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Data Science Course in Chennai Overview

India is the second-largest country in the world to hire Data Scientists in which the number of vacancies has been increased by 53 percent. Due to huge demand for career opportunities in data, Data Scientist Salary package in India grown eventually for Data Analysts, Scientists, Engineers, etc. Data Scientists are skilled analytical data experts equipped to solve complex problems with the help of in-depth knowledge, data processing, programming skills. It’s your right time to Gear up your career with Data Science Now!!

We are offering Data Science Training with Python, Big Data, Machine & Deep Learning, Various Regression, Data Visualization, Theorems and Algorithms, Tableau which will make your data scientist career keep growing upwards. Our Data Science Course in Chennai kick starts from statistics and insights of the large volume of Data to provide deep knowledge for the betterment of your future. During our Data Science classes, you will be practicing many real-world practical scenarios and assessments to strengthen you Data Science skills. At the end of the course, you will be transformed into a highly qualified Data Scientist which had promoted us as Best Data Science Training Institute in Chennai, Velachery and OMR.

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Data Science Real time projects

Real Time Projects

Advanced 15+ live projects that involve various Data Science concepts to gain practical experience through guidance.

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Data Science assignments

Hands-on Assignments

With the minimum of 60 hours, every session is handled to create better understanding of concepts with practice to gain coding skills.

Training Assignments
Python Expert Faculty

Professional Faculty

Learn from expert faculties with great industry exposure who are dedicated towards designing our Data Science curriculum and leading the course.

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Data Science concepts Lifetime access

Lifetime Support & Access

Lifetime access to our LMS and guidance with the help of Technical Forum from 24x7 online support team.

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Data Science placements

Assured Placement

Dedicated Placement Team engaged constantly with the HR’s in the industry to find the right opportunity for you.

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Data Science Certification

Professional Certification

Industry recognized Certification as a Data Science Certified Professional by Credo Systemz that adds weightage to your resume.

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Data Science Course Curriculum - Latest

Section 1: Introduction to Data Science

  • Market trend of Data Science
  • Opportunities for Data Science
  • What is the need for Data Scientists
  • What is Data science
  • Data Science Venn Diagram
  • Data Science Use cases
  • Knowing the roles of a Data Science practitioner
  • Data Science – Skills set
  • Understanding the concepts & definitions of:
    • Artificial Intelligence
    • Machine Learning- Deep Learning
    • NLP
    • Computer Vision

