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Python training in Chennai conducted by Credo Systemz helps you to get an extensive knowledge of Python programming language. Python training by Credo Systemz is an instructor-led training conducted in Chennai premises.Python course content designed by us is unique which helps you start learning Python from basics to advanced Python concepts. Which makes us to Best Python Training Institute in Chennai, Velachery.

Python language is a popular language, it stands out to be one of our premier courses for Credo Systemz. Our consultants are high-skilled with Python programming and they ensure that training conducted is more practical oriented and at the end of the course participants will be still able to develop projects individually. Credo Systemz ensures the best python training experience during the course of your training program.

According to the TIOBE index, Python is one of the most popular programming languages in the world

What is Python?

Python is an Object oriented, high level and multi purpose language. Python is very easy to learn and can be interpreted to more number of Operating Systems including Unix based systems. Python makes debugging easily because there are no compilation steps in Python development and edit-test-debug cycle is very fast.

Phython Training in Chennai

The power of Python

The power of Python is exploited in the development of popular web applications like Youtube, Dropbox & BitTorrent. No wonder that even NASA has used it in space shuttle mission design & in discovery of ‘Higgs-boson’ particles (GOD particles). The rich set of modules available in the language made the top security agency NSA use Python for cryptography. Not to mention that giants like Disney, Sony Dreamworks have used it in game & movie development. Nowadays, given the data is becoming “BIG”, programmers resort to Python for web scraping/Sentiment analysis. Think of ‘Big Data’, the first technology that comes to a programmer’s mind in processing that (ETL & data mining) is Python.


Section 1: Introduction

  • What’s python?
  • Why do people use python?
  • Some quotable quotes
  • A python history lesson
  • Advocacy news
  • What’s python good for?
  • What’s python not good for?
  • The compulsory features list
  • Python portability
  • On apples and oranges
  • Summary: why python?

Section 2: Using the Interpreter

  • How Python Runs Programs
  • How You Run Programs
  • Configuration Details
  • Module Files: A First Look
  • The Idle Interface
  • Other Python Ides
  • Time To Start Coding
  • Lab Session 1

Section 3: Types and Operators

  • A First Pass
  • The ‘Big Picture’
  • Numbers
  • Dynamic Typing Interlude
  • Strings
  • Lists
  • Dictionaries
  • Tuples
  • General Object Properties
  • Summary: Python’s Type Hierarchies
  • Built-In Type Gotchas
  • Lab Session 2

Section 4: Basic Statements

  • General Syntax Concepts
  • Expressions
  • Print
  • If Selections
  • Python Syntax Rules
  • Documentation Sources Interlude
  • Truth Tests
  • While Loops
  • Break, Continue, Pass, And The Loop Else
  • For Loops
  • Comprehensions And Iterations
  • Loop Coding Techniques
  • Comprehensive Loop Examples
  • Basic Coding Gotchas
  • Preview: Program Unit Statements
  • Lab Session 3

Section 5: Functions

  • Function Basics
  • Scope Rules In Functions
  • More On “Global” (And “Nonlocal”)
  • More On “Return”
  • More On Argument Passing
  • Special Argument Matching Modes
  • Odds And Ends
  • Generator Expressions And Functions
  • Function Design Concepts
  • Functions Are Objects: Indirect Calls
  • Function Gotchas
  • Optional Case Study: Set Functions
  • Lab Session 4

Section 6: Modules

  • Module Basics
  • Module Files Are A Namespace
  • Name Qualification
  • Import Variants
  • Reloading Modules
  • Package Imports
  • Odds And Ends
  • Module Design Concepts
  • Modules Are Objects: Metaprograms
  • Module Gotchas
  • Optional Case Study: A Shared Stack Module
  • Lab Session 5

Section 7: Classes

  • Oop: The Big Picture
  • Class Basics
  • A More Realistic Example
  • Using The Class Statement
  • Using Class Methods
  • Customization Via Inheritance
  • Specializing Inherited Methods
  • Operator Overloading In Classes
  • Namespace Rules: The Whole Story
  • Oop Examples: Inheritance And Composition
  • Classes And Methods Are Objects
  • Odds And Ends
  • New Style Classes
  • Class Gotchas
  • Optional Case Study: A Set Class
  • Summary: Oop In Python
  • Lab Session 6

