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AngularJS Training in Chennai with highly experienced Professionals. CREDO SYSTEMZ is the best place to learn AngularJS Training in Chennai. We are also Ranked No.1 AngularJS Training Institute in Chennai, Velachery according to the reviews across the Internet. AngularJS Training in Chennai offering at CREDO SYSTEMZ is purely job oriented with real-time projects.

CREDO SYSTEMZ providing Best AngularJS Training in Chennai with Free Placement Assistance. You can start to Develop Powerful and Rich Web applications from the day 1 of our Best AngularJS Training.

First of all Providing the BEST AngularJS Training to You, Let’s take a glance about AngularJS before going further about the training.

What is AngularJS ?

AngularJS is a JavaScript framework developed by Google. AngularJS is a Superheroic JavaScript MVC framework. AngularJS Application works as Single Page Applications (SPA) without reloading Entire page. It used HTML as a Template language and it extends existing HTML elements with attributes called Directives. Application data binds to HTML with Expressions.

AngularJS is a powerful Front end MVC framework for create Rich Internet Applications.

The Amazing feature of AngularJS is a Two way Data Binding, Since None of other web based languages support it.


Section 1: Introduction

  • What is AngularJS ?
  • History of AngularJS ?
  • Features and benefits of AngularJS.
  • Concepts of MVC Architecture.
  • Difference between AngularJS and Jquery.

Section 2: Structure of AngularJS

  • Overview of Library Files.
  • Configuring the Library Files.
  • Bootstrapping the Web Apps by using ng-app.
  • Extending HTML DOM with additional attributes.
  • Creating Controllers.

Section 3: Main Blocks of AngularJS

  • Understanding $scope.
  • Attaching $scope with Controller.
  • Exploring Controller properties and methods.
  • Overview of Directives.
  • Overview of Services.

Section 4: Construction an Interactive User Interface

  • Understanding One way and Two way Data Binding.
  • Attaching Directives to the HTML.
  • Implementing AngularJs expressions in HTML.
  • Repeat the data using ng-repeat.
  • Overview of Filters.
  • Applying Filters in results.

Section 5: Integrating Forms with AngularJS

  • Attaching forms and their elements with Controller.
  • Binding Form Elements to the Controller.
  • Understanding List of AngularJS form Expressions.
  • Exploring different types of Form Validations.
  • Styling with Angular CSS classes.

Section 6: Dependency Injection

  • Overview of Dependency Injection.
  • Dependency Annotation.
  • Overview of Module.

Section 7: Building Blocks of AngularJS

  • Overview of the Following Directives.
  • Routing
  • Services.
  • Factory.
  • Providers.
  • Constants and Values
  • Creating Custom Directives, Filters, Services, Providers and Factories.

Section 8: Routing

  • Dividing templates into multiple views.
  • Implementing Route Provider.
  • Attaching ng-view in templates.
  • Mapping URLs to the templates.

Section 9: $http communication service and JSON

  • Exploring CURD operations with $http service.
  • List of $http methods.
  • Sending/Receiving JSON data to/from the Web Service.
  • Converting JSON data into JavaScript Objects.

Section 10: List of AngularJS inbuilt Functions.

  • JSON Properties and Methods
  • angular.copy
  • angular.equals
  • angular.fromJson
  • angular.toJson and more

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Why AngularJS?

“Write Less and Do More”

Standardize the web application structure and also provides a future template.

  • No need to learn another scripting language. Hence It’s just pure JavaScript and HTML.
  • Furthermore Easy to use and Get Started in few Minutes.
  • Supports MVC completely because of its structure.
  • Also A declarative user interface.
  • In addition, Behavior with extending simple HTML DOM.

Queries You may have

Should we know JavaScript Basics before learning AngularJS?

AngularJS is written in JavaScript and when you are writing code for AngularJS You will be writing JavaScript. So it’s essential to know JavaScript before learning AngularJs.

If you dont have Suffcient knowledge in JavaScript, Don’t worry, our AngularJs Training course will kick start from JavaScript.

How hard to learn AngularJS?

Basic knowledge of HTML, CSS and good knowledge of JavaScript can be very helpful if you really want to learn AngularJS.
In 30 to 40 Hours of course duration, you become a AngularJS Developer.

Does Your course cover PHP & MySQL?

When you start write AngularJS code for Dynamic web applications, You should have basic knowledge of PHP & MYSQL.
So we will cover the basics of PHP and MySql with a part of Your AngularJS Course Training.

After the AngularJS Course Completion, What is My Level?

You will have your own AngularJS Project!
Yes, You can start write AngularJS code from the day one. In the middle of the course, we will provide you a HTML Template and you have to develop the project in AngularJS. So at the end of the course, you will have your own AngularJS Application.
It will Increase your Confident Level.

Will you Help Me for Interviews?

After the course completion, We will conduct Three Mock Interviews. In the Three Interviews, We will figure outs Your Technical competence and where to Improve etc. So after the Mock Interviews, You will have a clear vision and It will helps you for Placements.

