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Toronto, a city in Canada, is an economic center. The city has lots of global organizations and provides plenty of job opportunities.

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Primavera Realtime Projects Covered

Our unique hands-on Primavera training program helps the candidates to be highly qualified Primavera Certified Professional in this industry.

Project 1
Residential Apartment Construction Planning

During the P6 training, Residential Apartment 3 story construction project planning will be done the candidates with 9 to 10 WBS by creating the 50 + activities with relationships. Resources, Units and duration for each activity are clearly given the requirement document or project charter. Max duration / time, Resource Levelling, baseline, updating schedule and monitoring using Earned value to be done. All the training exercises can be practiced or applied and different schedule and cost reports will be generated for this project.

Project 2
Power Plant Construction

During the P6 training, Power Plant Construction project planning will be done the candidates with 8 to 10 WBS by creating the 60 + activities with relationships. Resources (Labour, Non-Labour and Material), Units and duration for each activity are clearly given the requirement document or project charter. WBS can be given as Infrastructure,Sub Structure, SuperStructure, Mechanical, Electrical, Testing and Commissioning. Enriching candidates to think about design, Costing, Risk involved and closure documents as well.

Project 3
Maintenance of Oil & Gas Plant Project

During the P6 training, Maintenance of Oil & Gas Plant Projectplanning will be done the candidates with 8 to 10 WBS by creating the 60 + activities with relationships. Resources (Labour, Non-Labour and Material), Units and duration for each activity are clearly given the requirement document or project charter. WBS can be given as Manifold facility, LNG Train, Utilities, Product Storage, Product Loading and Infrastructure. Enriching candidates to think about design, Costing, Risk involved and closure documents as well.

Primavera Course Curriculum

The Primavera training course in Toronto is framed using the standard primavera syllabus. It covers the Primavera concepts, features, and techniques (Basic + Advanced). The course content includes real time case studies, examples, and practices. The topics are selected by Primavera experts.

Section 1: Introduction

  • Introduction about Projects
  • Introduction to Project Management
  • Introduction to Primavera
  • History of Planning
  • Skills required for Planning
  • Project Phases & Life Cycle