Get detailed Data Science course content Download Curriculum

  • What is Business Intelligence?
  • What is ETL?
  • Layers of a Data Warehouse
  • Facts and Dimensions
  • Big Data tools and it’s uses
  • Big Data stack
  • Understanding Structured text Data
  • Understanding Unstructured text Data
  • Understanding Descriptive vs Predictive vs Prescriptive Analytics
  • Difference between Analytics vs. Analysis
  • Data Science Project Lifecycle
  • Technology Stack Involved in the Lifecycle
    • Machine Learning tools
    • Development tools
    • Languages
    • Data Platforms
  • CRISP - Cross-industry standard process for Data Mining
  • 5WIH- The questions that kick start a ML project
  • 80-20 Rule of Data Analytics
  • Supervised Vs Unsupervised Learning
  • Data Science- Use case bubble
  • Data Mining techniques
  • Data Wrangling or Data Munging
  • Data Categorization basics
  • Different Types of Data
  • Types of Data Collection
  • Data Sources
  • Data Collection plan
  • Data Quality Issues
  • Types of Data Error
  • Ration Scale Vs Interval Scale
  • Predictors/Features vs Predictions/Labels
  • Understanding Imbalance in Data
  • What is Statistics
  • Sample Vs Population
  • Measure of Central vs Dispersion
  • Frequency Distribution
  • Cumulative Frequency Distribution
  • Mean, Median, Mode
  • Quartiles/Percentile
  • Range, Variance, Standard Deviation, Co-efficient of Variation
  • 68-95-99 Rule of SD
  • Z Score (Standard Score)
  • P-Value
  • Maximum Likelihood Estimation
  • Probability vs Likelihood
  • PDF vs PMF
  • Normal Distribution of Data
  • Skewness & it’s types
  • Kurtosis & it’s types
  • Kth Central Moments
  • Co-Variance/Joint Probability Distribution
  • Correlation
  • Entropy
  • Chi-Square
  • F tests
  • Types of Data Distribution
Hands-on Practicals:
  • Hands on- Lab using pen and paper Only
  • Anaconda & Python
  • Understanding Jupyter Notebooks
  • Python Package Installation
  • Tableau Installation
  • Oracle Database & Server
  • Concept of List, Data frame, Dictionary
  • Connecting to Databases using Python
  • Importing data from csv, text, Excel
  • Converting JSON, XML, to Data frame
  • Understanding EDA
  • Frequency Distribution
  • Analyzing NA, blanks
  • Using SQL concepts inside Python
Hands-on Practicals:
  • Hands on- Lab using Python
  • Handling missing Values
  • Handling Outliers
  • Normalization techniques
  • Standardization techniques
  • Regularization techniques
  • Feature Extraction
  • Train Test data selection
Hands-on Practicals:
  • Hands on- Lab using Python
  • No Free Lunch
  • Hypothesis vs Null Hypothesis
  • BIAS VS Variance tradeoff
  • Local Vs Global Minima/Maxima
  • Bias – Loss/ Loss-Cost Function
  • Understanding Regression math
  • Linear Algebra concepts
  • Least Mean Square
  • Analyzing Co-relation
  • Heat Maps, Pair Plots, Distribution Graphs
  • Simple Vs Multiple Linear regression
  • Train Test data selection
Hands-on Practicals:
  • Hands on- Lab & Model Implementation using Python
  • Understanding the math
  • Polynomial Algebra concepts
  • Degree of Polynomial
Hands-on Practicals:
  • Hands on- Lab & Model Implementation using Python
  • Overfitting/ Under fitting/ Optimal Fits
  • Handling Categorical Data inside
  • Confusion Matrix
  • Type I & Type II errors
  • Precision Vs Accuracy
  • AUC/ROC curve
  • Understanding the statistics behind Logistic Sigmoid
  • Logistic regression math
Hands-on Practicals:
  • Hands on- Lab & Model Implementation using Python
  • Understanding the Decision Tree & Bagging
  • Math behind Classification and Regression in tree
  • Decision Tree concepts
  • Using Random Forest for Regression
  • K fold Cross Validation
  • Model Optimizers
  • Hyper parameter Tuning
Hands-on Practicals:
  • Hands on- Lab & Model Implementation using Python
  • Understanding the Naïve Bayes theorem
  • Bayesian Vs Gaussian theorems
  • Using naïve Bayes for Regression
  • Model Optimizers
  • Hyper parameter Tuning
Hands-on Practicals:
  • Hands on- Lab & Model Implementation using Python
  • Label Encoding
  • One hot encoding
  • Synonym treatment
  • Stemming
  • Lemmatization
  • Stop words
  • Parts Of Speech Tagging
  • TF-IDF and its math Behind
Hands-on Practicals:
  • Hands on- Lab using Python
  • Understanding the SVM Concept
  • Hyper plane and Kernel
  • Using SVM for Regression
  • Grid Search
  • Model Optimizers
  • Hyper parameter Tuning
Hands-on Practicals:
  • Hands on- Lab & Model Implementation using Python
  • Understanding the Boosting Concept
  • Hyper plane and Kernel
  • Learning Rate
  • Model Optimizers
  • Hyper parameter Tuning
Hands-on Practicals:
  • Hands on- Lab & Model Implementation using Python
  • Understanding Nearest Neighbors concept
  • Statistics behind K Means Clustering Algorithm
Hands-on Practicals:
  • Hands on- Lab & Model Implementation using Python
  • Understanding Deep learning
  • MLP Vs other Deep Learning
  • How Neural Network works & Architecture
  • Activation functions.
  • Model Optimizers
  • Hyper parameter Tuning
  • Best Practice and when to use DL
Hands-on Practicals:
  • Hands on- Lab & Model Implementation using Python
  • Introduction to
  • Pros and Cons
  • Available models in
Hands-on Practicals:
  • Hands on- Lab & Model Implementation using Python
  • Introduction to Sampling
  • Over sampling and Under sampling
  • SMOTE/SMOTENC & Near Miss
  • Pros and Cons of sampling
  • Introduction to DR
  • PCA & it’s code
Hands-on Practicals:
  • Hands on- Lab & Model Implementation using Python
  • Introduction to Pyinstaller
  • Pickle and Joblib
  • Introduction to Tableau
  • Data sources
  • Exploratory Data Analysis
  • Clustering Analysis and Inferences using Tableau
  • Creating visualizations

