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Data Science Training in Chennai at Credo Systemz provided by experienced Data Scientists. Our Data Science Course module is completely designed about how to analyze Big Data using R programming and Hadoop. Credo Systemz is the Best place to learn Data Science with Python Training in Chennai. Data Science course certification will help you be a professional Data Scientist. If you really Interested to Learn Best Data Science course in Chennai, then Credo Systemz is the Right place.

Our Best Data Science Training kick starts from statistics and insights of the large volume of data. So that we ranked as Best Data Science Training Institute in Chennai, Velachery. At the end of the course, you become a Data Scientist.

About Data Science Course

What is Data Science?

Data Science is a knowledge of various fields which consists of planning, methods, process and extracts the knowledge of the system or idea from the data which is in multiple formats that might be organized or unorganized like Data Mining. Data Science really very useful for managing large sets of data from the huge level of businesses which is using various algorithms and analysis. Essentially Data Science identifies the data insight.
Data Science Explanation

Why to learn Data Science?

The Internet has an Incredible easy way to gather any kind of information. Even you can get an idea about how to design your own flight 🙂 Yes, we can get whatever we want. But the subject is how we are going to use these data efficiently?

If we want to succeed, we must be adopted and updated to the latest trends and technologies. In Today’s world, everything depends on the data, from Tea shop to Multi-National companies relying upon their data. Now we understand that Data is very essential, so we have to start analyzing. The major role of Data Scientist is to analyze their company’s data and determines good tactics for their company future according to the current situation of the market. Sounds good?

  • Data analytics is the heartbeat of all top organizations
  • Data Science is everywhere
  • You become Decision-Making person
  • Data Science is rapidly increasing than expected
  • Offering new revenue strategies

Know here the Skills You Should have to be a Data Scientist.

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Data Science Implementation Using R or Python

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Chapter 1: Introduction to Data Science

  • What is the need for Data Scientists
  • Data Science Foundation
  • Business Intelligence
  • Data Analysis
  • Data Mining
  • Machine Learning
  • Difference between Analytics vs. Data Science
  • Analytics and it’s types
  • Lifecycle Probability
  • More about Analytics Project Lifecycle

Chapter 2: Data

  • Data Categorization basics
  • Different Types of Data
  • Types of Data Collection
  • Forms of Data and Sources
  • Data Quality and Changes
  • Data Quality Issues
  • Data Quality Story
  • Data Architecture and it’s Components
  • OLTP vs. OLAP
  • How Data is being stored

Chapter 3: Data Science Deep Dive

  • What is Data Science
  • Demand for Data Scientists
  • What is Data Product
  • Need for Data Science
  • Large Scale Analysis Cost vs Storage
  • Data Science – Skills
  • Data Science – Use Cases
  • Data Science Project Life Cycle & Stages
  • What is Data Acquisition
  • Sourcing the data
  • Techniques
  • Evaluating the input data
  • Data formats
  • Data Quantity
  • Data Quality
  • Resolution Techniques
  • Data Transformation
  • File format Conversions
  • Annonymization

Chapter 4: Intro to R Programming

  • R Programming introduction
  • What is Business Analytics
  • Concept of Analytics
  • Importance of R in analytics
  • R Language community and eco-system
  • R and its Usage
  • How to install R and other packages
  • How to Perform basic R Operations in command line
  • Usage of IDE R Studio and various GUI

Chapter 5: R Programming Concepts

  • R – Data types
  • R – Built-in functions
  • Sub setting methods
  • Vectors
  • Lists
  • Matrices
  • Dataframes
  • Sub setting methods
  • Condition statements in R
  • Loops in R
  • Function building in R

Chapter 6: Machine learning

  • Math behind machine learning
  • Data Structures and it’s classification
  • Data Structures – Correlation and regression
  • Data Structures – Prediction and Forecasting
  • Case Study – Data Science trends

Chapter 7: Python Programming

  • Introduction & Set up
  • Data types and its uses
  • Operators and statements
  • Functions and methods
  • Libraries and Packages – Data Science relevant


  • Building plots using ggplot2
  • Types of plots

Real-time Practicals:
Replicate and build a plot from a news website

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  • Building plots using seaborn library
  • Types of plots in python
  • Geo plots

Real-time Practicals
Build a geoplot to show data across the globe


  • Linear regression Model
  • Statistics behind Linear Regression
  • Building a Linear Regression Model in Python
  • Building a Linear Regression Model in R

Real-time Practicals:
Forecast the final grade results of students using the input variables in the academic data set provided.


  • Logistic regression Model
  • Statistics behind Logistic Regression
  • Building a Logistic Regression Model in Python
  • Building a Logistic Regression Model in R

Real-time Practicals:
Predict the survival of passengers travelling onboard using the Titanic dataset.


  • K Means Clustering Model
  • Statistics behind K Means Clustering Algorithm
  • Building a K Means Clustering Model in Python
  • Building a K Means Clustering Model in R

Real-time Practicals 1:
Form clusters out of the wine chemical parameter data set given.
Real-time Practicals 2:
Cluster the Colleges dataset into two groups based on various data points provided about each college.


  • K Nearest Neigbors Model
  • Statistics behind K Nearest Neigbors Algorithm
  • Building a K Nearest Neigbors Model in Python
  • Building a K Nearest Neigbors Model in R

Real-time Practicals:
Insurance domain – Based on the applicant data and their policy purchase status, build a KNN model to predict whether a new applicant will purchase the insurance policy or not.