Get detailed Primavera course content Download Curriculum

Learning Objective: In this Chapter, you can able to understand P6 Architecture in detail
  • Primavera P6 PPM vs EPPM vs Cloud
  • Primavera Architecture in detail
  • Database options in P6
Learning Objective: In this Chapter, you will be introduced to P6 tool options and settings. Creating Portfolio, Program and Projects.
  • Setting up Enterprise Project Structure (EPS)
  • Setting up Organizational Breakdown Structure (OBS)
  • User Administration
  • User control & Limited Access Provisions
  • Setting User Preferences
  • Creating a Project
  • Defining Project Status
  • Setting up Project Dates
  • Setting up Project Codes
  • Project Parameters
Hands-on Practicals:
  • Creating Portfolio, Program and Project assigning responsible managers
  • Understanding the project information and details in depth
  • Primary settings to be done in P6 tool in User Preference and Admin Preferences
Learning Objective: In this Chapter, you will be familiar in creating Calendar and Project Codes.
  • Project Codes
  • Calendar
  • Global Calendar
  • Project Calendar
  • Resource Calendar
Hands-on Practicals:
  • Creating Project Codes and performing it grouping option
  • Creating all three types of Calendar – Work Week, Exception and Holiday setup
Learning Objective: In this Chapter, you will deep dive into WBS, Activities, types and its relationship.
  • Creating Work Breakdown Structure (WBS)
  • Defining Work Package & Creating Project Activities
  • Activity Codes
  • Activity Types
  • Duration Types
  • Percentage Completion Types
  • Activity Resource units loading
  • Applying activities relationships (Logical connection)
  • Relationship Types
  • Creating Activity Steps
  • Feeding Activity information to Execution Team
  • Activity Summary
  • Notebooks
Hands-on Practicals:
  • Creating WBS, Work Package and activities – Understanding activity details
  • Practicing on creating all types of activities
  • Establishing relationship between activities – Four types
  • Understanding duration types in activities and activity steps
Learning Objective: In this Chapter, you will get expertise in Scheduling and applying constraints.
  • Scheduling Types
  • Retained Logic
  • Progress Override
  • Actual Dates
  • Scheduling Option
  • Scheduling Logs
  • Applying Constraint
  • Types of Constraints
Hands-on Practicals:
  • Exercise for all scheduling types during out of sequence
  • Applying different constraints in activities and understanding its behaviour
Learning Objective: In this Chapter, you will get knowledge of creating resources and mapping resources to project activities effectively.
  • Types of Resources
  • Units of Measures
  • Creating Resource
  • Default & Maximum units per time
  • Resource Price revisions
  • Resource Shift Creation
  • Assigning the resource to activities
  • Resource Codes
  • Creating Roles
  • Assigning roles to resources
  • Assigning roles to activities
  • Resource Loading
  • Resource Curves
  • Bucket Loading
  • Project Resources Levelling and it types
Hands-on Practicals:
  • Creating all three type of resources – Setting up appropriate units and maximum units
  • Assigning roles to user
  • Mapping or loading resources to project activities
  • Applying resource curves based on working pattern expected
  • Apply all types of resource levelling to avoid over allocation
Learning Objective: In this Chapter, you will be familiar in creating costing and managing it.
  • Project Funding Sources
  • Activity Costing
  • Expenses
  • Estimating Budgeted and Actual cost for Activities
  • Establishing budgets for Work Packages
  • Estimating Project Budgets
  • Preparing Project Cash Flow
  • Cost Comparison Analysis
  • Cost Monitoring & Revisions
  • Project Budget revisions
Hands-on Practicals:
  • Creating Funding source and Cost accounts
  • Working with Budget log, spending plan and summary
  • Comparison of budgeted cost and actual cost of all activities during execution
  • Monitoring and revising cost after the comparison
Learning Objective: In this Chapter, you will get expertise in creating and managing risk in P6.
  • Identifying Project Risk
  • Categorizing Risk
  • Risk Status
  • Analysing Pre-Risk Impact
  • Setting Risk control plan
  • Post Risk Impact Analysis
  • Finding Risk Cost
  • Cause and Effect Analysis
Hands-on Practicals:
  • Creating Risk – Categorize it, Updating Pre-risk, Control plan and Post Risk Impact
  • Mapping the risk to corresponding expected WBS or Activities
Learning Objective: IIn this Chapter, you will be familiar in updating project and controlling it.
  • Setting up & Assigning Baselines
  • Apply Actuals
  • Progress Update
  • Look Ahead Schedule
  • Delay Impact Analysis
  • Earned Value Analysis
  • S-Curve Analysis
  • Usage of Project Thresholds
  • Project Issue Register
  • Working in Project Issues
  • Project Tracking
Hands-on Practicals:
  • Baseline Creation & Assigning Baseline to the project – Comparison of baseline vs Actual
  • Updating Project Progress – Manual,Update Progress and Apply Actuals
  • Monitoring using Earned Value Graph and Tables – Percentage completion
  • Setting Threshold through different parameter and triggering issues automatically
  • Exercise for all four tracking layout views available in P6
Learning Objective: In this Chapter, you will be familiar in comparing the Project schedules.
  • Importance of Schedule Comparison
  • Visualizer Tool
  • Comparing different version of projects
  • Comparing different version of baselines
  • Comparison general and advanced options in P6
Hands-on Practicals:
  • Creating new comparison
  • Creating new comparison report version using existing version and opening the existing application version
  • Analyzing the comparison report
Learning Objective:In this Chapter, you will be familiar in creating reflections.
  • Copying Project and Reflections
  • Difference between Project Copying and reflection
  • Merging the changes to Source Project
Hands-on Practicals:
  • Create reflection of existing project and make changes in the copy
  • Merging the changed version to the source
Learning Objective: IIn this Chapter, you will be familiar in working with all types of reports in P6.
  • Default Reports
  • Global Reports
  • Project reports
  • Creating Report groups
  • Creating Reports using Report Editor
  • Creating Reports using Report Wizard
  • Template Reporting
  • Modifying existing reports
  • Batch Reports – Creating and Running Batch Reports
  • Procurement Report
  • Project Progress Report
  • Schedule Comparison Report
  • Weekly Report
  • Project Cost Report
  • Project Closing Report
  • Client Report
Hands-on Practicals:
  • Creating reports using both Report editor and Wizard
  • Utilizing the default reports
  • Customizing any type of report
  • Creating and executing batch reports
  • Generating reports in different file formats
Learning Objective: In this Chapter, you will be familiar in all important P6 tool features.
  • Managing Multiple Projects
  • Project Work Products & Documents
  • Creating Layouts and Maintaining layouts
  • User Defined Fields
  • Global Change
  • Store Period Performances
  • Recalculate Assignment Cost
  • Import & Export the project data
Hands-on Practicals:
  • Global change usage in Calendar, Activity codes and Status indicators.
  • Creating and saving Layouts for Cost, Baseline, Earned Value etc
  • Import and Export for single and multiple projects
  • Commercial Building Planning loaded with 50+ Activities
  • Residential Building - Villa Type
  • Residential Building - Apartment Type
  • Bridge Construction
  • Power Plant Construction
  • Maintenance of Oil & Gas Plant

