React JS Training

React JS Training in Chennai with JavaScript and NPM at Credo Systemz. We offering Best React JS Training with conceptual knowledge of MVC and Single Page Application. React JS is a JavaScript Library and developed by Facebook. React JS is used for create reusable UI components. Credo Systemz is the Best React JS Training institute in Chennai, Velachery. Before enroll to React JS, Let’s take a glance about it.

What is React JS ?

React JS is a open source JavaScript Library for create Reusable Components. React JS is developed and maintained by Facebook and the main aim of React JS is Better performance web applications. React JS carry out User Interface of the applications which means “View” in Model-View-Controller. React JS works template language for your Application.


Section 1: What is React

  • What react is and what it is not
  • Advantages
  • Limitations
  • How react works

Section 2: Introduction to JSX

  • Virtual DOM
  • JS vs JSX
  • React Components
  • HTML attributes e.g. class and id etc
  • Child Components and Namespaced components
  • Javascript expressions in JSX like attribute, boolean or child expression

Section 3: Setting up your ReactJS Development Environment

  • Look at an ReactJS application in Plunker
  • Setup Cloud9
  • Using npm & package.json file
  • Webpack & ES6 Introduction
  • Organizing your source code
  • React browser plugin

Section 4: Creating a simple React Application

  • A simple react component with JSX template
  • Nesting Components
  • React render
  • React Props
  • Props validation with data types
  • States, Initialize states and update states

Section 5: React UI and Forms

  • Form components e.g. input, textarea
  • Controlled form components
  • Uncontrolled form components
  • Checkboxes and Radios
  • Select box with default selected value
  • Form validation
  • Styles
  • Animation Introduction

Section 6: Component Life Cycle

  • Initial Render
  • Props Change
  • Stage Change
  • Component Unmount

Section 7: React Router and Other JS concepts

  • React Router configuration
  • Router History
  • If-else in JSX
  • IIFE in JSX for complex logic

Section 8: Event Handling in JSX

  • onClick, onKeyUp and other useful events in React
  • Sharing events across the components

Section 9: React Styles

  • CSS and inline styles
  • Setting up the react for React bootstrap
  • Implementing the react bootstrap components

Section 10: React Router & Navigation

  • Loading the router library
  • Router configuration
  • Passing and receiving parameters
  • React-cookie integration

Section 11: Flux

  • What is Flux Architecture
  • Flux Components
    1. Stores
    2. Dispatchers
    3. View Controllers
    4. Actions
  • How Flux works
  • Flux and React

Section 12: Redux

  • One Store
  • Provider Component
  • Actions
  • Reducers
  • Redux application development

Section 13: Unit Testing

  • Tools for Unit testing
  • React Unit testing
  • JEST
  • React Component testing
  • React Router Testing

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