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  • Best MSBI Training in Chennai

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  • Best MSBI Training in Chennai


  • Best MSBI Training in Chennai

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To expertise in MSBI, Join Credo Systemz MSBI Training in Chennai. This Microsoft Business Intelligence Course in Chennai assists in acquiring the Professional skills of MSBI with industrial trainers. Gain proficiency in the MSBI suite using Practical Training in our MSBI course in Chennai.

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  • What is CSS?
  • Understanding the CSS Syntax.
  • CSS Selectors.
  • How To Add CSS in HTML.
  • Cascading Order.
  • CSS Colors.
  • CSS Backgrounds.
  • CSS Borders
  • CSS Margins
  • CSS Padding
  • CSS Height and Width
  • CSS Text, Fonts, Links, Tables
  • CSS – Float and Clear
  • The display: inline-block Value

  • What is Bootstrap?
  • Get Start with Bootstrap
  • Containers
  • Grid System
  • Structure of a Bootstrap Grid
  • Bootstrap Colors
  • Bootstrap Tables
  • Bootstrap Jumbotron
  • Bootstrap Alerts
  • Bootstrap Buttons
  • Bootstrap Navs
  • Define Navigation Bars
  • Bootstrap Forms
  • Bootstrap Modal

Chapter 1: Introduction – Javascript

  • Client Side Scripting
  • Define JavaScript
  • Variables in JavaScript
  • Rules to create variables in JS
  • What is varibale declaration & definition?
  • Define Variable Scopes
  • List of Data Types in JavaScript

Chapter 2: Introduction – JS Events,

  • What are Event in JS?
  • Onload, Onunload, Onsubmit, OnFocus, Onchange Event, Onblur Event, Onmouseover, Onclick, Ondbclick Events, etc.,

Chapter 3: JavaScript Functions

  • About Function
  • Define Functions in JS
  • What are the functions available in JS?
  • Define Function Invocation Types
  • How to pass Arguments & Parameters in Function?
    • Chapter 4: Explain about Inbuilt methods in JS

      • Explain String inbuilt methods
      • Explain Number and Math inbuilt methods
      • Explain Array inbuilt methods

      Chapter 5: Arrays in JavaScript

      • Array’s Overview
      • How to Manipulate (Add, Edit, Delete) Array Elements ?
      • Define Array Sort

      Chapter 6: Objects in JavaScript

      • JS Object – Overview.
      • Object Structure in JS.
      • What are Object Properties and Methods.
      • How to add New Properties and Methods in Existing Object ?
      • Object Creation ways in JS

      Chapter 7: Conditional and loops in JavaScript

      • Conditions Statements (If, If Else, Switch)
      • JavaScript Loops (For Loop, While Loop, Do While Loop and for in loop)

      Chapter 8: HTML DOM Manipulation

      • Introduction – DOM
      • Methods of Finding HTML Elements.
      • Methods of Finding HTML Elements.
      • Methods of Changing HTML Elements.
      • Methods of Add/Delete HTML Elements.
      • Event Listener Overview.

Chapter 1: TypeScript Introduction

  • Define TypeScript
  • What are the Features of TypeScript?
  • How to compile TypeScript into JS?
  • Define Transpilation

Chapter 2: TypeScript Environment Setups

  • Install TypeScript Engine in Node.
  • Execute the 1stTypeScript code.
  • Define watcher
  • Introduction of ts-node NPM.

Chapter 3: Variables in TS

  • Difference between Static & Dynamic type checking.
  • How to Declare & Define Variables in TS?
  • What is any in TS?
  • What is the Difference between let & var?
  • Template string introduction.

Chapter 4: Datatypes in TS

  • Brief Introduction of below types,
    – String
    – Number
    – Boolean
    – Array
    – Object
    – Any
    – Void

Chapter 5: Different Types of Parameters in TS

  • Difference between JS parameter & TS Parameter.
  • Let vs var vs const
  • Passing Parameters to the functions.
  • How to pass optional parameter?
  • Define Default Parameter
  • How to use default parameter before required parameter?
  • Rest Parameter overview.

Chapter 6: Features in TS

  • Define Arrow functions.
  • Where to use Arrow functions?
  • Destructing an Array.
  • Destructing and Object.

Chapter 7: OOPS in TypeScript

  • Class
  • Class definition
  • WHat is meant by Object?
  • How to Create Object?
  • Brief introduction about,
    – Property
    – Method
    – Constructor
  • What is Inheritance?
  • Different types of Inheritance in TS. ?
  • Define Access modifiers in TS.
  • Define Readonly in TS.
  • Define Static Property & Methods in TS.
  • Interface in TypeScript.

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