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Android Training in Chennai provided by Credo Systemz is entirely hands-on and practical training. Credo Systemz is the Right choice to learn Android Training in Chennai. Our Android training course content is designed with the consideration of current industry Job requirements to provide in-depth knowledge on Android App development training in Chennai. Our Trainer is having extensive knowledge in Android development with more than 10+ years of experience in IT industry to deliver effective Android App development Training in Velachery Chennai for beginners and experienced professionals.

About Android Course

What is Android ?

Android is a most popular mobile operating system developed by Google. A mobile platform which consists of Linux kernel, middleware and some key applications which is available for devices like tablets, smartphones and more. It is an open source that means anyone can customize and modify the operating system. Using Java language to write the code and able to run the multiple apps at the same time. Till now, No other software replace the Android platform, it is a powerful mobile operating system in the world.

Why Learn Android ?
  • Android operating system is its feature of being open source
  • Android App Development market is booming creating numerous job opportunities for you!
  • Android holds 82.8% of all smartphones operating system market share.
  • Penetration on Different devices
  • Android developers are highly in demand, lucrative pay checks starting with 4-5 lacs p.a. with very reputed organizations.
Benefits of Android

android benefits

Who can join this Android Training Program?

Our Android course is designed by expert Android app developers which start from complete basics,

  • College students
  • Fresher
  • Java Developers
  • Experienced Professionals
  • Individuals interested to develop their own app

Key Features

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Industrial Experts


100% Placement

Expert Support

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Section1: Introduction

  • Android – What it is?
  • History of Android
  • Importance of Java language for Android Apps
  • Other mobile OS-es
  • Android Versions & different development tools

Section2: Java Fundamentals

  • OOPS basics
  • Classes & Objects
  • Components of a Class
  • Structure of a Class & Java File
  • Inheritance
  • Interfaces
  • Polymorphism
  • Overloading
  • Overriding

Real-time Practicals
Implementation of Inheritance with objects, methods.
Implementing Interface in a simple java class.
To create java class with polymorphism.

Section3: Significance of Android Project Structure

  • Source Folder
  • Generated Folder
  • Assets folder
  • Resources folder
  • Android Manifest XML
  • Gradle file, SDK versions
  • Android Flavours

Real-time Practicals
Experience with android studio initial setup, creating new project, folder structure and manifest.

Section4: Android Views & Widgets

  • Button View
  • EditText View
  • TextView View
  • Image View
  • Spinner

Section5: Android Layouts

  • Layout XML files
  • Absolute Layout
  • Constraint Layout
  • Relative Layout
  • Linear Layout
  • Frame Layout
  • Tab Layout
  • Table Layout
  • List Layout (List View)

Real-time Practicals
Design a template with the use of Layouts and views.

Section6: Android Activity

  • Activities & Fragments
  • Activity Life Cycle
  • Activity – How to create your activity

Real-time Practicals
To create first activity that follows the activity life cycle.
To create an activity with multiple fragments.

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Section7: Intent & Intent Filters

  • Intents – How and When to use them
  • Intent Objects – Action, Data & Category
  • Intent Filters – Matching Rules / Tests
  • Explicit Intent & Implicit Intent

Real-time Practicals
To experience with the explicit intents.
To create more than one activity and transfer data from one to other using intents.

Section8: Adapters

  • Adapters – How and when to use them
  • Array Adapter
  • Base Adapter

Real-time Practicals
Implement adapters and its types.

Section9: Menus & Messages

  • Adding option menus
  • Adding popup menus
  • Showing dialogs
  • Raising toasts

Real-time Practicals
Implement Menus and dialogs.

Section10: Broadcast Receivers

  • Broadcast Receivers
  • Listening for specified broadcasts
  • System broadcasts
  • Custom & User defined broadcasts
  • Sticky Broadcasts
  • Pending Intents

Real-time Practicals
Make practice with broad cast receivers

Section11: Services

  • Introducing Services
  • Service Life Cycle
  • Implementing Services

Section12: Material Design – Concepts

  • Introduction for Material Design
  • Components of Material Design
  • Implementing Services

Section13: SQLite – Database Access

  • Introducing SQLite
  • SQLiteOpenHelper and creating a database
  • Opening and closing a database
  • Working with cursors
  • Inserts, updates, and deletes

Real-time Practicals
Integrating Database with the android application to understand the usage of cursors.