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    Data Science Training Reviews

    Python reviews

    Akshay Kumar

    This is Akshay Kumar, I don't have any knowledge on any programming language. When I visited here they referred me to take Python at first before going into Data Science, I followed the same and did a Python course and then I learnt Data Science course in Chennai here on weekends. I used to follow the practicals properly both individually and in a team which helped me to gain the practical knowledge. Overall a good learning experience in Credo Systemz.

    Freshers Python reviews


    As a data science aspirant, I started learning data science course in Chennai with interactive sessions. It is the best course to develop the sufficient knowledge using professional trainers. The course starts from the basic concepts of data science to latest concepts with learning by doing approach. Attend demo class before joining and experience the training classes. All the best.

    Web developer Python reviews


    Joined Data Science certification Course in Chennai Credo Systemz OMR branch, One of my referred me here and I opted the course here, I would say I like to thank him for referring me here. The indepth industry idea and practical knowledge of the trainers is the key factor which makes me feel like a certified Data Scientist.

    Cloud solution architect python review


    Credo Systemz provides the excellent data science training course in Chennai with the help of expert trainers. The Standard course is followed using friendly hands-on approach. The training provides placement support, real time projects and practices. The whole team support to develop the knowledge and to start the career effectively.

    Hadoop developer Python reviews


    I took this Data Science training in Chennai from Credo Systemz and had the best experience. The faculty were extremely helpful in completing the course. The training helped me to understand everything with job placement. I recommend this data science course with job assistance.

    AWS solution architect python review

    Raj Kumar

    The Data Science course in Chennai at Credo Systemz is effective with standard syllabus,expert trainers and real time projects. Each topic starts from the basic and presented with practical training. I made the right choice with efficient course. Thanks to my trainer.

    Data Science Training in Chennai Overview

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    For Online and Classroom Training

    Data science is a multidisciplinary field that uses techniques, tools, algorithms, systems to extract knowledge, actionable insights from data and apply knowledge to solve problems across a broad range of application domains. Digitalization is the key to the success of the business, which makes data science the most promising field in IT. Let’s see the highlights of Our Data Science Course in Chennai and transform it to the next level.

    First and foremost we ensure providing in-depth knowledge to our aspirants by taking our data science course in Chennai to the next level with the help of syllabus and training by our team of data science engineers who are industry experts in this field.

    We understand our aspirants which make us provide the best training in terms of course type, timing, doubt clearance, assessment, projects, personalized attention.

    Most importantly, our best data science course in Chennai training leads you to grab your dream job with the help of our dedicated placement cell. Our job assistance involves professional resume building, mock interview, job reference, interview scheduling.

    Data Science training in Chennai at Credo Systemz is mounted for the best practical/project oriented training program with amazing key features which helps the trainees transform into a professional Data Scientist

    • Free demo / consultation with our senior Data Scientist to experience our expert class.
    • Live practical, project oriented training program with real time case studies.
    • Basis of data science technologies to understand clearly, followed by in depth knowledge with Python, Big Data, Machine & Deep Learning, Various Regression, Data Visualization, Theorems and Algorithms, Tableau.
    • 15+ Machine Learning Algorithms, statistics, mathematics and machine learning Including hands-on session and assignments.
    • Deep knowledge to understand Business and to analysis data.
    • Nearly 8 to 10 hours of Statistics and Probability session.
    • Certified Trainer with 15+ Years Data Science Industry Experience.
    • Experienced placement cell enrich trainees to bag you dream job.

