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Section1: jQuery Fundamentals

  • Traversing HTML with the jQuery() function
  • Introducing the Sizzle CSS selector engine
  • Matching nodes by element name, ID, class, position, content, behavior and context
  • Chaining calls to the jQuery() function
  • Manipulating the Document Object Model (DOM) for Cross-Browser DHTML

Section2: Adding and replacing content with jQuery

  • Updating, adding and deleting element content
  • Inserting nodes into the DOM and manipulating parents and siblings

Section3: Dynamically assigning CSS properties

  • Adding and removing CSS rules and classes
  • Controlling element size and position

Section4: Creating accessible, unobtrusive JavaScript

  • Leveraging the .ready() method
  • Assigning event handlers programmatically
  • Animating Web Pages with jQuery Effects

Section5: Enhancing pages with animations

  • Controlling visibility with .hide(), .show() and .toggle()
  • Combining animations and responding to callbacks
  • Leveraging object literals to control animations
  • Developing custom animations with .animate()
  • Building Responsive Pages with Ajax

Section6: Updating page components asynchronously

  • Downloading HTML with the .load() method
  • Calling web services with .get() and .post()
  • Replacing callbacks with chained deferred objects
  • Combining Ajax calls with .when() and .then()

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Section7: Converting serialized server data to HTML

  • Retrieving JSON with .getJSON()
  • Returning and parsing XML with .ajax()
  • Designing User-Friendly Forms

Section8: Exploring jQuery tools for forms manipulation

  • Selecting and setting focus on the first element
  • Responding to focus and blur events
  • Providing real-time feedback via keyboard events
  • Integrating a validation plugin
  • Extending jQuery with Plugins

Section9: Integrating popular plugins

  • Leveraging contributions from the jQuery community
  • Extracting embedded data from semantic HTML
  • Manipulating images with slideshows and carousels

Section10: Developing jQuery plugins

  • Conforming to best practices and naming conventions
  • Handling multiple elements
  • Enabling method chaining
  • Aliasing $ to avoid namespace conflicts
  • Consuming object literals to override defaults
  • Creating Sophisticated User Interfaces with jQuery UI

Section11: Integrating widgets for highly interactive web applications

  • Optimizing screen real estate with accordions and tabs
  • Adding resizable, floating windows with dialog
  • Providing input assistance with autocomplete

Section12: Implementing effects

  • Creating color animations with .animate()
  • Leveraging complex animation easings and effects

Section13: Adding Web 2.0 functionality

  • Resizing HTML elements
  • Building drag-and-drop user interfaces


  • Professional approach towards training using latest techniques
  • Minimal batch strength to give individual attention to all
  • Unlimited lab / practice environment access provided to all candidates
  • Flexible batch schedule – Attend missed sessions with next batch
  • We provide free placement assistance because we care about your career

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