Section14: External Database Access using RESTful Web service

  • Introduction to AsyncTask Class
  • Progress Dialog
  • RESTful Web service using PHP scripts
  • JSON and JSON Parsers
  • InputStream Reader, BufferedStreamReader and String Buffer uses
  • Adapters

Real-time Practicals
To learn about accessing external database, JSON parsing with the help of REST API.

Section15: Browser based Apps – Web Views

  • Simulating Web Browsers inside Apps
  • Enabling Javascript and browser history in Web Views
  • Limitations of Web Views
  • Platform independence

Section16: Publish an Android Application to Google Play

  • Account Registration
  • Payment
  • Good coding and design practices
  • Maintenance and experimentation with Categories

Live Project
Develop an android application with your own concept and publish it in Google Play.

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Queries You may have

Should we know Java Basics before learning Android?

Java is the language used for creating Android Applications. So, the knowledge of Java is mandatory to learn Android programming. We use lot of concepts and techniques in Android, which are borrowed from Core Java programming. We can use the Java library classes inside the Android while Android has an extensive library by itself.

Without Java fundamentals, it is not possible to learn Android. The knowledge of Core Java, XML and design principles will enhance and speed up the learning process of Android application development.

Who is eligible to Learn Android?

Anyone who has enough interest and curiosity to learn Android development is eligible to learn Android Application development. For those with Java experience, it is a natural progression from Java development into Android application development.

We can get into Android application development by showing experience in Java development and good knowledge of Android and its libraries. Even school kids can learn and start app development if given a correct stimulus and with hard work and determination.

How hard to learn Android?

Android is not at all hard to learn. Once you are through the basics, everything in Android is abstracted from the developer thereby making the learning very straight forward and clear.

We have taught Android to school students from SEVENTH GRADE. They have developed small apps in their summer holidays. It is that easy. There are pre-built tools for Android development which makes lives easier for beginners and professionals alike.

Can I get certificate after the course completion?

Yes, you will be awarded with a Course Completion certificate at the successful completion of the course. The certificate will have your photograph and the credentials.

More than the certificate, you will learn how to develop an Android application, test and host it on Google Play Store as part of the course. We can host it on Google Play Store on our account on your behalf. We will also guide you on hosting the same in your Google Play Developer Account.

Google has recently introduced a certification for Android Development. We even encourage all the candidates completing the course to take it up and become a Google certified Android Developer. Google’s certification for Android costs around USD 100 (or) INR 6500 approximately.


Will you assist in placements post training?

We get lot of request for candidates trained in Android with hands-on development experience and at least 1 or 2 applications hosted on Google Play Store from corporate HRs.

We have placed bunch of candidates in start-ups and we have had scenarios where a single candidate had three offers in hand at the same time.

Also we have candidates who have bootstrapped their own development company as well as MNC employees who migrate from one technology to another. We even have a dedicated framework for referrals, placements and interviews.

Post training, we conduct mock tests, mock interviews and daily coding challenges thereby preparing the candidates on a daily basis for the selection process. We do assist the candidates in every step of the way till they get a suitable placement of their choice.

We are conducting Android free workshops and Seminars by MNC Experts, free walk-in drive for freshers and experienced professionals – Here is our few latest events.

What Types of Batches are going and what are the timings ?

We do have two types of batches :
(1) Weekdays batches – Monday through Friday daily on mornings (1 hr to 1.30 hrs per day).
(2) Weekend batches – Saturdays and Sundays only (2.30 hrs to 3 hrs per day).
Both the batches will be conducted professionally on pre-allotted timings. The assignments are given and graded for the quality and standards of the solution in addition to the robustness of the solution. All the batches will have defined amount of duration for its closure.

Which is the best Android Vs iOS ?

Android is the best because it’s not require an expensive resource and budget, anyone can build an application. And in case of iOS you need to have a mac, iPhone or iPad to build an application in iPhone development which is so expensive for students who are fresher. So if you do not have an expense for resources then you have to first choose Android development.

Are the Students offered any sample classes before enrolling for the course?

Of course, you can attend Free Demo sessions before you join the course.

Don't wait Anymore! Book your Free Android Session Now: +91-9884412301

Will you Help Me for Interviews?