    Data scientists are skilled individuals combining both the worlds – IT and business. Basically, its statistics implemented through programming. Let’s understand the skill set necessary to become a successful data scientist with our renowned Data Science Training in Chennai.

    The basic concept of Data Science

    Fundamental Knowledge is the key to success wrapped with deep learning. Our Data Science Training in Chennai makes sure you master the concepts of

    • Data science
    • Artificial Intelligence
    • Machine Learning

    Technical Skillset

    • Statistics
    • Programming knowledge
    • Data Management
    • Machine learning
    • Data visualization


    First and foremost the data scientist must possess the knowledge about understanding the potential of data. Statistics is the essential concept to become a data scientist for analyzing the data. Our Data science course in Chennai enriches the statistical techniques and molds you into the best data analyzer.

    Programming Knowledge

    Data Science is essentially about programming which is needed to transform raw data into actionable insights. While there is no specific rule about the selection of programming language, Python and R are the most wanted ones which are included in our Data science course in Chennai.

    R programming language

    R is a language for statistical analysis and visualization which is specifically designed for data science needs. R programming provides software facilities for data manipulation, calculation and graphical display. R can be extended via packages so it’s easy to apply Machine Learning Algorithms.


    Python is a general-purpose programming language having multiple data science libraries along with rapid prototyping. It is versatile taking various data formats and can easily import SQL tables. It allows creating datasets and involves in every step of data science processes.

    Data Management

    Data Management is an administrative process that involves data extraction from various sources, and then data transformation for storing in a proper structure for the purposes of querying and analysis. Finally, data loading into the Data Warehouse, where we will analyze the data. SQL Database learning helps to understand relational databases and boost as a data scientist.

    Machine Learning

    Machine Learning is a demanded skill that is a subset of Data Science that contributes to data modeling and obtaining data-centric results. Machine Learning for Data Science includes algorithms that include K-means clustering algorithm, Random Forests, Naive Bayes, Regression Models.

    Data Visualization

    Data Visualization is an important part of data analysis to present the data in an understandable and appealing format. Data Scientists have to master this skill in order to communicate better with the end-users. This is possible using the Tableau tool which is included in our data science course in Chennai

    Non-Technical Skills

    • Business knowledge
    • Communication skills
    • Teamwork

    Business knowledge

    To be a data scientist one needs a solid understanding of the industry and understand business problems, trying to solve. In terms of data science, being able to discover the critical problems and to identify new ways the business should be leveraging its data.  To be able to do this, business knowledge is a must to direct the efforts in the right direction which helps in problem-solving that impacts the business.

    Communication skills

    A strong data scientist is one who can clearly translate their technical findings to a non-technical team using effective communication skills. A data scientist enables the business to make decisions with quantified insights. Data storytelling is needed to create a storyline around the data to make it easy for anyone to understand. Using storytelling will help you to properly communicate the findings to the team.


    A data scientist has to collaborate with everyone in the organization will promote the betterment of the company. Teamwork is essential to work with executives to develop strategies, product managers and designers to create better products, marketers to launch campaigns, client and server software developers to create data pipelines and improve workflow.

    Nowadays Data Science plays a vital role in businesses because Every industry is relying on an understanding of data generated through processes and products. Due to the huge demands of Data Scientists, the companies are ready to pay high salaries. The dream of becoming a successful data scientist can be achieved with complete knowledge of data management, technical skills, and statistical analysis. If you are ready to face challenges and change your career drastically, then Data Science is the best platform.

    Here we help you with the Prerequisites to Learn Data Science, the first and foremost prerequisite is your interest.