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    Primavera Training Reviews

    Aaron Johnson

    Planning Engineer

    I completed my B.E mechanical Engineering. My dream is to be a planning engineer and most of my friends suggested me to do primavera course in Toronto and i choose credo systemz through internet. CREDO SYSTEMZ is the only training center covering entire primavera tool. My tutor teached us complete tool with most of short cuts and how to use the tool. Now my confidence level has been increased and thanks to CREDO SYSTEMZ.


    Senior Engineer -Planning (MEP), Primavera/MSP

    Based on my training experience, I would like to recommend Primavera certification training in Toronto at Credo Systemz that helped me to learn Primavera portfolio management tool successfully. My trainer explained every concept very clearly with practical training to effectively plan, manage, and execute projects and resources by maintaining a project’s timeline. I thank my trainer for his enormous support.


    Planning Manager

    Credo Systemz is the right choice for learning Primavera P6 with practical oriented training of real world projects based on my personal experience. My trainer is a skilful expert who helped me in clearing my doubts and completing my projects. I got the best training with unique Primavera Course Content and acquired my dream job with the help of their placement assistance. Thanks to Credo Systemz!

    Kaleem Sana

    Functional Lead Primavera

    Recently, I joined training at credo systemz training institute to learn Primavera P6, a few months ago which was recommended by my friend. This Primavera course in Toronto helped me to expertise primavera P6 software using their theoretical and practical training with assessments, projects, code review and much more. Credo systemz is the reason that I completed Primavera training successfully with my dream job.

    Saad Bin

    Project Planning Manager

    I strongly recommend Credo systemz for learning Primavera training course in Toronto based on my training experience which helps me to develop knowledge, skill set with hands-on training. My trainer explains every concept in detail using many examples to meet the industrial standard, I successfully cleared the primavera portfolio management essentials exam and am working as a Project management expert. Thanks to my trainer and Credo Systemz.

    Jeremy Gordon

    Project Control Engineer

    Currently, I am working as a planning engineer at Tata projects limited with the help of Primavera certification training in Toronto at credo systemz. This standard course helps me to gain the skills needed for a successful Primavera expert using projects in a real Project management environment. My trainer guides me in clearing my job interview with interview tips, resume building and latest interview questions with answers using the help of the placement team.

    Our Alumni Work At

    Credo Systemz has placed thousands of students in various top multinational organiation,
    witnessing the progress of our alumni gives us immense gratification.

    And 1,000+ Companies

    Primavera Training in Toronto Overview

    Primavera is one of the widely used project management tool to execute and monitor the project activities. Our Primavera training in Toronto ensures full scale Primavera training with Planning, Organizing, and Scheduling the Project activities to understand the project management portfolio solutions. Primavera course in Toronto equip students with basic concepts like project, project phases, project life cycle to advanced concepts using real world projects. Read More >>

    Our Primavera professional corporate trainers assure providing vast knowledge sufficient to become a primavera expert using practical training with multiple complex projects in real environment using all the management concepts, techniques. Our Primavera training in Toronto assists to become masters in handling project management by effective handling of time, resources, and budget.

    Talk to Us

    For Online and Classroom Training
    • Live instructor-led primavera courses in toronto
    • Skillful Primavera certified Trainers
    • Job Oriented Practical training approach
    • Industrial Case Studies for better understanding
    • Complete Features of Primavera
    • In our primavera course in toronto, Project Management Concepts and activities will be taught with practicals
    • For Practicing, Work Exercises,Assignments, projects will be provided
    • Course Materials, live recorded class sessions are provided for future references
    • Doubt clearance, periodical reviews,assessments are included during the Primavera training in toronto
    • Job assistance is achieved using mock interview, interview questions and answers.
    • As a value added service, Latest Job Openings will be shared with our trained Candidates
    • Special Combo course (PRIMAVERA & MS PROJECT) is available with Combo offer for interested candidates

      Primavera online Training in Toronto is the best online training program with unique features. Start your career with the most powerful project management tools – Oracle Primavera. Learn to utilize the project portfolio management to drive business goals.

