DELL – Selenium Interview Questions

  1. Tell about yourself?
  2. Which framework you are using?
  3. Explain your framework architecture?
  4. Webdriver is interface or class?
  5. List some classes which implements webdriver?
  6. List some methods in webdriver?
  7. What is Webelement?
  8. List some methods in webelements?
  9. What are the locators?
  10. Which locator you prefer?
  11. If I dont have id or class name, which locator you use?
  12. How to get the count of all links in a webpage?
  13. How to click ok in alert popup?
  14. How to right click on particular link?
  15. How to get the count of windows opened? How to switch to 1st window and click on OK button?
  16. How to take screenshot?
  17. Having a string s = “100”, convert this to integer?
  18. Explain the methods in String Class?
  19. Overloading vs Overriding?
  20. List vs Hashmap?
  21. How to maximize window?