    • A minimum of a Bachelor’s degree is essential to pursue a data science course.
    • Minimum 3 years of work experience will be helpful.
    • Students who have skills in Mathematics, Research, Data Analysis and Computer Science background.
    • A Clear fundamental understanding of Programming concepts, SQL whereas hardcore programming skills are not needed.
    • Good Communication skills.
    • Soft skills like team management, control over the project.
    • Passion for data analysis

    If you are passionate to become a Data Scientist, then you are at the right place. According to our Training quality and Placements, we have ranked as Best Data Science training institutes in Chennai. Our Data Science expert trainers will help you to gain the necessary in-depth knowledge, techniques, and tools, Algorithms, using given projects, assignments and upskilling all the Data Science concepts. Credo Systemz is the training delivery partner for top educational institutes in Chennai.

    We have a specialised dedicated Placement team which is partnered with 100+ companies. You will get frequent interview calls and all kinds of support right from resume building to mock interview until you get placed. All our Data Science Trainers are working in top MNCs as Data Scientists. We always make sure that we hire the right trainers with top-level eligibility criteria. As a result, you can upskill all the latest updated Data Science concepts and learn many real-time project use cases.

    • Our Data Science syllabus covers all the necessary technical skills which transform you as Data Scientist.
    • Understanding Machine Learning Algorithms and Mathematics concepts.
    • Develop and Get Upgradable skills in programming abilities like loop functions and debugging tools.
    • Proficiency skills in a broad range of methods based statistics and informatics using Data Management and problem-solving.
    • Understanding and ability to solve real-world problems using data mining software.
    • Recognize and analyze the principles of Data Science.
    • Enhances the skills in high complex tools and algorithms of Data Science.
    • Get Professional Knowledge in the importance of Python and BigData technologies.
    • Develop the Programmatical skill efficiency in R.
    • Mastering in Programming techniques and knowledge representation.

    Everyone has different constraints and different flexibilities. We listen to you so we have different modes of Data Science training to fulfil your needs. You can choose your best suits.

    Data Science Online Course

    Learn Data Science from your home at comfort timings. We are offering Live Instructor-led training. You can connect through any online medium and directly access your trainer. After the everyday session is completed, you will get the video recordings. If you missed any sessions, you can watch the video whenever you have time. You can have doubts clearance sessions anytime online with the trainer.

    Data Science classroom training

    If you are looking for Data Science classroom training in Chennai, here you go. We are providing classroom training with all safety measures. If you are located in Chennai, you can easily access the branches located in Velachery and OMR. Classroom training always makes a personal touch with your co-learners and trainers.

    One to One Training

    Credo Systemz offers One to one Data Science Training by assigning a dedicated trainer who will focus full attention on you. There is no need to worry about timings and training location. You can learn Data Science in your comfort zone.

    Fast Track Training

    Do you want to complete your course in a fast way but without missing any syllabus? Here we offer Fast Track Data Science Training, same syllabus but you can spend more time on a day. If you are ready to spend more time and achieve your goal soon means you can enroll in this mode of training.

    Corporate Data Science Training

    Credo Systemz offers corporate data science training with the help of our highly experienced Data Science professionals. Training can be given in your specified timing and place with your required syllabus. If you are looking for Data Science training for your employees, we are happy to serve you.

    Credo Systemz offers Data Science Certification in Chennai approved by all major companies which will ensure you to grab your job. After successful completion of your Data Science course and all the projects, you are rewarded with Data Science Certification. Our Certification is accredited worldwide and it's worth starting your career in Data Science.

    Data is everywhere!! A Data Scientist's skill set includes processes like collect, analysis and manage a large set of data. In this modern world, millions of data are processed for every second. The Data Scientist has to manage this huge amount of data and should come with greater insights for further business improvements.

    As Data grows rapidly, there is a huge demand for Data Scientists. It's a great idea to change or start your career in Data Science. Here we have a detailed explanation about Data Scientist Salary in India for Freshers & Experienced.

    1. What are the Different Job Roles for Data Science Experts?

    • Data Scientists
    • Data Analyst
    • Data Engineer
    • Data Architect
    • Business Intelligence Analyst
    • Marketing Analyst
    • Database administrator

    2. What are the skills required to start your Career in Data Science?

    Please read our Detailed Article about Must Have Skills for a Data Scientist, here you can find the skill sets,

    Technical Skills

    • Statistics
    • Programming knowledge
    • Data Management
    • Machine learning
    • Data visualization

    Non-Technical Skills

    • Business Understandability
    • Communication skills
    • Teamwork

    3. What is the Salary package for people working in the Data Science field?

    Data Scientists are in high demand, so the companies are ready to pay high-scale package. The base salary for a data scientist in India is around 8 lakhs per year. As your experience grows, your package also goes high.

