Datasert – Selenium Interview Questions

  1. How to switch between frames?
  2. How to test a canvas in selenium?
  3. Why can’t we test a flash in selenium?
  4. How to get all the links?(optimesed way without using linktext)
  5. How to find the duplicate letter in a word?
  6. From which class the thread.sleep is called?
  7. How to upload a file without autoit?
  8. Dom and com ?
  9. Various sql queries concentrating on the areas like All Joins and union,agreggate functions with group by,Views,Backup of tables ,Truncate table .
  10. From which class is thread.sleep comes from?
  11. What is series of errors 200,300,400?(EG 404 page not found error)
  12. Have you used macros,vb scripting?
  13. Jsexecutor is it a class of interface or method and how it works what is its implementation?
  14. What does a double slash in a xpath element means?
  15. How to sort (Effecient way) – Not bubble sort.?
  16. How to find the linux version?
  17. String reverse.
  18. Biggest challenge which you have faced in your automation project and how you over came that?
  19. Swap the digits in a number (any scripting language)
  20. What is the use of java script in application developemtn and what is the need of using java script with selenium?
  21. What are listeners and what is the use of testNG listener where you have used it in the your frame work?
  22. How to automate dynamically changing objects in selenium?
  23. What is your reporting mechanism?
  24. Is it possible to integrate bugzilla with selenium for reporting and If yes How to do that?
  25. What is OOPS concept – explain?
  26. What is the entry and exit criteria for your automation testing?
  27. How to estimate time for automation of a functionality/module/application?
  28. Write xpath to list all the input elements in a page?