Software Testing the Best Career Option

Software testing as a career – Selecting the correct career path as a beginner is always a difficult task. If you are stepping in as a fresher into the world of Information Technology, a lot of question comes up in your mind. But the common question which arises always is Which Technology to choose as a career?

Here is the solution for you!

This article will explain you about choosing Software Testing as your career.


  • What is Software Testing?
  • Why Software Testing?
  • Types of Software Testing Careers
  • Software Tester Skills
  • Manual Testing
  • Manual Tester Skill Set
  • Manual Tester Payscale in India
  • Automation Testing
  • Automation Testing Tools List
  • Automation Tester Skill Set
  • Software Tester Career Path
  • Automation Tester Job Opportunities

What is Software Testing?

Software Testing is the process of accomplishing a software application or a program to find the defects in it.

Here is how ISTQB Certification site explained Software Testing:

What is Software Testing

In other words,

Validating & verifying the software application.


This process is used to make sure that the application given for testing satisfies the condition at the start of the development.


This process is used to make sure that the application given for testing satisfies the condition at the end of the development.

Why Software Testing?

  • To meet the client requirement
  • Performs its function without any issues
  • All the inputs given were met and performing as planned
  • To make sure that the developed applications are ready for production

Types of Software Testing careers

Software Tester Skills

Software Tester Skills

Manual Testing

Manual Testing is the process of manually testing the test application for bugs or defects.

Manual Tester Skill Set

  • Strong knowledge of Manual Testing Concepts.
  • Good understanding of STLC & SDLC.
  • Basic knowledge in Web, Database Testing.
  • Can able to Write & Review the Test cases.
  • Good to have knowledge of automation testing tools such as Selenium, UFT.
  • Good to have knowledge of performance testing tools such as LoadRunner, JMeter.
  • Good Communication skill.

Manual Tester skills required by Wipro

Manual Tester Skill

Manual Tester Payscale in India

Manual Tester Salary Payscale

Automation Testing

Automation Testing is the process of testing the application automatically using the test scripts, with the test cases developed by Manual Testers.
Automation Testing
The test cases and the test scripts written by testers are grouped into test suite which automatically tests the application and provides the result. It helps to increase the efficiency of the test thereby achieve the better results.

Automation Testing Tools List

Here is the list of Different automation testing tools available in Market,

  • Selenium
  • HP Quick Test Professional
  • Visual Studio Test Professional
  • WinRunner
  • RFT
  • TestComplete

Among all Selenium is the best & commonly used Automation Testing Tool.

Automation Tester Skill Set

  • Understanding Automation Testing methodology and its life cycle
  • Knowledge in Automation testing tools and its uses
  • Technically skilled in Test Case Prioritization
  • Designing the test data properly
  • Strong knowledge in Scripting Languages such as Java, VB Scripting
  • Better understanding the DevOps Lifecycle

Automation Tester Skill required by Paypal

Automation Tester Skills

Automation Tester Career path

Automation Tester Career Path

Automation Testing Job opportunities with respect to the years of experience

Automation Tester Job Opportunities

Hence it is clear that Choosing Software Testing as your career is always going to be a great deal for you. Since the Job Opportunities are vast around the world which is irrelevant to your experience. Choosing the best Software Testing Certification Course will help you to learn the subject clearly from scratch.

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