After the course completion, We will conduct Three Mock Interviews. In the Three Interviews, We will figure outs Your Technical competence and where to Improve etc. So after the Mock Interviews, your confidence level will high and it will helpful for facing the interview successfully.

Sample Resume formats for All different Technologies.

Android Training in Chennai

  • Android App Development Course Duration – 70 Hrs.
  • Android Training Covers with Core Java.
  • We provide softwares which are Necessary for Android App Development.
  • Interactive sessions about latest updates in Android.
  • Android Training with Hands on App execution.
  • You will learn from Real time Android Applications.
  • Fully Practical Oriented Android Training in Chennai.
  • Affordable Android Training fees in Chennai
  • Android Training in Chennai with Job assistance.
  • Training from highly qualified and experienced trainers.

Job based Android Training in Chennai 

The demand for the technically proficient resource is soaring and reaching unprecedented heights in the last quarter. This is the golden period time to get into Mobile app development and specialize in Android programming.

Our Android Training Topic is designed in a model in which one can easily find a job in Android app programming on the completion of the course in 45 days best android application training institute in Chennai. If a person is not interested in working with others, they can develop mobile apps themselves and release the same in Google Play, thus making money.

To find out more about the current opportunities, Please Click Here


Worried about Job?


You can also freelance for Android programming or create your own apps and become indie developers. Few apps like WhatsApp (US $ 19B), SnapChat (US $ 3B), Instagram(US $1B) are being bought by Internet / Social Media giants companies.

Other apps like Pokemon Go, Angry Birds, Fruit Ninja, Waze are raking in millions of dollars to its owners. With such numbers, it independent mobile app development becomes lucrative to take up independent mobile app development as a career option.

Quick Glance at : Top 100 Android Interview Questions and Answers

First step to start with to be Best Android app developer.

Android Training for Beginners

Credo Systemz provides Best Android Training in Chennai with 100% Free Placement Assistance. Also Based on various reviews across the Internet, We Ranked No.1 Android Training Institute in Chennai, Velachery.

Our approach to training is very much unique compared to other Android training institutes in Chennai, Our Android Training in Chennai seats as Best Android Training Institute in Chennai with the capability of providing training with Job assistance. Credo Systemz Android course in Chennai has received high positive feedback and reviews for our Android Training in Velachery, Chennai. Credo systemz provides you a completely designed the training program for IT job market demand. We ensure that our Android training covers beginners to advanced concepts with practical oriented sessions.

Where to begin for learning basics of Android App development?

CREDO SYSTEMZ is the BEST Android training center in Chennai. Our Android trainer has Eleven years of Industry exposure and five years of Android App Development experience. The course is designed in such a manner that you should develop an application by the end of the course with assistance.

Here is the deal, Develop your own Android App

You can also develop your own ideas into Android applications. We provide technical assistance for a candidate to develop his own idea from the concept stage to post-release support stage. Most of all we also encourage the trainees to publish their own Apps in Google Play store.

  • Most noteworthy we are providing the BEST android training and placement assistance for beginners as well as experienced professionals.
  • CREDO SYSTEMZ is named for the Unique attention each and every candidate receives from us while learning the Android Training in Chennai.
  • Our Expert level Professional Android Training in Chennai classes will helps you to develop your own Android App.
  • Our Android Training course content was designed in a way which made us the best Job based Android training Chennai.
  • CREDO SYSTEMZ also offers Android corporate training for Android App Developing companies.
  • Offers available for Students &  Fresher candidates for Android Training in Chennai Velachery.

Best Android Training center in Chennai

  •  Android Training by highly experienced and working professionals.
  • Our Android trainers are technically friendly, and they are always ready to attend to your queries.
  • Our coaching is unique because from day 2 you will start your first android app development.
  • Named as the Best Mobile technology courses in Chennai
  • We have got the great infrastructure for you to keep practicing on your own time.
  • Minimum Android Training cost in Chennai
  • Have you got your grade, yes!! You guessed it, we have assessments at the end of the training.
  • We improve every day because we value each of our customer’s feedback.
  • Credo Systemz offering Various mobile technology courses in Chennai.
  • Flexible Session Timings for you Android classroom Training in Chennai
  • Our Android Tutorials are best one for Developers and also for Beginners.
  • Finally, Affordable Android development course fees in Chennai with special offers for Students/Freshers at Best android for complete beginners in Velachery
  • Android training institute in Chennai with Placement Assistance
  • Best android training institute Chennai with Real Time Projects rather than theory Oriented.
  • Android Training Certification will be provided after the completion of the Course.
  • Hence, Assessments, Pratical Assignment and Mock Interview will be conducted post training session