    • Live, hands-on Primavera training: Learn the Primavera software from the ground up.
    • Real time Practical training: Learn with the combination of theory + practical sessions.
    • Professional Trainers: Certified Primavera expert. We ensure skilled trainers with expert knowledge.
    • Knowledge and skill set development: Essential skills cover the project development cycle.
    • Complete Primavera course: begins with the fundamentals and ends with the most recent project management practices.
    • Global certification: With our Primavera P6 Certification Training in Toronto, you can boost your resume's weightage.

    Credo Systemz Primavera training in Toronto provides the following skill set:

    • Strong foundation of Primavera P6: Using real-world practicals, projects with professional assistance It includes handling project schedules, work breakdown structures, activities, etc.
    • Project development skills (scheduling skills, project control principles)
    • Expertise in project management: resource management,cost management within the budget. We ensure project resource handling. .
    • Knowledge of project activities: to develop an essential project activity plan. It involves project analysis and reporting.
    • Handling Project execution: To create a project baseline, project updates, and project tracking.
    • Effective project monitoring skills: Use real world examples with exercises
    • Project comparison and reporting skills: analyzing the project results with our assignments.

    Primavera is worthy to lead the career path with project experience using our Primavera training in Toronto.The Prerequisites needed to start learning,

    • Basic knowledge about the project management process and activities like planning, reporting, project operations.
    • Understanding about management such as scope, time, cost and human resource .
    • Knowledge about project execution, budgeting, maintenance.

    If you are new to the project management field, No worries.Primavera Training in Toronto at Credo Systemz starts training from the very basics of project management. Our primavera course in Toronto is customizable based on the aspirant’s needs. Our training ensures individual attention to complete the Primavera certification training with real world projects.

    Oracle Primavera P6 is the best management tool used in multiple sectors. It manages simple to complex projects of all sizes efficiently. Primavera has been managing projects globally for more than 30 years. Due to increasing demand for Primavera P6 in Toronto globally, there are many vacancies available in the market.Top companies from various fields require Oracle Primavera software. Expert knowledge is required for getting jobs which need expert training with hands-on experience. It increases the chances of starting a Primavera career path. If you are working professional then adding primavera will increase the value to your CV. Our Primavera training in Toronto provides Primavera certifications support and assists in clearing the exam. Primavera certification is the highest valued qualification to boost the career, salary. The skilled project planner demands are increasing with Primavera certifications.

    • Primavera Project Planner
    • Project Planning Manager
    • Project Planning Engineer
    • Oracle Primavera Consultant
    • Project Control Engineer
    • Senior Advisor/ Engineering Program Management

    According to the payscale report,the average salary of Primavera software professionals in Toronto is C$96k/ year. It is based on skill set,company,experience,certification and location. Get enrolled with Primavera online training in toronto to grab your dream jobs.

    Credo Systemz offers Primavera Online Training Course in Toronto that focuses on expertising the Primavera software. Our Primavera Online Training in Toronto is an exclusive live training program for:

  • Skills development for effective project management activities.
  • Strong foundation with theory using practical training
  • Complete coverage of Project management concepts, techniques, features.
  • Essential knowledge of using Primavera P6 software.
  • Real world projects to face the challenges in the industrial environment

  • Primavera course in Toronto provides placement support along with the HR team. Learn Primavera and crack the Primavera certification exam with the help of our Primavera Online Training in Toronto.

    Primavera training in toronto

    Primavera P6 is the most popular multi-project planning software that provides effective ways to project management. It ensures to plan, organize, schedule, control, minimize risk and deliver results effectively. Oracle Primavera is the project portfolio management software that involves various primavera certifications like 1Z0-567, 1Z0-1057, 1Z0-439 and 1Z0-544. Oracle Primavera Certification exam is globally recognized certification which improves job, job stability, and career growth. Let’s take a look at the importance of Primavera certification

    • To improve the professional profile with increased chances of top jobs that leads to career growth.
    • Effective way to showcase the skills, knowledge which adds more value to the job profile.
    • Increased earning potential throughout the entire career path using Primavera certification training in toronto.
    • Job satisfaction to receiving better opportunities which makes it 91% professional credibility.
    • Most recommended certification in the project management field.

