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Docker and kubernetes Training in Chennai -Overview

Credo Systemz offers the Docker and Kubernetes Course in Chennai with 10+ Real-time Projects. We ensure practical knowledge developing programs using professional trainers. Our Docker and kubernetes Certification Training handles the industrial standard syllabus to deliver the skill set.

Why should you join us?

Docker Kubernetes Real time projects

Real Time Projects

Advanced 15+ live projects that involve various Docker - Kubernetes concepts to gain practical experience through guidance.

List of Projects
Docker - Kubernetes assignments

Hands-on Assignments

With the minimum of 60 hours, every session is handled to create better understanding of concepts with practice to gain coding skills.

Training Assignments
Docker - Kubernetes Expert Faculty

Professional Faculty

Learn from expert faculties with great industry exposure who are dedicated towards designing our Docker - Kubernetes curriculum and leading the course.

Trainer Profile
Docker - Kubernetes concepts Lifetime access

Lifetime Support & Access

Lifetime access to our LMS and guidance with the help of Technical Forum from 24x7 online support team.

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Docker - Kubernetes placements

Assured Placement

Dedicated Placement Team engaged constantly with the HR’s in the industry to find the right opportunity for you.

Recent Placements
Docker - Kubernetes Certification

Professional Certification

Industry recognized Certification as a Docker - Kubernetes Certified Professional by Credo Systemz that adds weightage to your resume.

Get certified

Docker - Kubernetes Course Curriculum

Docker kubernetes training in Chennai frames the standard docker kubernetes syllabus using industrial trainers. The course content covers the docker kubernetes features, technique (Basic + Advanced). The syllabus covers real time case studies,examples and practices. It is customizable based on the student’s requirements.

Section 1: Dockers & Containers Introduction

  • Dockers & Containers Evolution
  • Differences between VM's and Containers
  • Use Cases of Docker
  • Benefits of using Containers in Docker
  • Working with Docker Commands

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  • Installation and configuration of Docker in GCP VM
  • Learn to installing & configuring Docker on GCP VM instance
  • Validating the Docker installation
  • Docker Images & Layers
  • Docker Container Layers
  • Working with Docker Images
  • Building own Images using Dockerfile
  • Working with Docker Volumes & Networking
  • Overview of Registries in Docker- Public and Private
  • Deep Dive into Docker Hub
  • Other Public and Private Registries
  • Overview of Docker Compose
  • Docker Defining and running multi-container applications
  • Overview Docker Swarm
  • Build your own Docker Swarm Cluster
  • Filtering and Scheduling Containers
  • Kubernetes Evolution
  • What is Kubernetes ?
  • Use Cases of Kubernetes
  • Differences between Kubernetes and Docker Swarm
  • Kubernetes Architecture
  • Kubernetes Master Introduction
  • Components of Kubernetes Master
  • Node Components Introduction
  • Installation & Configuration of Kubernetes locally on VM machine
  • Creating Kubernetes Cluster in Google Cloud
  • Pods Introduction
  • Lifecycle of Pods
  • Working with Pods to manage multiple containers
  • Deploying Pods via Replication Controllers
  • Testing resiliency
  • Services Overview
  • Labels and Selectors
  • Scale out deployment using Replicas
  • Horizontal Pod Autoscaling
  • Load Balancing
  • Rolling Updates
  • Working with StatefulSet
  • Explain Deployment strategies
  • Define Pod Management policies
  • On Delete & Rolling Update Strategies
  • Explain nodeSelector
  • Node Affinity/Pod Affinity
  • About Taints and tolerations
  • Creating reusable templates
  • Helm's templating engine
  • Understanding the Helm architecture
  • Managing releases with Helm
  • Reverting changes with Rollbacks
  • Manage configurations
  • Manage secrets
  • Use Kubernetes Volumes
  • Creation of Persistent Volumes
  • Creation of Persistent Volume Claims
  • Provisioning volumes dynamically
  • Managing stateful application
  • Auto Scaling Introduction
  • The Horizontal Pod Autoscaler
  • The Kubernetes metrics registry
  • Exposing metrics from your apps
  • Installation and configuration Prometheus
  • Understanding custom and external metrics adapters
  • Tuning the Horizontal Pod Autoscaler
  • Jenkins Setup
  • Configuration CI/CD pipeline for automated Kubernetes deployment
  • Configuration CI/CD pipeline for automated Docker deployment

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    Docker Kubernetes Certification Training Reviews

    Docker Kubernetes reviews


    Hi, I completed my Docker and kubernetes certification course in chennai at Credo Systemz. I came to know Credo Systemz through the internet and I joined by feedbacks from past students which we find on youtube. I learned depth knowledge about Docker Kubernetes with the help of my trainer. Docker Kubernetes Course fees also Worthful for this training. Thanks to my trainer and Credo Systemz. I surely suggest Credo Systemz is the best docker and kubernetes training in chennai.