Top Factors which makes us the BEST AngularJS Training Institute in Chennai

  • Providing AngularJS Training in Chennai on both Weekends and Weekdays. In addition Online Training.
  • We provide free placement assistance because we care about your career.
  • Flexible session timings, So you can choose your Best time to learn AngularJS Training in Chennai.
  • Well Experienced Trainers ( MNC Employees), as a result, you can learn Latest AngularJS Topics.
  • Job based and Practical Oriented AngularJS Training in Chennai, therefore easy for your placement.
  • Furthermore BEST Software Training institute in providing AngularJS Training with placement assistance.
  • Our value is the attention each student receives from us while learning the AngularJs Course.
  • Professional AngularJS Training in Chennai from Expert trainers same as you become an AngularJs Professional.
  • Special offers available, Especially for both Freshers and Students, So the Training Cost is affordable.
  • Our AngularJS Tutorials are best one for Developers and also for Beginners.
  • We are frequently updating AngularJS Interview Questions, important topics and challenging tasks in our Tutorial
  • Best AngularJS Training in Chennai with Real Time Projects rather than theory Oriented.
  • Furthermore Hands-on sessions with real time projects in Angularjs 2 Training in Chennai.
  • Ranked the BEST AngularJS Training Institute in Chennai Velachery as much as all positive Reviews.
  • Interactive practical oriented AngularJS Training in Chennai since from the first class.
  • AngularJS Corporate training program for employees, In addition we conducted many AngularJS Workshops.
  • Credo Systemz is the Best AngularJS training center in Chennai.
  • Online AngularJS Training also available. We gives more examples and exercises.
  • Further Our AngularJS Course syllabus is standard and latest.
  • We arrange Mock Interviews after completed the training, So you are good in AngularJS Interview Questions.
  • BEST reviews across the Internet for our Software Training Institute.
  • Providing AngularJS Course in chennai with Certification. Finally you got the Best Angularjs Training Institute.

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Worthy AngularJS Training from Best Training institute in Chennai

I Joined for web programming a month back. The topics they covered are HTML5, Javascript, Ajax, JSON, Angularjs and Bootstrap in 45 hours.
All these topics are learnt by instructor with practical experience by instructor - Gopi Krishnan.
The instructor has
1. In depth knowledge in web programming with industry experience.
2. Good presentation skills so that peoples without programming experience also catch well.
3. Very flexible and cooperative.
4. He has matured attitude and patience irrespective of any circumstance.
5. He is good instructor and quick learner.

Frontend Developer / Polaris

Best Institute for learn AngularJS

This is Amsalakshmi, I have 5 years of experience in web development. My ambition is get place in MNCs but the problem is most of MNCs don't have vacancies for PHP. So i decided to switch the domain and I came to know that AngularJS has huge openings. I googled for best angularjs training and found Credo Systemz. Then I explored course content and reviews about Credo Systemz and decided to attend Demo session and I'm very much impressive and joined the course.The course starts from HTML5 and covered all the things. Middle of the course they provided a html template and I worked in Real time project. My Trainer Mr.Gopi really helped me for complete the project. Class fully practical oriented and at the end of the course my confidence level increased a lot. I Highly recommend Credo Systemz.


Best AngularJS Training - CredoSystemz

Hi I'm Basha and I completed the angularjs training and core java at this institute in velachery. Consultants are more interactive with more practical sessions and also giving clarification by spending more time with us. I have shifted to Angularjs project in my organisation now and really it is useful now in my job. Much appreciated trainer gopi and the training community Credo. Keep rocking


Best Training and Fully Satisfied!!

Hi This is Varun, I Recently completed my AngularJS Training in this Institute, I'm 100% satisfied with the training, the course content was recently updated one which covers all the latest updates, the session were very interactive and my trainer provided many practical sessions which makes it easier to learn. Over all I like to thank Credo Systemz.


Great Learning Experience

AngularJs Training by Gopi is excellent. Worth joining at CREDO SYSTEMZ.I got information about CREDO SYSTEMZ through internet only I read the reviews about other and decide to go there I felt different with their way of teaching and they are professionals some other training centres only tech you the tools how to use it but they never teach the concepts why we are using that particular things so I satisfied with their coaching. After that I have completed the Angular Js training with the help of consultant Gopi. He guides me lot in the interview point of view and real-time scenario’s - Muthu

Practical Oriented Training

Hi, This is Rathika, Working in CMMI Level 3 company and i’m in to Web Development(PHP). I thought of improve my skills related to new technologies and looking for career change. So I had took ANGULAR JS Training at CREDO SYSTEMZ. Actually Speaking , the course was really awesome and the training method provided by the Trainer GOPI was excellent. He gave me more assignment to practice well. This is really helpful for me now to attend the interview. Once again Thanks Gopi & CREDO SYSTEMZ.

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