    Primavera online training in Toronto at Credo Systemz is an efficient training provider using hands-on training. It assists in successful completion of Primavera Certification to ensure the above benefits using Primavera Professional expert trainers.

    Primavera P6 training in Toronto is the best training program with the following qualities,

    • Latest Updated Primavera Course Modules with case studies
    • More than 3000+ Certified and trained Candidates
    • Live Real-time instructor-led primavera sessions
    • Certified Industry Experts available
    • Certification and career Guidance
    • Placement Assistance - Mock interview, interview support, interview updates
    • Affordable fees structure
    • The main aim is to transform the aspirant into a professional primavera expert. It focuses on effective project planning, scheduling and other activities.
    • Handle the multiple complex projects using all the Primavera techniques, concepts and tools using our Primavera training in Toronto
    • Proficient in Primavera P6 architecture and portfolio programming with its structure using expert trainers.
    • Consequently, acquiring knowledge from the latest topics in Primavera project management tools.
    • To be a pro in work breakdown structure, project analyzing tools, reports and other features.
    • Every primavera concept is explained using practical in an industrial environment. To complete the Primavera curriculum using real time projects and certification support.
    • Placement assistance is achieved using interview support, mock interviews, interview questions and answers.
    • As a result, you will become a Master in handling projects and producing optimum results within the budget. It is done by strong understanding using proper handling of the resources using Primavera project management software.
    • No.1 Oracle Primavera Training in Toronto – to acquire strong knowledge about Primavera P6 software using hands-on practical training
    • 30 hours of classroom primavera training in Toronto with additional 20 hours for practicing.
    • Our Best Primavera training in Toronto with effective core concepts, latest techniques to handle complex projects so the candidates can learn and strengthen from the basics to advanced level.
    • Live case study discussions during Primavera Training in Toronto. As a result, candidates can relate to their respective fields to know about real world challenges.
    • Limited Batch size for providing individual attention during Primavera Course. Hence students are able to interact freely and clear their doubts whenever needed.
    • Reference Material will be provided which is prepared by our experienced industrial experts. So it will be helpful for future reference.
    • Affordable primavera course fees for the primavera trainees with flexible timing.
    • Primavera course content with complete coverage of all features and concepts with latest standard.
    • We encourage active participation of our aspirants for better learning and understanding during Primavera Training in Toronto.
    • Exclusive Student and Group offer for the benefit of Final Year engineering fresher at Primavera Course in Toronto.
    • Professional Experts with 10+ years of industrial experience and effective training in handling Our Primavera Course in Toronto.
    • In addition to classroom training, we also provide Primavera Corporate Training to industries, online training with live instructors.
    • Likewise, we offer Placement assistance for the candidates which is part of our Primavera training in Toronto.
    • Our large network of Alumni working at leading companies in the Middle East, Singapore, Malaysia, France…etc. throughout worldwide.
    • We offer FREE DEMO session for interested candidates to know more about us before joining at CREDO SYSTEMZ Primavera training in Toronto.

    Recent Primavera Reviews

    I found the Primavera P6 training course to be well structured and planned. The course training was delivered well by my trainer Mr. Karthik, who has good professional experience and field knowledge. He had imparted both the concepts and the knowledge of using the functions of the tool at a good pace. I found the classes to be very interactive and the one-on-one sessions to be beneficial. I would recommend Credo Systemz to others if they are planning to pursue PPM and Primavera P6 software. -Michael, Project Engineer - Planning & QS at Tata Projects Ltd.
    I have been in the construction industry for almost 14 years and was longing to learn Primavera ever since I was elevated to the managerial level. I have tried to learn by self and was not very successful, as the tool is not very user friendly. I have joined Credo Systemz and the flow in which the course was taught has enabled me to get connected with the tool in a seamless manner. The course was well tailored; instructor was friendly, ensuring the sessions are interactive. I would strongly recommend Credo Systemz to all categories whether a fresher to the industry or an experienced professional. - Logie, Project Planning & Control Specialist at Hitachi ABB Power Grids

    About Our Primavera Instructor

    Credo systemz is the Best trusted software institute for Primavera Training in Torronto to acquire in depth subject knowledge with real world project experience. It is well handled by our industrial expert trainers with projects, assessments and job assistance. Our primavera trainer profile falls under the below category,

    • Credo Systemz Trainers are Primavera Certified Experts.They have 15+ years of industrial experience.
    • Our trainers are Primavera experts who share their knowledge.They have received hands-on training in the industry.
    • Our mentors cover the standard syllabus from scratch. They assist the aspirants using real time examples.
    • Trainers provide technical skill development. They ensure practical and theoretical training sessions.
    • Instructors assure friendly individual attention. They are responsible for an in-depth understanding of the Primavera software.
    • Trainers provide placement assistance, interview Q & A, and interview tips.