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Section 8: Exceptions

  • Exception Basics
  • First Examples
  • Exception Idioms
  • Exception Catching Modes
  • Class Exceptions
  • Exception Gotchas
  • Lab Session 7

Section 9: Built-in Tools Overview

  • The Secret Handshake
  • Debugging Options
  • Inspecting Name-Spaces
  • Dynamic Coding Tools
  • Timing And Profiling Python Programs
  • File Types And Packaging Options
  • Development Tools For Larger Projects
  • Summary: Python Tool-Set Layers
  • Lab Session 7 Continued

Section 10: System Interfaces

  • System Modules Overview
  • Running Shell Commands
  • Arguments, Streams, Shell Variables
  • File Tools
  • Directory Tools
  • Forking Processes
  • Thread Modules And Queues
  • The Subprocess And Multiprocessing Modules
  • Ipc Tools: Pipes, Sockets, Signals
  • Fork Versis Spawnv
  • Larger Examples
  • Lab Session 8

Section 11: GUI Programming

  • Python Gui Options
  • The Tkinter ‘Hello World’ Program
  • Adding Buttons, Frames, And Callbacks
  • Getting Input From A User
  • Assorted Tkinter Details
  • Building Guis By Subclassing Frames
  • Reusing Guis By Subclassing And Attaching
  • Advanced Widgets: Images, Grids, And More
  • Larger Examples
  • Tkinter Odds And Ends
  • Lab Session 8 Continued

 Section 12: Databases and Persistence

  • Databases and Persistence
  • Object Persistence: Shelves
  • Storing Class Instances
  • Pickling Objects Without Shelves
  •  Using Simple Dbm Files
  • Shelve Gotchas
  • Zodb Object-Oriented Database
  • Python Sql Database Api
  • Persistence Odds And Ends
  •  Lab Session 9

 Section 13: Text Processing

  • String Objects: Review
  • Splitting And Joining Strings
  • Regular Expressions
  • Parsing Languages
  • Regular Expressions
  • Lab Session 10

Section 14: Internet Scripting

  • Using Sockets In Python
  • The Ftp Module
  • Email Processing
  • Other Client-Side Tools
  • Building Web Sites With Python
  • Writing Server-Side Cgi Scripts
  • Jython: Python For Java Systems
  • Active Scripting And Com
  • Other Internet-Related Tools
  • Lab Session 10

Section 15: Advanced Topics

  • Unicode Text And Binary Data
  • Managed Attributes
  • Decorators
  • Metaclasses
  • Context Managers
  • Python 3.X Changes
  • Lab Session 13

Laboratory Exercises

  • Lab 1: Using The Interpreter
  • Lab 2: Types And Operators
  • Lab 3: Basic Statements
  • Lab 4: Functions
  • Lab 5: Modules
  • Lab 6: Classes
  • Lab 7: Exceptions And Built-In Tools
  • Lab 8: System Interfaces And Guis
  • Lab 9: Persistence
  • Lab 10: Text Processing And The Internet
  • Lab 11: Decorators And Metaclasses

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Python for Data Science

  • NumPy
  • NumPy Arrays
  • Basic statistics with NumPy
  • Graphical data analysis with Python
  • Cumulative distribution function
  • Plotting data with Python
  • Plotting histogram with Python
  • Data Analysis and Statistical thinking in Python
  • Scrapping the web
  • HTTP Request for importing files and flat files from the web
  • Importing data in python
  • Importing flat files using pandas
  • Importing flat files using NumPy
  • Importance of flat files in data science
  • Python Data Science ToolBox
  • Customizing plots with Matplotlib
  • Histogram with Matplotlib
  • Basics plots with Matplotlib

