From Profile to Paycheck: How to Use LinkedIn to Get Your First IT Job


To start your successful IT career path, LinkedIn is the first and best instinct in every aspirant’s mind. Why LinkedIn? It is the world’s largest professional networking platform that consists of 1 billion members. LinkedIn is the best professional platform across 200+ countries. Let’s understand the right strategies for the effective usage of your LinkedIn profile to grab your first IT job.

Step-by-step guide to leverage LinkedIn for job search

Set up your LinkedIn profile

The primary process in job search involves setting up the LinkedIn profile effectively. The main goal is to set the LinkedIn profile professionally. Structure it perfectly to know about you and your career goals! As the number of recruiters increases in LinkedIn, the important ways to enhance your LinkedIn profile are:

  • Live, Expert-led Training
  • Frame your headline with the information about your profession, area of expertise and dream job
  • To attract people, Add a professional photograph and context information about you.
  • Write a summary about your story about skillset. It is the opportunity for the recruiters to know about you.
  • Based on your interested role, highlight the skills related to it. Specify various skills like problem solving, coding and communication in your LinkedIn page.
  • State the information about your certifications, projects and Published articles.
  • Get recommendations to catch the attention of hiring managers. It adds credibility to your profile.

Start your job hunt

Active the LinkedIn feature – #OpenToWork to show your availability on the job market. Draft a list of companies you dream to work for and follow them on LinkedIn. It helps you to track the company updates and recruitment information. Apply for the jobs based on the details in the company’s profile. By monitoring the company profiles, Get the latest information about the company. It is the best way to perform well for company related questions in the interview process.

Build Your Network

Connect with professionals in the IT industry. It will provide you the information about company insights. Join LinkedIn groups related to IT and IT skills. Participate in discussions, information exchange to demonstrate your expertise in the latest technologies. Make use of the LinkedIn platform to search and connect with HR or managers to work in the role you are aiming for. Send invitations using catchy dialogue.

Stay active with tech content

To show your visibility on the platform, start posting tech content such as articles, videos or updates. It is an effective way to catch the attention of employers. Publish or share content related to your area of ​​expertise using relevant hashtags. Stick to tech content always. Engage liking, commenting and sharing other users’ content to increase your credibility.

Follow Up for career advancement

Stay connected with the contacts on LinkedIn. Engage in technical content writing, sharing and updates on job search journey. After interviews and networking events, send personalized thank-you messages. It is the right way to update your career path for the long run.


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