    Read More: Data Scientist Salary in India for Freshers & Experienced

    Data Science is also called an interdisciplinary field which uses different technologies to get useful insight from the data. Hence as a Data Scientist it is very much needed to learn about different technologies related to the Data Science field, to match that we have listed down best combo packages with our Data Science course to gain the required skill set to be an successful Data Scientist.

    • Offering Data Science Training in Chennai on weekdays, weekends and also Data Science Online Training, fast track course, one to one training according to your requirement.
    • With flexible session timings and a comfortable environment, Credo Systemz is the place to learn Best Data Science Training in Chennai
    • Learn Data Science from Data Scientists who have 15+ years of professional experience, as a result, you become a skillful Data Scientist.
    • In addition, during our Data Science training in Chennai, you have to analyze real-time live data and submit your report.
    • We have got Maximum positive reviews across the internet which speaks about our quality training and placement.
    • Moreover, Credo Systemz is the Best place to Learn Data Science training in Chennai with Real-Time ground data rather than theory Oriented.
    • Importantly, Ranked as Best Data Science Training Institute in Chennai Velachery and OMR based on feedback given by our Alumni.
    • Along with training, Credo Systemz stands out because of its placement team which acts as the best support system for job assistance.
    • Furthermore, our Data Scientist course syllabus is highly standard and unique with "R" Programming.
    • Besides training, our Data Science training in Chennai is equipped with fully hands-on and real-time data insights along with effective course content.
    • Finally, you have reached the Best Data Science Training Institute in Chennai to turn Career as a Data Scientist.
    • Detailed instructor led sessions to help you become a proficient Expert in Data Science.
    • Build a Data Science professional portfolio by working on hands on assignments and projects.
    • Personalized mentorship from professionals working in leading companies.
    • Lifetime access to downloadable Data Science course materials, interview questions and project resources.

    Recent Data Science Reviews

    Myself Emmanuel . I Strongly recommend the data science course in Chennai at Credo Systemz which supports me to get a job with the help of training in an understandable manner. I am from a mathematics background but training here made me learn to program effectively - Emmanuel
    I thank my trainer and Credo Systemz for providing the best training. Data Science training in Chennai sessions includes theory as well as practical which help me to learn quickly. I had real-time project experience which helps me to learn the techniques, tools, algorithms easily. - Premnath

    About Our Data Science Instructor

    Our credo systemz possess a team of skillful Data Science engineers who are working in top MNCs. Our trainers are dedicated personnel who always ensure quality training, doubt sessions, personal attention, assessments, and projects along with real-world scenarios. Our Data Science trainers are very flexible and friendly.

    • 15+ years of working experience as a Data Scientist.
    • Trained more than 2500+ candidates.
    • Strong and in-depth technical knowledge.
    • Certified professionals who have trained more than 2500+ candidates.
    • Resolve your technical doubts at any time.
    • Shares his problem-solving, real-time project experience.
    • Shares the up-to-date trending Data Science tools, algorithms and techniques.
    • Your support system until you get your dream job.
    • Connected with Hiring HRs in MNC’s.
    During the course, we used to get 3 feedbacks from you in different stages of the training. As a result, we share your feedback with the trainer and make sure the classes are going as you expected.

    Data Science Training FAQ's

    Before enrolled into our Best Data Science Course in Chennai, just have a glance about Data Science, its purpose, certification, etc., Also explore Must Have Skills for a Data Scientist for clear vision of the course.

    Data Science is a mandatory one in almost all industries. It includes statistics, maths, programming, analytics, databases, etc., Anyone can learn Data Science and implement it in their organization or business.