Python for Machine Learning

  • Introduction to Machine learning
  • Setting up Scikitlearn and Ipython notebook
  • Getting started in Scikit-learn with famous iris dataset
  • Machine learning model with Scikit-learn
  • Comparing machine learning model with Scikit-learn
  • Pandas vs Seaborn vs Scikitlearn
  • Choosing the best model in Scikitlearn using cross validation
  • Evaluate a classifier in Scikitlearn
  • Text in scikitlearn

Python with AWS

  • Introduction – Python with AWS
  • Getting Configured
  • AWS CLI Tool and Boto3
  • Scripting Ec2
    1. Creating Instance
    2. List an Instance
    3. Terminating Instance
  • Scripting S3
    1. List Buckets
    2. Inserting Files into Buckets
    3. Delete Bucket contents
    4. Delete Buckets
  • Scripting RDS
    1. List DB Instances
    2. Creating DB Instance
    3. Delete a DB Instance



  • Introduction to Django
  • What is Django?
  • Django and Python
  • Django’s take on MVC: Model, View and Controller
  • DRY programming: Don’t Repeat Yourself
  • How to get and install Django?


  • Core Files
  • Database persistence
  • Managing Django admin tool and users
  • Installing the features of Django


  • URL scheme
  • Generic Views


  • Form classes
  • Validation
  • Authentication
  • Advanced Forms processing techniques

Section 5: REST APIs

  • REST framework
  • Piston


  • Using Python’s unittest2 library
  • Test
  • Test Databases
  • Doctests

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Most Popular websites using Python

The Python Developer Proudly say that the following Most Popular Websites using Python Language.

  • Google
  • Youtube
  • DropBox
  • Quora
  • Reddit
  • Yahoo Maps

History of Python

BBC’s ‘Monty Python’, a comedy series, released during the late 1960s was a huge hit. The Python programming language, released in early 1990’s, eponymous of the comedy series, turned to be a huge hit too, in the software fraternity. Reasons for the hit-run into a long list – be it the dynamic typing, or cross-platform portability, enforced readability of code, or its ability to take the shape of a scripting or a programming language or a faster development turnaround.

Learning Python is quite a fun

Thanks to its interactive console, even a person who is getting his feet wet with programming can quickly learn the concepts.
Possessing the features of both the scripting language like TCL, Perl, Scheme & a systems programming language like C++, C, Java, Python is easy to run & code.
Show a Java program and a Python script to a novice programmer – he definitely finds Python code more readable. The Python script is first converted to platform-independent bytecode making Python a cross-platform one. You don’t need to compile & run unlike C, C++ thus making the life of software developer easier.

OOP in Python

The OOP features such as inheritance, polymorphism and encapsulation support reusability as well. However, OOP is an option in Python. You can still write a simple script to calculate the complex Dijkstra’s algorithm for mathematical computation without using OOP. But, if you check the PyPI (Python Package Index) list of available modules, even the Djikstra’s algorithm is available as a module you can plug & play. Such is the comprehensiveness of the modules index.

Databases in Python

Python can interact with all databases including SQL databases such as Sybase, Oracle, MySQL and NoSQL databases such as MongoDB, CouchDB. In fact, the ‘dictionary’ data structure that Python supports is the ideal one for interacting with NoSQL database such as MongoDB which processes documents as a key-value pair. Web frameworks written in Python such as Flask, Django facilitates faster web application building & deployment. It is also employed to process unstructured data or ‘BIG DATA’ & business analytics. Notable to mention are Web scraping/Sentiment analysis, data science, text mining. It is also used with R language in statistical modelling given the nice visualization libraries it supports, such as Seaborn, Bokeh and Pygal. If you’re used to working with Excel, learn how to get the most out of Python’s higher level data structures to enable super-efficient data manipulation and analysis.

Importance of Python

Companies of all sizes and in all areas — from the biggest investment banks to the smallest social/mobile web app startups — are using Python to run their business and manage their data, especially because of its OSI-approved open source license and the fact that it can be used for free. Python is not an option anymore but rather a de facto standard for programmers & data scientists.

Queries You may have

What is the Python Course Duration ?

Our Best Python Course Duration is 40 to 50 hours. In this duration, we will give you more python programming examples. You will get various levels of Python assessments. You have to work on a real time Python Project.