    Primavera Training FAQ's

    Primavera P6 is the standard Oracle project management software. Primavera was developed by Primavera Systems, Inc. In 2008, Primavera Systems Inc. was acquired by Oracle Corporation. As of now, Primavera P6 is the leading software that manages large projects. It creates a lot of job opportunities in different industries. Primavera manages any type of simple or complex project.

      Engineers, Freshers, and Experienced Professionals willing to learn Primavera P6. Primavera Software provides jobs in different industries, like

    • Civil and Mechanical,
    • Electrical and Instrumentation,
    • Engineering and Construction,
    • Oil, Gas, and Energy,
    • Supply Chain
    • Information Technology,

    • Yes. Free demo classes are available. Feel free to call us!
    • To book:
    • +91 9884412301
    • +917395970812
    • (Also available on WhatsApp.)

    Credo Systemz is the best software institute providing Primavera training in Toronto.

    • The most recent Primavera course syllabus
    • More than 3000+ Certified Candidates
    • Live, real-time, practical
    • Certified Industry Trainers
    • Certification support
    • Complete placement assistance
    • affordable fee structure

    Yes, placement assistance and placement oriented training. Placement assistance is the main aim of our Primavera Course in Toronto,

  • Mock interviews,
  • Interview tips,
  • Interview Q & A,
  • Career guidance,
  • Job updates,
  • Career support.
  • Primavera is the most widely used Project Management tool around the world. At the end of the Primavera Course training, surely you got 100% Placement Assistance from our Placement Coordinators.

    Course Duration for Primavera Training in Toronto which covers the most advanced topics within 35 hours.

    Primavera Training Course having different modes which are listed below,

    • Regular Classes
    • Weekend Classes
    • Fast-track Classes
    These modes of training timings are depended with our both Trainer and Candidates availabilities.

    Our Primavera training in Toronto is framed exclusively to strengthen the knowledge in completing the certification .Our Primavera trainers enhance the knowledge by building concepts, techniques, and tools along with experiencing real industrial environment which helps in upskilling and career growth with effective completion of our Primavera curriculum .Our primavera certification adds value to the aspirant’s professional resume that helps to grab the desired job.

    Our Credo Systemz assists the passionate aspirants to enhance the complete knowledge about the Primavera project management tool which also helps in completing the oracle certification exams. Let’s take a look at a few of the oracle certification exams to know about them.

    Exam NameDeatilsDurationNo.of QuestionsLanguage
    1Z0-567 Primavera P6 Enterprise Project Portfolio Management 8 Essentials1Z0-567 Primavera P6 Enterprise Project Portfolio Management 8 Essentials: This Exam tests the skill set in designing and configuring the complex Project Portfolio Management solutions.120 mins91 questionsEnglish
    1Z0-439 Primavera Unifier Cloud Service 2016 Implementation Essentials1Z0-439 Primavera Unifier Cloud Service 2016 Implementation Essentials: This exam qualifies the strong foundation in implementing primavera software.120 mins80 questionsEnglish
    1Z0-544 Primavera Portfolio Management Essentials1Z0-544 Primavera Portfolio Management Essentials: This Exam tests the fundamentals of portfolio management solutions to expertise in implementing and developing them.120 mins75 questionsEnglish

    Primavera Certification

    Credo Systemz’s standard Primavera certification showcases the advanced skillset with global industrial recognition.

    Download the certificate once you,
    • Complete our Primavera training program
    • After successfully Completing the Realtime Industry projects
    • Successful completion of given assignments
    Benefits of Primavera Certification
    • To show the in-built knowledge using practical training
    • To stand out from the professionals.
    • To get placed in top IT companies

    Related Courses

    Credo Systemz intend our Primavera course to upgrade your skills in the other domains as well. Credo Systemz’s Primavera training is more advanced with the latest updated topics. In addition to the enhanced Primavera planning knowledge, they increase its usability in other environments as well.