    Those who love Algorithms, coding, algebra, analytics, etc.,
    • Problem Solver
    • Students who having mathematics and statistics as their specialized subjects in their graduation or post-graduation.
    • Those who interested in Big Data and Machine Learning.
    • Wants to improve their business strategy according to the market standard.
    • Who loves to create visual data.
    • Interested in learning what are the new technologies behind all the real-time innovative changes.
    • Very much interest in future technologies and Artificial Intelligence.
    Data Science is a knowledge of various fields which consists of planning, methods, process and extracts the knowledge of the system or idea from the data which is in multiple formats that might be organized or unorganized like Data Mining. Data Science really very useful for managing large sets of data from the huge level of businesses which is using various algorithms and analysis. Essentially Data Science identifies the data insight. Data Science Explanation
    The Internet has an Incredible easy way to gather any kind of information. Even you can get an idea about how to design your own flight 🙂 Yes, we can get whatever we want. But the subject is how we are going to use these data efficiently? If we want to succeed, we must be adopted and updated to the latest trends and technologies. In Today’s world, everything depends on the data, from Tea shop to Multi-National companies relying upon their data. Now we understand that Data is very essential, so we have to start analyzing. The major role of Data Scientist is to analyze their company’s data and determines good tactics for their company future according to the current situation of the market. Sounds good?
    • Data analytics is the heartbeat of all top organizations
    • Data Science is everywhere
    • You become Decision-Making person
    • Data Science is rapidly increasing than expected
    • Offering new revenue strategies
    Know here the Skills You Should have to be a Data Scientist.
    The role of a Data Scientist plays a vital role in an organization and of course it differs from company to company, the below are the list of important roles of an organization, The role of a Data Scientist plays a vital role in an organization and of course it differs from company to company, the below are the list of important roles of an organization,
    • Assists management to make better decisions
    • To define organizational goals and strategies
    • Helps the staff to adopt the best practices
    • To identity the growth opportunities
    • Helps to spot the target audience
    • Data Analysis and Data Cleaning
    • To act as an statistician Assists management to make better decisions
    • To define organizational goals and strategies
    • Helps the staff to adopt the best practices
    • To identity the growth opportunities
    • Helps to spot the target audience
    • Data Analysis and Data Cleaning
    • To act as an statistician

    The calculus of infinitesimals and linear algebra knowledge is very important for Data Science. In order to understand high-level machine learning algorithms, Mathematics skills are very essential.

    In our Data Science session, we cover detailed calculus and linear algebra since it plays a very important role in data science.  

    Always think like a Scientist even if you are not. Statistics help you to get a clear picture of the problems. Statistics makes you to take the right techniques to solve the problems.

    Our Data Science Course teaches how to prepare Statistics and how to use them. Statistics is the 1st step to become a scientist  
    Python Training is a most commonly used programming language for various purposes like Web Apps, Games, etc., Python coming with very powerful packages that help us to easily do Data Manipulation, Visualisation, analysis, statistics, and transformation.

    We cover the essentials of Python which is very much helpful for Develop, implement, and deploying programming in Data Science.
    In our Data Science Training, we don't just deal with the data, we gonna solve data-driven problems. Also, our techniques for problem-solving should be the right ones and convince the higher authorities. They may not understand our technique since they aren't Data Scientist. So we must present and visualize the data that we collected. For the visualization & Presentation, we jump into Tableau.

    As a Data Scientist, we very much depend on Tableau to express our complex data to any non-technical persons. 
    At last and very important skill used in every part of Data Science is Deep Learning. Machine Learning separates us from Data Analyst into Data Scientist. Nowadays, Machine Learning most commonly used in all the companies like Google, Facebook, Amazon, etc., 

    We cover all the common Deep Learning methods with TensorFlow and Machine Learning techniques.

