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We at Credo Systemz provide the ultimate OpenNebula training in Chennai for candidates all over India through classroom and online training programs. The OpenNebula course at our premises is framed to assist an individual to enter into the IT field as an OpenNebula cloud developer.

Join our OpenNebula training institute in Chennai to learn the simple but feature rich technology from experts. The peculiar hands-on approach from our trainers will make you a professional in handling the important features of OpenNebula.

About OpenNebula Course

What is OpenNebula?

OpenNebula is free open source software for cloud computing. It mainly focuses on the Datacenter virtualization and Cloud Infrastructure to build the private, public and hybrid implementation of infrastructure as a service. It organizes the network, storage, virtualization, monitoring, and security to deploy multi-tier services. The toolkit has features for management, integration, scalability, accounting, and security. The OpenNebula course content below starts from scratch and includes all the latest update to learn the technology easily.

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Section 1 : OpenNebula Overview

  • Introdution to OpenNebula
  • Install and Configure the file
  • Creating a KVM Virtual Machine
  • How to Launch a Virtual Machine

Section 2 : Introduction to Distributed systems

  • Infrastracture as a Service
  • The OpenNebula Model
  • Storage for the Private Cloud
  • Networking for the Private Cloud
  • Virtual Networks

Section 3 : Remote Procedure call

  • Introduction to RPC Programming
  • Implementing Remote Procedure call
  • Transaction on computer systems

Section 4 : Remote Method Invocation

  • What is Remote Method Invocation?
  • Implementation of RMI
  • Defining a server class
  • Accessing remote objects

Section 5 : Message and Stream Oriented communication

  • Explain the Message Oriented communication
  • Explain the Stream Oreinted communication
  • Difference between Message and Stream Oriented protocols

Section 6 : Processes and Threads

  • Understanding Process and Threads
  • Threads Vs Process
  • Dispatching

Section 7 : Code Migration and Distributed Scheduling

  • How does code migration occur?
  • Sender and Reciever Initiated
  • Understanding the Symmetric

Section 8 : Synchronization

  • What is Synchronization?
  • Implementation of Synchronization
  • Data synchronization
  • Data security
  • Performance

Section 9 : Distributed mutual exclusion and Deadlock

  • Introduction to Distributed mutual exclusion
  • Types of Mutual exclusion
  • A Distributed algorithm for Mutual Exclusion
  • Deadlock in Distribute systems

Section 10 : Distributed Transaction

  • What does Distributed Transaction?
  • Types of operation in Distributed Transaction
  • DTC’s two phase commit algorithm

Section 11 : Consistency models

  • Introduction to Consistency models
  • Data Centric Consistency models
  • Client Centric Consistency models

Scetion 12 : Distributed commit and failure recovery

  • Two phase commit protocol in distributed systems
  • Explain the Concurrency problems
  • Understand the Concurrency controls

Section 13 : Security in distributed systems

  • Introduction to Security
  • Secure channels
  • Access controls
  • Security Management

Section 14 : Security – Authentication

  • What is Authentication?
  • Web client and Sunstone server
  • Sunstone server and OpenNebula core
  • Configure a SSL Proxy

Section 15 : Distributed middleware : CORBA

  • Introduction to CORBA
  • Designing CORBA Systems
  • Implementing CORBA Applications

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Real time Practical Oriented OpenNebula Training  
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I am lucky to complete my OpenNebula training in this institute, Professional training program handled by experienced trainers. Live project approach is one of the best things here. I recommend this as the best institute to learn OpenNebula

OpenNebula training in Chennai  
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Myself Rahul having 2 years of experience as a system administrator, I joined OpenNebula training in Chennai at Credo Systemz. I joined here because of their course content which covers all the latest concepts from basics. The OpenNebula session handled with real time projects which make every topic easy to understand. I will rank this as the best OpenNebula training institute in Chennai.


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