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Android Training Student Offer

Best Android Training in Chennai

Best Android Training in Chennai is provided by CREDO Systemz with high quality trainers and latest tools. If you search for the BEST, you will look no further.

Android is the first mobile open source operating system that has revolutionized the mobile industry. Android dominates the smart phone market with a market share of around 75%. Android utilizes the evergreen JAVA language at its base for designing mobile applications. Android training has boomed in the last couple of years due to the mainstream acceptance of the Operating system by common man. There are already 10 billion smart phones in the market, which are powered by Android.

The same number is increasing by 75000 new activations on a daily basis. All these Android phones are used by regular users for their daily use. There is an enormous scope and opportunity for technical people who are well trained and equipped in Android programming aka Dalvik. Android is in the market for the past six years and not yet as matured as Java language. If one is getting trained in Android now, the demand for the technically proficient resource will soar and reach unprecedented heights within few years time. This is an apt time to get into Mobile development and specialize in Android programming.

One can easily find a job in Android app programming on the completion of the course in 45 days. If a person is not interested in working under others, they can develop mobile apps themselves and release the same in Google Play, thus making money. You can also freelance for Android programming or create your own apps and become a indie developers. Few apps like WhatsApp (US $ 19B), SnapChat (US $ 3B), Instagram(US $1B)  are being bought by Internet / Social Media companies.

Other apps like Angry Birds, Fruit Ninja, Waze are raking in millions of dollars to its owners. With such numbers, it becomes lucrative to take up independent mobile app development as a career option.

For all the above, we need a first step to start with. Where to begin for learning basics of Android App development? CREDO Systemz provides the best Android training in Chennai. Android trainer has six to seven years of Industry exposure and three years of Android App Development. The course is designed in such a manner that you should develop an application by the end of the course with assistance. You can also develop your own ideas into Android applications. We provide technical assistance for a candidate to develop his own idea from the concept stage to post release support stage. We also encourage all the trainees to publish their own Apps in Google Play.

  • Best Android Training in Chennai
  • Best Android Training in Chennai

Features of android

The training provided for Android at CREDO Systemz in Chennai focuses more on practical hands on sessions and have minimal percentage of necessary theory classes. All the trainers of CREDO Systemz are MNC employees who have live project development experience and they share good practices and coding standards during lecture sessions. We provide assistance in Resume preparation, conduct MOCK Interview sessions for candidates, time based app development challenges, online challenges so that anyone from CREDO Systemz will face interview with supreme confidence.

Best Android Training in Chennai

Best Android Training in Chennai

Once you are trained in Android App development from CREDO Systemz, you can be rest assured about being the most wanted app developer of MNCs. You would have gathered the necessary knowledge to develop an Application as well as crack any interview.

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  •  Android – What it is?
  •   History of Android
  •   Importance of Java language for Android Apps
  •   Other mobile OS-es
  •   Android Versions & different development tools

Java Fundamentals

  •   OOPS basics
  •   Classes & Objects
  •   Components of a Class
  •   Structure of a Class & Java File
  •   Inheritance
  •   Interfaces
  •   Polymorphism
  •   Overloading
  •   Overriding

Android Architecture

Significance of Android Project Structure

  •   Source Folder
  •   Generated Folder
  •   Assets folder
  •   Resources folder
  •   Android Manifest XML

Android Activity

  •   Activities & Fragments
  •   Activity Life Cycle
  •   Activity – How to create your activity

Android Layouts

  •   Layout XML files
  •   Absolute Layout
  •   Relative Layout
  •   Linear Layout
  •   Frame Layout
  •   Tab Layout
  •   Table Layout
  •   List Layout (List View)

 Android Views & Widgets

  •   Button View
  •   EditText View
  •   TextView View
  •   Image View
  •   Spinner

Intent & Intent Filters

  •   Intents – How and When to use them
  •   Intent Objects – Action, Data & Category
  •   Intent Filters – Matching Rules / Tests
  •   Explicit Intent & Implicit Intent


  •   Lifecycle of a Service
  •  When to use Services
  •  Main Application Threads & Worker Threads
  •  Intent Service

Broadcast Receivers

  •   Broadcast Receivers
  •   Listening for specified broadcasts
  •   System broadcasts
  •   Custom & User defined broadcasts
  •   Sticky Broadcasts
  •   Pending Intents

Menus & Messages

  •   Adding option menus
  •   Adding popup menus
  •   Showing dialogs
  •   Raising toasts

SQLite – Database Access

  •   Introducing SQLite
  •   SQLiteOpenHelper and creating a database
  •   Opening and closing a database
  •   Working with cursors
  •   Inserts, updates, and deletes

External Database Access using RESTful Web service

  •   Introduction to AsyncTask Class
  •   Progress Dialog
  •   RESTful Web service using PHP scripts
  •   JSON and JSON Parsers
  •   InputStream Reader, BufferedStreamReader and String Buffer uses
  •  Adapters

Browser based Apps – Web Views

  •   Simulating Web Browsers inside Apps
  •   Enabling Javascript and browser history in Web Views
  •   Limitations of Web Views
  •   Platform independency

Publish an Android Application to Google Play

  •   Account Registration
  •   Payment
  •   Good coding and design practices
  •   Maintenance and experimentation with Categories

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Why Choose Us

      • Professional approach towards training using latest techniques
      • Minimal batch strength to give individual attention to all
      • Unlimited lab / practice environment access provided to all candidates
      • Flexible batch schedule – Attend missed sessions with next batch
      • We provide free placement assistance because we care about your career

What Client’s Say

Mr.Vickram motivated me and guided me to join the Android course @ CREDO SYSTEMZ. Now, I am working as Android developer in “WEBOXZ”, the web development company. At job, I struggled many times. At that time I got guidance from my tutor and gain much of knowledge.
At my course completion, Mr.Vickram told me “If the course completed means the relationship between the student and the tutor ends there but here it continues. So, be in touch”. Thanks for Credo Systemz and Mr.Vickram to train me as android developer and for their support.
I underwent training in ANDROID APPLICATION DEVELOPMENT given by Mr. Vickram Asokan. He was very good enough to illustrate nook and corner of the concepts practically. He trained me to develop apps & gained confidence to publish applications in the play store.
Delighted to be a trainee here. CREDO systems has given me an organizational experience by offering a project. Even after completed the training, Mr. Vickram Asokan is still guiding me & assisting me for the placement.

Thanks to CREDO for honing my skills. Guys! if you have passion to learn & hone your skills, CREDO is the right place to start your career.

SHRI LAXMI, Freelance Android Developer
I felt this workshop is really useful,one of the most useful and interesting workshop on Android Apps which is conducted by Vickram from Credo Systemz at velammal Engineering College. :) I gained not only the theoretical knowledge and also the practical Knowledge
I liked the intro about android and its technologies given by Mr.Vickram from credo Systemz and it was a good experience with a new application developed using android.
– Koushik Purusothaman – IT Dept. – Velammal Engg College.
I have completed android training in Credo Systemz. Training was really awesome.
Earlier I don’t know anything about android but after completion of my training at Credo, now I can develop an android app on my own. Really worth for money !!!.

– Prasana Venkatesh