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Best android application training institute in chennai  
Author Picture

I am Rajkumar,  I came to know about Credo Systemz Android Training through my friends, I booked a free demo session and met the trainer before joining the course and had a discussion with him that gave me confidence to learn Android, Once I joined the session went full of practical class from basics, Now I developed my own app in hotel management. I heartily thank my trainer for training me in this way, now I also got placed in MNC, Thanks Credo Systemz for their android course in chennai with placements.

Professional Android Training in velachery  
Kabir Ahmed   
Author Picture

Came to know about Credo Systemz through their website. The Android course content posted in their website impressed me a lot to join the course. About session teaching is good and practical oriented android classroom training. we can clearly clarify the doubt with concerned staff, They all are very much friendly. I would like thank Credo Systemz for providing the best Android Training with practical sessions. I developed my own android chess game.

Best Android Training center  
Subramanian Adiseshan   
Author Picture

Amazing experience. Very good training, material provided really helped me during interviews. Reasonable Cost, Experienced Trainers, Highly appreciable Placement Team, Definitely recommend credo systemz as the best android training institute in Chennai. 

Android App Training in Velachery  
Amirtha Shankar   
Author Picture

Hi , I Completed my Android App Training in chennai @ credo systemz. My trainer gives me lot of support and his teaching was so good. He gave Lot of tips to do android practical works and cleared all the doubts every day so really I gained more knowledge in programming. The whole Android course content covers all the topics .Thanks to my trainer..

Android Training for Freshers in chennai  
Irfan Azam   
Author Picture

I am very much satisfy with the android training at Credo Systemz. I learn to code here, Now I feels like a professional coder. Under the guidance of my trainer I learnt a lots of thing. I would recommend beginners to join here to learn android app development from basics.

Android Training institute in Velachery  
Author Picture

Hi I'm Rahul, Joined here after inquiring mostly all the training institutes in Chennai, But what made me join here is the professional behavior of the peoples in here, Had a direct discussion with the trainer before joining the course where most other institutes didn't allowed me. The trainer here is very professional guy also well experienced. Had a wonderful time learning in his class. My dream to develop my own android app can true here. Joined here with mere knowledge and now I'm with my own app. Thank You

Mobile application training in chennai  
Author Picture

Hi, this is Raheem, I am interested to learn android app development course so I searched through google and I found credo then I enquired for Android training and attended the demo session with the trainer. Really satisfied then I had booked my slot.  I’m much happy with android training in Velachery at credo systemz and the trainer was well experienced and the way he responded to our doubts and explained the topics which were more helpful to understand the topics easily. During the course, the trainer was given a lot of exercises which helps us to strong in technical wise. Recently, I published my own music app in google play store. I would love to refer credo systemz to my friends.

Great Learning Experience with Affordable fee  
Rudhra Sekaran   
Author Picture

I had a great time learning in Credo Systemz. I’m very much satisfied in pursuing Android training in velachery. My trainer is a friendly type and I learned a lot from him. More than Theoretical, I had a lot of practice sessions & now I have the confidence to code on my own. Thanks for creating such confidence within me. I would surely recommend my Juniors to do a course here (Great place to begin your Career).

Excellent Tutors,Lovely Atmosphere  
Author Picture

I'm completely satisfied with the training and further support. I completed my Android course with vikram sir. Simply I can say about him is "He is a Legend". In terms of explanation and examples, no one can beat him. Now I'm working for a company in Bangalore as a Android Developer. Thanks to Credo Systemz for providing Android Training in chennai.

It was excellent!  
Arvind B   
Author Picture

I did android development course in CREDO SYSTEMZ. My faculty was Vikram Asokan. He gave us a basic knowledge in android app development and it helped me a lot to plan my future development.His teachings were so practical that I was able to grab the concepts very quickly.This course helped me in doing my semester projects as well and the timings were so flexible that it helped me to attend my classes regularly.

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