Trending Software technologies vary every year in IT field according to its need and demand of the technology. As a Software engineering professional or a fresher, it is important to know about the Top Trending Software Technologies in 2023. It will help you to choose a better career. Hence after surveying the latest trend happening on top websites like Quora, Forbes, Techgig and Techlearning here are the complete list of Top Trending Software Technologies in 2023. This post will provide you the complete details about the Salary Range, Job Opportunities, Skills and the Certifications required to get YOUR DREAM JOB easily. 

List of Top 8 Trending Software Courses / Technologies in 2023 

Amazon Web Services

Amazon Web Services (AWS) a cloud computing platform which provides the mix of services such as IaaS, PaaS and SaaS which helps in cloud infrastructure, Platform, and Software. This secure cloud services platform helps your business grow by providing the power, database storage and content delivery. AWS Cloud Service Platform is launched in the year 2002 by Amazon built this platform to handle its own retail application. Our AWS training program helps you to learn the important services of AWS which IT industry is mostly using. You can also able to have a free discussion with our AWS trainer.
For Knowledge : AWS

AWS Certifications

AWS Certifications

Big Data Hadoop

Apache Hadoop which is commonly called as Hadoop or Big Data Hadoop is an open source framework developed by Apache Software Foundation. Big Data Hadoop is a trending field in Information Technology, even NDTV news states that Big Hadoop Jobs are in High demand. Companies like HCL, Amazon, IBM are among the top recruiters of Big Data Hadoop Developers. Domains Hiring BigData Developers

BigData Developer Skills

The skills that companies are expecting from a Hadoop developer is as follows,
  • Apache Hadoop
  • Apache Spark
  • Machine Learning
  • General Purpose Programming Languages
Our Hadoop training program will help you learn Apache Hadoop from the basics with practical. You can easily be a Professional Hadoop Developer with all the above skills after the completion of the course.
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Data Science

Data Science is the hottest field in the Information Technology today. To become a data scientist you need to be highly qualified and must have in-depth knowledge of Mathematics & statistics, Programming skills and Business knowledge. As programming skills, a Data Scientist must have knowledge of Python, Java, C/C++, Big Data Hadoop, SQL. To be more statistical Data Science is ranked as No.1 in the 50 Best Jobs by the survey posted by Glassdoor.

Top companies hiring Data Scientist

  • Google
  • Yahoo
  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • LinkedIn
  • Amazon
  • Apple
  • eBAY
  • Bank of America
  • Teradata
  • SAS
  • Tata Consultancy Services
  • Cognizant Technology Solutions
  • Capgemini
  • HP
  • Wipro Technologies
  • HCL Technologies
And more than 8k companies looking for Data Scientists.

Data Scientist Skills

Data Scientist Skillset
Read here the complete post to know more about DataScientist Skill Set Join our Data Science training program to equip all the Mathematics & Statistics, Programming Skills and Business Knowledge from experts.
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Angular & Node Js

What is Angular?

Angular2+ is the latest version which overcomes few issues of AngularJS namely Angular 1. It is easy to build a web-based application with the help of this Angular platform. This whole series of Javascript frameworks from AngularJS and Angular 2+ delegates the developers to create the web-based application which suits for Mobile, Web and for the desktop. Learning Angular with complete knowledge in Javascript will help you to develop your career from the basic level to the advanced level web developer. Most of the companies around have started to shift their web development projects in Angular series. For Your Information;

Here are the Top 10 Apps/Websites Developed with Angular

  • The Guardian
  • Paypal
  • jetBlue
  • Lego
  • iStock Photo
  • Upwork
  • Netflix
  • Freelancer
  • Weather
  • Youtube for PS3

Job Opportunities for Angular

Job Opportunities for Angular4 Developer

What is Node Js?

Node Js is a cross-platform runtime environment which is designed for developing Networking & Server Side applications. This open source server framework uses an event-driven, non-blocking IO model which makes it lightweight and efficient. To be simple; Node Js = Runtime Environment + Javascript Library Using Node Js
  • Easily create Dynamic Page content.
  • Read, Write, Delete, Open the files on the server.
  • In database using Node Js you can easily add, delete and modify the data.
Learn Node JS in Credo Systemz with real time project to experience the power of creating the web applications with better performance.
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Python Programming Language

What is Python?

Python is simple and easy to learn high-level programming language which is also object-oriented like Java. The easy to use syntax makes Python the trending software programming language. Once you have learned it, then definitely you'll fall in love with Python because of the features, productivity it provides and also Python had high-level build in data structure which also combines with dynamic binding & typing makes it enchanting. Our Python Training program in will help you to learn python from basics to advanced topics in a practical manner.

Job Opportunities for Python Programmers in India

Job Opportunities for Python Developers in India

Python Developer Salary in India

Python Programmer Salary in India
Get Free Python DEMO 

Android App Development

Android App Development is an every green trending field in IT. To be statistical according to the survey result from appbrain the total amount of Android app published in Playstore is exceeding 50,000 per month. You can create your own Android app using different programming languages like Java, Python and many. Our Android app development training program will help you to learn how to develop your own Android App from basics.

Job Opportunities for Android Developers in India

Job Opportunities for Android Developers

Android App Developer Salary in India

Android Developer Salary in India
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Automation Testing

Software Testing is the process of verifying and validating an application and ensuring the quality, performance of the software or application. Hence there is always a need for Manual, Automation testers in the IT Industry because of the huge growth of Software Development field. Manual Testing is defined as validating the application manually with help of the test case without any involvement of Automation Softwares. There is always a huge number of vacancies available for Freshers in the industry for Manual Tester Designation. As a Manual Tester your career growth is 100% ensuredSoftware Tester Career Path will give you the crystal clear picture from the beginner level Manual Tester to Test Manager. Job Opportunities for Selenium Tester Automation Testing is the process of testing the given application automatically with the help of the test scripts. Here the quality and the effectiveness of the tested application is assured while comparing with manual testing. The application can be automatically tested for Load, Stress and Performance. Selenium is an open source automation testing tool which is widely used in the testing field because it can able to run in many browsers and software. Learn Selenium with Java from scratch to avail vast number of vacancies from small, medium and large-scale software development companies. Automation Tester Salary in India
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The ASP.NET MVC is a framework which provides an alternative to the ASP.NET Web Forms to create web applications. This MVC architecture will separate the application into three different components such as Model, View, and Controller. MVC standard design pattern is the lightweight framework which is integrated with the ASP.NET features. Developer have huge benefit in creating the web pages in MVC framework, because it makes the development easier by splitting the application. To be statistical according to builtwith trend there are 757,533 active websites using ASP.NET MVC & 1,553,653 websites that have used ASP.NET MVC. If this much amount of websites are using ASP.NET MVC then think about the opportunities available for an MVC developer.

Here is the graph of websites which uses ASP.NET MVC:
Domains Using ASP.NET

Website using framework technologies:
Statistics for website using framework technologies

Learn ASP.NET MVC from real time experienced MVC developers.
These top trending software courses/technologies 2023 will help you to easily get your dream job with high pay scale as you expected. Credo Systemz one of the leading software training institutes in India provides classroom, online and corporate training program for individuals which guide them to get the Important Certifications for Career Change.
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