maintained by Google. Angular is used to eliminate unneeded features and ensure lighter and faster applications.

      Angular serves as a development platform to perform all the front-end development tasks to build different applications like

      • Messaging and all kinds of mobile app
      • Web store
      • eCommerce platform
      • News app, Education app and much more

      “The best things in life are not planned, they simply just happen”

      The above quote exactly suits for AngulrJS. Here is an interesting story behind the foundation of AngularJS.

      In 2008, Misko Hevery a Google employee started to do a project about simplifying the web Application. The Project's Aim is "Anyone can create web application easily, without prior knowledge of HTML and extending some existing HTML elements". At the end of the project, he had a hard time explaining the project.

      At that time, Misko's manager asked him to work on one of the Google internal applications called Google Feedback Application. Along with Misko, another 2 developers started to write code but the code becomes 17000 lines. It was very hard to handle the code. In that application, to add one label in HTML you have to write plenty of code in Java and compile it.

      Now Misko challenged his manager that he can develop this project with minimal code by using his Application (AngularJS) in 2 weeks. But he failed to do it in 2 weeks but did it in 3 weeks. The 17000 lines code reduced to 1500 lines in just 3 weeks. His Manager is very impressed and asked Misko to develop further the Angular framework.

      Now Google's internal Application is developed by Angular. The 1st version "AngularJs" or Angular 1.x released in 2010. Now the latest version is Angular 13 with updated techniques.

      “Write Less and Do More” Standardize the web application structure and also provides a future template.

      • No need to learn another scripting language. Hence, It's just pure JavaScript and HTML.
      • Furthermore, Easy to use and Get Started in few Minutes.
      • Supports MVC completely because of its structure.
      • Also, A declarative user interface.
      • In addition, Behavior with extending simple HTML DOM.

      Angular is the suitable development platform and framework to easily develop robust web applications. It unites and integrates the various development tasks for top performance to resolve the development challenges. The few important features of Angular are:

      • Cross Platform.
      • Use modern web platform capabilities to deliver Progressive Web Apps
      • Speed and Performance.
      • Effective Code Generation.
      • Productivity.
      • Full Development and testing.

      Of course. It’s easy!
       You can contact us anytime to attend a full live classroom session and interact with our trainer. You can clarify all our doubts without paying anything. Feel free to call us to get a clear idea.

      To book for free demo to contact us via: + 91 9884412301 / + 91 9600112302

      You will have your own Angular Project!
      Yes, you can start to write Angular code from day one. In the middle of the course, we will provide you an HTML Template and you have to develop the project in Angular. So at the end of the course, you will have your own Angular Application. It will Increase your Confident Level.  

      YES! After the course completion, We will conduct Three Mock Interviews. In the Three Interviews, We will figure outs Your Technical competence and where to Improve etc. So after the Mock Interviews, You will have a clear vision and It will help you for your Placements.

      Top 100 Essential AngularJS Interview Questions
      Also, please check Latest Walk-in drives conducted in Credo Systemz.
      Sample Resume formats for All different Technologies.

      • Our Angular training in Trichy is framed and conducted by our expert trainer who is having 10+ years of experience with real practical experience.
      • We assist our candidates to complete our certification with in-depth knowledge, real project experience using the latest techniques and tools.
      • Lifetime support with any technical help.
      • Placement support still you get your dream job which includes Professional resume building, skill development, mock interview, interview calls.
      • Flexible batch timings -classes on both Weekdays and Weekends with your preferred timing

      The course Duration of Angular Training in Trichy is within 60+ hours but no rush. The course makes sure it covers all the Core topics and can be extended.

      Yes, we are providing 100% placement support our Placement Coordinators. Placement assistance is part of the Angular program using mock interviews, interview tips, interview Q & A and much more.

      No hurries!! Credo Systemz allows you to select your preferred payment via Cash, Card, Cheque and UPI services.

      The different modes of training followed in our Angular Training in Trichy are given below. The course timing and dates are provided depending on the Trainer and Candidates availability.

      • Regular Classroom sessions
      • Week end/Week day Classes
      • Fast-track Classes
      • Best Angular online courses
      • Corporate training Classes

      To know about our exciting offers, concessions and group discount. Call us now: + 91 9884412301 / + 91 9600112302.

      You can attend your missed sessions with upcoming PySpark batches. Our admin team arranges a compensation session within the batch or the next available batch. Also, we provide a recorded video of our live session for your reference.

      Feel free to enquire more. Mail us or Call us now:  + 91 9884412301 / + 91 9600112302.

      Angular Certification

      Credo Systemz's certificate is highly recognized by 1000+ Global companies around the world.Credo Systemz’s Angular certification shows the skill set of the aspirants with global recognition.

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      We intend our Angular course to upgrade your skills in the Web Development. The job offers of Angular are highly increased with competitive salaries. Credo Systemz’s Angular training is more dynamic with the latest updated topics. In addition to the enhanced Angular / Front-end skills, it will be helpful to upgrade your career with other environments like Middleware, Back-end, REST API, Database, etc.,

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