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Express JS Training in Chennai

Express JS Training in Chennai at Credo Systemz Offering best Express.js Training with real-time projects. Learn Express JS with with Node.js from multiple live projects. You are not only learn Express.js, you have do 4 to 5 projects here.

What is Express JS?

Express js is a very flexible and minimal web framework written for Node.js. Express js allows developers to write less code get more features. You can access all the features by using Node js and without help of express js but you have to write plenty of code to get the thing done. By using Express js you can get more flexible features with less code.

By default, express js comes with many middlewares. By using these middlewares, you can handle HTTP request and response.

Why Express JS?

  • Expess js is very simple and light weight framework for Node.js
  • It simplifies server create, routing, offering many middlewares, etc.,
  • It simplifies server create, routing, offering many middlewares, etc.,
  • It supports many Template Engine.
  • Very Fast and Asynchronous.
  • As like Node.js Single thread and but highly scalable.


Section 1: Introduction

  • What is Express JS?
  • Why Express JS?
  • Environment setup of Express JS

Section 2: Routing

  • App.method
  • Routers overview

Section 3: HTTP Methods of Express JS

  • GET
  • POST
  • PUT

Section 4: Structure of URL

  • Overview of URL configuration
  • Overview of Request and Response

Section 5: PUG Template Design

  • Overview of PUG
  • Features of PUG
  • Set Attributes, Values to the Template
  • Static Templates and Directories

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Section 6: Express JS Form Handling

  • Overview of Form Handling

Section 7: Express JS with MongoDB

  • Setting up MongoDB Environment.
  • Database Connection.
  • Save and Retrieve NoSQL Documents.
  • Update and Delete NoSQL Documents.

Section 8: Temporary Storage of Express JS

  • Overview of Session
  • Overview of Cokkies

Section 9: Express JS with RESTful APIs

  • Lists of methods in RESTful APIs

Section 10: Scaffolding in Express JS

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