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JavaScript Training in Chennai at Credo Systemz providing Basic to Advanced concepts in JavaScript. Nowadays most of the web application frameworks come in JavaScript. If you are planning to learn any JS frameworks, you have to plan for get strong foundation in JavaScript. Credo Systemz is the Best JavaScript Training Institute in Chennai, Velachery. Our JavaScript course content designed in the way of anyone can easily understand all the concepts of JavaScript.

About JavaScript Course

What is JavaScript?

JavaScript is Client-side Scripting Language. JS is light weight and cross-platform. By using JavaScript we can do greater things on web pages. Mostly JavaScript used in front-end applications, except Node js. Nowadays most of the front-end frameworks are developed by using JavaScript. JavaScript can render web pages in efficient ways. Also, JavaScript offering Client-side Storage. JavaScript can establish server-side connections.

Most famous JavaScript Frameworks

There are many JavaScript frameworks available in the market. Here is the most famous JavaScript Frameworks.

  1. AngularJS & Angular 2
  2. React JS
  3. Node JS
  4. Express JS
  5. Backbone.js
  6. EmberJS
  7. Polymer.js
  8. Vue.js
  9. Meteor.js
  10. Socket

If you are planning to learn any one of above frameworks, you should have sufficient knowledge in core JavaScript. Our JavaScript Course content meets all required knowledge to learn the above frameworks.

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Section 1: Introduction to Web Application

  • What is Web application?
  • Architecture of Web Application.
  • Difference between Scripting language and Programming language.
  • Where to write JavaScript?

Section 2: JavaScript Introduction

  • Introduction to Client Side Scripting
  • Introduction to JavaScript
  • Display methods in JavaScript
  • Variables in JavaScript
  • Rules to create variables in JS
  • What is varibale declaration and What is variable definition?
  • Variable Scopes
  • List of Data Types in JavaScript

Section 3: JS Events

  • What is Event in JS ?
  • Onload, Onunload, Onsubmit, OnFocus, Onchange Event, Onblur Event, Onmouseover, Onclick, Ondbclick Events, etc.,

Section 4: Functions in JavaScript

  • What is function?
  • How to define Functions in JS.
  • What are the functions available in JS?
  • Function Invocation Types.
  • How to pass Parameters in Function

Section 5: Inbuilt methods in JS

  • String inbuilt methods
  • Number and Math inbuilt methods
  • Array inbuilt methods

Section 6: JS Arrays

  • What is Array ?
  • How to retrieve Array Value ?
  • How to Manipulate (Add, Edit, Delete) Array Elements ?
  • Array Sort.

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Section 7: JS Objects

  • What is Object in JS ?
  • Object Structure in JS ?
  • Object Properties and Methods.
  • How to add New Properties and Methods in Existing Object ?
  • 3 Types of Object Creation in JS.

Section 8: Conditional and loops in JavaScript

  • Conditions Statements (If, If Else, Switch)
  • Java Script Loops (For Loop, While Loop, Do While Loop and for in loop)
  • JS Popup Boxes (Alert, Prompt, Confirm)


  • Client Side Form Validations.
  • Simple Calculator using Switch Case.

Section 9: HTML DOM Manipulation

  • DOM Introduction.
  • Methods of Finding HTML Elements.
  • Methods of Changing HTML Elements.
  • Methods of Add/Delete HTML Elements.
  • Event Listener Overview.


  • Slide Show using JavaScript.
  • Simple Animations Using JavaScript.

Section 10: Timer functions in JavaScript

  • What is timer function?
  • setTimeout() – overview
  • setInterval() – overview


  • Simple Animation by using setInterval method.
  • Timer by using setInterval and setTimeout

Section 11: JSON

  • What is JSON?
  • Purpose of the JSON
  • How to convert JS object into JSON object?
  • How to convert JSON object into JS object?
  • How to parse complex JSON Data Structure.

Section 12: AJAX

  • What is AJAX?
  • Synchronous vs Asynchronous
  • What is XMLHttpRequest Object?
  • What are the properties and methods available in XMLHttpRequest Object?
  • How to receive HTTP response?


  • Get movie details from IMDB by using AJAX call.


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