    Explore More about Data Science vs Machine Learning for a clear vision.
    Harvard Business reviews calls Data Science as the sexiest job of the 21’st century, the job roles of a Data Scientist differs from one to another organization according to their domain. The below are the role of Data Scientist among companies,
    • Data Scientist
    • Data Architecture
    • Business Analyst
    • Data Engineer
    • Data Analyst
    • Data Administrator
    • Statistician
    • Data and Analytics Manager
    Python Job opportunities
    • IBM
    • Amazon
    • Facebook
    • Wipro
    • Numerator
    • Cloudera
    • Splunk
    • Google
    • Microsoft
    • Uber
    • Apple
    • Oracle
    • Teradata
    Credo Systemz is one of the Best Data Science Training Institute in Chennai Velachery and OMR. We are following a unique Data Science program structure with the below features,
    • 90+ hours of live interactive sessions.
    • 30+ real-time use cases.
    • Sessions handled by Industry Experts.
    • Unique course content.
    • Well structured Course Materials.
    • 10+ real-time projects.
    • Flexible batch timings.
    • End to end placement assistance.
    • Free workshops with the latest updation in Data Science.
    • Options to discuss with our Alumni and get knowledge from them.
    • Lifetime support with any technical helps.
    • Installment payment options.

    You become a Master with the below skill sets with our Best Data Science course in Chennai.

    • Machine Learning
    • Programming
    • Linear Algebra and Calculus
    • Data Wrangling
    • Statistics
    • Data Intuition
    • Data Visualization
    • Communication
    • Software Engineering

    Definitely you can!
    Everyone has some goals and dreams!! You have to choose the right place to achieve the goal and fulfill your dream. To achieve the goal we need the right guidance, Credo Systemz is the one who helps the people to make their dream comes real.

    You can attend a full live classroom session and interact with our trainer. You can clarify all our doubts without paying anything.

    • You become a great problem solver.
    • Expert in handling huge volumes of structured and unstructured data.
    • High analytical skills and deep knowledge in Machine learning.
    • Become a professional in Data processing and Data modeling.
    • Good in Algorithms to generate the right Data visualization.
    • Great predictions with effective reports.
    • Become an expert in Big Data platforms.
    • Familiar with Cloud tools.
    • Sufficient Software Engineering skills.
    Of course!
    We are offering Data Science course in-classroom training and also online training. We have 2 types of batches as Weekdays and Weekends. You can change your batches anytime without paying any extra cost.
    You can attend your missed topics with any batches. Not only missed, if you are not clear with any topics as well you can attend the same topics with some other batch.
    Our motto is sharing highly standard Data Science knowledge to our candidates and making them as a successful Data Scientist.
    No hurries!!
    One of the main reasons for our Alumni referring us is we are not money minded. You can pay your course fee as installments.

    Our Data Science instructor having 15+ years of experience in IT industry. They are currently working as Data Scientists in top MNCs.
    Credo Systemz following a huge interview process and set of rules to hire a mentor for any courses. As a result, we have highly professions industry experts as trainers.

    At the end of the course, we will provide you a course completion certificate which is accepted by almost all the companies.
    Also, we help our candidates to do the official certifications since we are an authorized Pearson VUE certification exam center.
    From the start, we will monitor your performance and update the feedbacks. We have a separate placement team and they will follow the below process,
    • Resume Preparation
    • Periodic Mock Interviews to test your subject knowledge.
    • Connecting you with our Alumni to get their experience and job openings in their organizations.
    • We have 50+ clients and providing job offers with them.
    • Offering real-time projects to clear any machine tests.
    • Providing 300+ Interview Questions and Answers.

    To know about our exciting offers and concessions. Call us now: 9600112302.

    Credo Systemz has a dedicated placement team to provide job assistance which includes Professional resume building, mock interviews, interview calls. It acts as your support system until you get your dream job.

    • Data Science Online Training
    • Data Science classroom training
    • One to One Training
    • Fast Track Training
    • Corporate Data Science Training

    Based on the size of the group, credo systems offer group discounts based on our terms and conditions. To know about our exciting offers and concessions. Call us now: +91-9600112302.

    To know about our exciting offers and concessions. Call us now: + 91 9884412301 / + 91 9600112302

    Please call us +91 9884412301 / 9600112302 to get a clear idea about this course.

    Data Science Certification

    Credo Systemz’s standard Data Science certification helps the aspirants to show their advanced skills along with coding. It is global recognition across the world with Placement assistance.

    Download the certificate once you,

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