  • Decision Trees Model
  • Statistics behind Decision Trees Algorithm
  • Building a Decision Trees Model in Python
  • Building a Decision Trees Model in R

Real-time Practicals:
Given Dataset contains various data points about the universities across the country and their category. Build a Decision Tree classifier using the dataset to classify a new university into the correct category.


  • Random Forest Model
  • Statistics behind Random Forest Algorithm
  • Building a Random Forest Model in Python
  • Building a Random Forest Model in R

Real-time Practicals:
A healthcare data set containing details about the occurence of kyphosis in patients, the surgery age and whether kyphosis recurred for that patient – is provided. Build a Random Forest Model to predict whether other patients treated previously would be subjected to kyphosis again.


  • What is Text Analytics & Uses
  • Stemming & Lemmatizing
  • Stop words & Parts Of Speech Tagging
  • Social Media Analytics – Twitter Analytics
  • What is OCR?
  • Simple Image to Text Conversion
  • Enhanced Image to Text Conversion
  • Batch text extraction from PDF files using R

Real-time Practicals:
Pull Tweets from Twitter in R and build a wordcloud visualization.


  • What is Naive Bayes Classifier Model
  • Statistics behind Naive Bayes Classifier Model

Real-time Practicals 1:
Build a Spam detector Model using Naive Bayes Algorithm, which will detect the Spam messages from the organic ones.
Real-time Practicals 2:
Build a Naive Bayes Classification Model to assign star ratings to the text reviews submitted by users.


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Queries You may have

Why Learn Data Science?

• Data scientist has been increasing in all major industry like Insurance Sectors, Financial Institutions, FMCG for their Business Goals and Strategies.
• Salary of a Data Scientist is $120,931 PA

Who can learn Data science?
  • Software Developers
  • Statistics Professional
  • Graduates those who looking for data science career
What are the Pre requiste to learn Data science?

Here is the answer for you,

  • Knowledge of Mathematics and Statistics
  • Understanding the domain and business concepts would be added advantage
Can I attend the Sample classes before enrolling the course ?

Yes, We Provide the Free Demo session for the data science training, you can attend the session and discuss with our trainer and clarify your doubts.

Top Factors which makes us the Best Data Science Training Institute in Chennai

  • Offering Data Science Training in Chennai on both weekdays, weekend and also Online training.
  • Flexible session timings and comfort environment, So that you can choose us to learn Best Data Science Training in Chennai.
  • Learn Data Science from More than 10+ years working professional, as a result, you become a Data Scientist.
  • During our Data Science course, you will analysis real time live data and submit your report.
  • Additionally the BEST Software Training Institute for Best Data Science Course.
  • Professional Data Science Training in Chennai from the Data Scientists same as you become a Data Scientist.
  • Best Data Science Training in Chennai with Real Time ground data rather than theory Oriented.
  • Ranked as BEST Data Science Training Institute in Chennai Velachery based on all positive reviews across the Internet.
  • Credo Systemz is the Best Data Science Training center in Chennai.
  • Furthermore Our Data Science Course syllabus is standard and unique with “R” Programming.
  • Offering Data Science Course in Chennai with real-time data. Finally, you reached Best Data Science Training Institute in Chennai.

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Hai, This is Radha and recently completed my Data science training in Chennai at Credo Systemz. I’m really impressed with Data science Course topics so I enrolled here. During the class, my trainer give more use cases which help us to understand the Data science concepts easily and Approaching way of a trainer in Subject is good and crystal clear, Trainer would be available through WhatsApp if we have any clarifications. I’ll recommend credo systemz is the best data science training in chennai those who are looking to start data science as their career.

Best Data Science Training in chennai  
Durga Krishnan   
Author Picture

Hello everyone this is Durga from chrompet, I joined Credo Systemz for my data science training course in JAN month. I have nearly 4+ years of experience as a python developer and also having some work experience in handling data. So I like to do Data Science course, and one of my friend referred me Credo Systemz. I had attended demo session at first with the trainer, he gave a complete overview about the course which impressed me and make me to join for the course. The session went extremely well, can able to learn my real time scenarios because of the experience of the trainer. Data Science course fees also worth for this training. Now I am confident enough that I have all the skills required to be a Professional Data Scientist.

Job Oriented Data Science Training  
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I am Gowri and I am very glad about my Data Science training provided by Credo Systemz software training institute. Trainer explains every concept with real time examples and use cases so easy to understand every concept. My trainer way of the teaching is good. It's a best software training institute for software courses. Thank you, Credo Systemz and my trainer...

Data Science Training in Chennai  
Author Picture

Hi, here I have attended Data Science training in Credo Systemz. I have improved my Data Science knowledge from the basic level. I really appreciate this Institute for doing such a great and better job. In every training session, I got new information about Data Science. My trainer also helped me clear interviews easily. I have referred many students in Credo for do all training.

Best DataScience Training Institute  
Author Picture

This is Geetha .. I did my Data Science training in Credo Systemz. I really thank my trainer for his involvement in my Data Science training. His way of teaching is really awesome. I never saw such quality teaching and placements were so fast. Thanks a lot, Credo Systemz for your support. I like to refer credo systemz as the best Data Science training institute in Chennai.

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