Hello Aspirants, Check out the following Important difference between Manual and Automation testing

Difference between Manual and Automation Testing

S.NoManual TestingAutomation Testing
1Manual Testing is a process which is done manually.Automation Testing is a process which is done by the help of automated tools.
2All the famous phases of STLC like test planning, test deployment, result analysis, test execution, bug tracking and reporting tools are obviously comes under the category of Manual Testing and done successfully by human efforts.In Automation Testing all the popular phases of STLC are done by various open sources and purchased tools like Selenium, J meter, QTP, Load Runner, Win Runner and so on.
3Manual Testing is a start of Testing, without this testing we can’t start Automation Testing.Automation Testing is a continuous part of Manual Testing.
4In Manual Testing testers are allowed to do Random Testing to find the Bugs.In Automation Testing we always test through Running Scripts.
5In Manual Testing we find more bugs than automation by Error Guessing.In Automation Testing we test the repetitive functionalities of the application.
6It takes lot of time.It takes less time.
7Manual Testing would be run sequentially.Automation Testing is done on different machines at same time.
8Regressin Testing Process is tough in Manual TestingRegression Testing process is easy in Automation Testing by Tools.
9It is not expensive.It is expensive.
10More testers are required in Manual Testing because in this testing test cases need to be executed manually.Few testers are required in Automation Testing because in this testing test cases need to be executed by using Automation Tools.
11It gives low accuracy result.It gives high accuracy result.
12It is considered as low quality.It is considered as high quality.
13In this Testing we cannot do batch testing.In this Testing we can do multiple types of batch testing.
14It is considered as less reliable.It is considered as more reliable.
15No need of programming in Manual Testing.Need of programming is must in Automation Testing.
16It is done without interaction of any Tool.It is always done using tools.