    Freshers Docker Kubernetes reviews


    I joined CREDO SYSTEMZ for Docker and Kubernetes Training in Chennai.Expert trainers, professional approach to training, right mix of theory to practical sessions, patient repeat classes and post training placement support were all highlights of my Docker and kubernetes certification course in chennai at CREDO SYSTEMZ. Thanks to CREDO SYSTEMZ and the trainer that I am successfully working in my new project.

    Web developer Docker Kubernetes reviews


    Credo Systemz’s Best Docker and Kubernetes training in Chennai is the best course. With a good course content, trainer guides with subject knowledge. He follows practical oriented training with project works. Always readily available to clear the doubts. I got my job with the help of Credo Systemz’s team.

    Cloud solution architect python review


    This is Kanmani, this training session was very interesting and very useful to me. Really I thanks to my Trainer Munish. He is the person took session about Docker Kubernetes. Trainer explained lot things about real time scenario about Docker and Kuberenetes projects. I thanks, docker and kubernetes certification in chennai at credo systemz and my trainer.

    Hadoop developer Python reviews


    I had an excellent training experience during the Docker Kubernetes certification course in Chennai at Credo Systemz. The course content is well structured and handled by an expert trainer. He handles the course with a practical approach and resolves doubts. It improves my performance to land in a job.

    AWS solution architect python review


    I recommend the aspirants to learn Docker Kubernetes training courses at Credo Systemz. The trainer helped to learn the important concepts in cloud and installastion process clearly. I appreciate the trainer in handling the docker kubernetes training and certification with a friendly approach.

    Docker Kubernetes Training in Chennai Overview

    Docker and kubernetes Training in Chennai aims at the job oriented docker and kubernetes course. We assist in gaining expertise of industry-oriented docker kubernetes.Using real-time hands-on training,learn to build containerized applications.
    Docker and kubernetes Course in Chennai focuses on skills development with basic to advanced techniques.Our Professional trainers provide live projects for understanding the real world struggles.

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    For Online and Classroom Training
    The focus of Docker and Kubernetes course in chennai:
    • Firstly, the course starts with basics of Docker and containers.
    • Ability to work with docker from installation, Architecture and more.
    • Learn to handle docker images, volumes, registries and networking.
    • Handling kubernetes with a strong understanding of Architecture, cluster.
    • Creating Kubernetes pods, deployments, and services.
    • Building Docker photos and configuring Docker Hub, CI/CD pipeline.
    • Working in real time Docker and Kubernetes projects.
    • Detailed Docker and Kubernetes training course Plan to assist the aspiring professionals.
    • Complete Hands-on Docker and Kubernetes training in Chennai with 100% assured Placement.
    • Training sessions cover Theory along with practicals using live practices, assignments, projects.
    • Skilled & expert trainers with industry experience and dedicated towards knowledge sharing.
    • Professional teams assist in Interview preparation, Mock Interviews, Resume writing and Job updates.
    • Global certification to showcase the skill set. It helps to stand out from the crowd.
    • Flexible training sessions, timing, customized syllabus and class types - classroom, online, corporate training.
    • The main advantage of docker kubernetes is to improve the savings. It automates the container environment. So it reduces the infrastructure resources.
    • Docker containers ensure consistency and standardization. It provides repeatable development, build, test, with autoscaling.
    • To build a container image and use them in the deployment process. It has strong open source communities.
    • Docker kubernetes infrastructure is more reliable and easier to maintain.It manages to reduce deployment time.
    • From development to production Docker kubernetes ensures consistent environments along with multi-cloud capability.
    • Another key advantage of Docker kubernetes is flexibility,stability, productivity and supporting Multi-Cloud Platforms.

    Our Docker Kubernetes training covers the industrial standard, important Docker and Kubernetes topics from basic. It is selected by top professionals from MNC companies.

    1. Basic idea of Linux, file systems.
    2. Understanding of networking.
    No worries. The Docker Kubernetes course starts from scratch to develop the basic foundation.

    Docker Kubernetes are distinct and unique technologies. It forms a powerful combination.Docker provides open standards for containerised applications.It increases the confidence and productivity.

    Yes! Docker Kubernetes leads to a lot of job opportunities. It helps to kick start your career with a lot of options. It ensures high paying jobs.

    Docker kubernetes is the next important step in Virtualization.Instead of a virtual environment, Docker kubernetes provides containers. It gives everything to run an application/ service without the virtual environment.

    Docker and kubernetes courses assure skillful industrial expert trainers. The trainers are energetic professionals working in MNC companies. They share their knowledge and upskill the aspirants.