After the Python Course Completion, What is My Level ?

After completion of your Python Training, You can develop any levels of Python projects professionally.

What About Placements Assistance ?

We give 100% placement assistance to you for your best career. The middle stage of your Python training conduct mock interviews. In the Mock Interviews, We will figure outs your Technical competence and where you need to Improve. So after the mock interview surely increase your technical skill and interview confident level

Will you help me for Interviews ?

In the middle of your Python training, we conduct three mock interviews. In the Mock Interviews, We will figure outs your Technical competence and where you need to Improve. So after the mock interview surely increase your technical skill and interview confident level. Also we will help you for Resume preparation and Interview presence.

Sample Resume formats for All different Technologies.

Is there any prerequisites to start learning Python ?

There are no prerequisites to start learning Python. The only prerequisite is your Interest. Python is very easy to learn.

Is there any certification available for Python?

Yes, Pearsonvue offers Python certification examination as associate and professional level. You can easily clear the Python certification exam once you have completed Credo Systemz Python training program.

Credo Systemz is also a test center for Pearsonvue, so you schedule your examination in our premises itself. For more details please contact our admin team. (+91-9884412301)

What are the other courses you offer with Python?

Credo Systemz offers the latest trending technologies with Python Programming, They are as follows,

  • Web Application Development with DJANGO Framework
  • Python with Data Science Training
  • Python with Machine Learning Training
  • Python with Amazon Web Services(AWS) Training

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Top Factors which makes us the Best Python Training Institute in Chennai

  • Offering Python Training in Chennai on your flexible timings. In addition, Online Python Training.
  • Our Python course content designed in the manner of Practical and Job oriented, So beginners too easily learn Python.
  • You can start write code from 1st day of your Python Class.
  • We are offering free placements until you get a job.
  • Our Python Course instructor have done Python course certification, so he will guide you in a best way.
  • Offering Job based and Real time practical oriented Python Training in Chennai, It will be helps you to understand with real time examples.
  • Inaddition You are going to learn Python course from the BEST Python Training Institute in Chennai.
  • Offering Professional Python Training in Chennai from Industry Expert trainers same as you become a Professional Python Developer.
  • Offering Professional Python Training in Chennai from Industry Expert trainers same as you become a Professional Python Developer.
  • Ranked as Best Python Training in Velachery, Chennai with More than 100 reviews across the Internet.
  • Nowadays College students have Python course in their syllabus, based on that we offer python course for freshers in chennai

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Best Python Training in Velachery

Hi, I’m Meghna Jadhav from Banglore joined in Credo systemz for Python Training. I came to know credo systemz through Facebook, from where I found a Python article which is really impressed me a lot and I go through their course content it was expertly made. Then I booked a Free demo session and also joined in the next batch in itself. The training was excellent with real-time examples. Python Training session was very interactive which help us to learn the concepts clearly. Surely I would suggest the Credo to my friends too. Thanks to Credo systemz.

Meghna Jadhav

Professional Python Training

Hi, This is Ram, I came to know about credo systemz through my friend. He already did Python course here and he referred me. Once I came to demo itself I was impressed. I was sat in a live Python class and my trainer cleared all my queries. I have done many python assessments here, Now I'm very confident about my python knowledge. Also they conducted 3 mock interview, it's very much help to increase my confidence level. Credo Systemz is the Best Python Training Institute in Chennai. I will refer my friends also.

Junior Software Developer / TheTicTech

Python Training Institute in Chennai

I have done Python Training in Chennai @ Credo Systemz. My trainer having excellent knowledge about Python.They provide amazing lab facility for work the programs. We were all given personal systems and trainers would help us on any small doubts. The batch are with flexible timings for all. The teaching was in depth and way of teaching different from other places. Overall Credo Systemz is good place to start our career. .....


Very well balanced and professionally delivered

I joined in CREDO SYSTEMZ to learn Python. Trainer Iyyappan is having Vast knowledge in Python. He is very cool and good in explaining the concepts.I have gained a clear and in-depth knowledge on the Python.Thank you CREDO SYSTEMZ and Mr.Iyyappan


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