    Docker and kubernetes training in chennai ensure real time hands-on practices and live projects. It builds industry oriented skills and real world working experience.

    Credo Systemz provides Industry recognized Certification globally. It increases the weightage of your resume. This certification helps to showcase your skill set and knowledge of Docker and kubernetes.

    Yes, we are providing 100% placement assistance and placement oriented training.Placement assistance is part of our Docker and kubernetes Course using

    • Mock interviews
    • Interview tips & tricks
    • Interview Q & A
    • Latest job updates and so on.

    Recent Docker Kubernetes Reviews

    Hello, mates, I'm Dhanush from Bangalore joined Credo Systemz for Docker Kubernetes Training. I came to know about them through facebook, where I found an interesting article about Tableau which impressed me a lot at the end I found it was posted by Credo Systemz. I explored their page, Docker Kubernetes Training course content they posted was expertly made. Hence a booked a Free demo session with and also joined in the next batch itself. Our trainer made the session very interactive which helps us to learn the subject clearly. Surely I'll recommend Credo to my friends too. Thank You. - Dhanush
    Hai, This is Srinivasan from Chennai. I am working in Wipro. I choose Docker Kubernetes Training. So I joined Credosystemz for my Docker Kubernetes Training. Training was fully based on real-time Scenarios and Practical oriented. My tutor explained every concept from his work experience which helped to work in my Docker Kubernetes projects easily. I will surely suggest anyone to take a course in Credosystemz because in my point of view this is the Best Docker Kubernetes Training Institute in Chennai. Now I feel very secure with my career. Thank You Team. - Srinivasan.

    About Experienced Docker Kubernetes Trainer

    • Our Docker Kubernetes Trainers are certified professionals with 10+ years of experience in this field. They are currently working with Top MNCs.
    • As Trainers are Docker Kubernetes experts, they share their knowledge. They support them in live practicals,projects and
    • placements during the Docker and Kubernetes course.
    • Most importantly, Our Trainers are selected from top companies like Cts, Infosys, IBM, L&T , TCS, HCL, etc.
    • Trainers focus on interview support, professional skills development. They provide HR Referrals, internal Hiring, referral companies.
    • Our trainers are Docker Kubernetes specialists who support mastering in application development.

    Docker and kubernetes Training FAQ's

    Docker is an open source platform to build, deploy and manage containers. As organizations are shifting to the cloud,containers are used to simplify development.Containers are standardized, executable components with source code and OS libraries.
    Kubernetes is a popular open source system that manages container runtime systems. It can be used with or without Docker. The main goal is to deploy and manage complex distributed systems easily. It bundles a set of containers into a group and manages it on the same machine.

    • Software professionals
    • Software designers and architects
    • System analysts, data modelers, business analysts
    • Software testing specialists
    • DevOps developer
    • Backend developers
    • Developers to boost up their careers
    • Interested Aspirants

    • The main advantage of docker kubernetes is to improve the savings. It automates the container environment. So it reduces the infrastructure resources.
    • Docker containers ensure consistency and standardization. It provides repeatable development, build, test, with autoscaling.
    • To build a container image and use them in the deployment process. It has strong open source communities.
    • Docker kubernetes infrastructure is more reliable and easier to maintain.It manages to reduce deployment time.
    • From development to production Docker kubernetes ensures consistent environments along with multi-cloud capability.
    • Another key advantage of Docker kubernetes is flexibility,stability, productivity and supporting Multi-Cloud Platforms.

    YES!! Before joining a course we have arrange one Demo Session for you with trainers, In this demo session we are discuss about Course topic structure and Course Fee structure which helpful to know about trainer industry experience and take good decision about your IT Career.

    We are provide best lab and Wi-Fi facility to all at your training periods which helps you learn more information about Docker and Kubernetes and workout the programs.

    No programming experience is needed to learn Docker Kubernetes.The basic knowledge of programming will be helpful.

    kubernetes training in chennai covers hands-on training practices. Each course session involves theory + practical training along with live examples,projects and practices.

    Kubernetes is written in Google's Go programming language.Go is a compiled language.It has features like memory efficiency,concurrency ,productivity.

    Kubernetes is the most popular platform that provides efficient solutions based on containers. (Kubernetes Training in chennai)

    Benefits: Automated deployment,scaling, management of containerized applications, time and effort saving.

    To know about our Docker And Kubernetes course fees in chennai or exciting offers and concessions. Call us now: + 91 9884412301 / + 91 9600112302

    Docker Kubernetes Certification Details

    About more than 1000 top companies has recognized Credo Systemz's certifications globally.

    Download the certificate once you,
    • Complete our Docker Kubernetes training program
    • After successfully Completing the Realtime Industry projects
    • Successful completion of given assignments