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React JS is a popular, open-source frontend JavaScript Library used for creating reusable UI components. The React JS users are top MNC giants like Facebook, Uber, Netflix and the list goes on and on. Credo Systemz is the Best React JS Training Institute in Chennai Velachery and OMR which will transform your skills into an Expert Front end engineer. React JS is all about reusable components which are focused mainly in a practical way in our React JS course. On the other hand, Credo Sytemz offers the React JS Course Online with placements. For more details: 9600112302

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React JS Real time projects

Real Time Projects

To gain coding skills and practice about the various packages of React JS, complete live project based on the selected use cases.

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React JS assignments

Hands-on Assignments

Practical assignments in every React JS session helps to learn and upskill to a minimum of 60 hours.

Training Assignments
React JS Expert Faculty

Professional Faculty

With great industry exposure, Our React JS expert faculty has designed the course curriculum up to the standard.

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React JS concepts Lifetime access

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To resolve the technical queries and access our LMS with the Technical Forum for 24x7 using online support team.

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Credo Systemz Dedicated Placement Team with the industry support finds you the right opportunity.

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Credo Systemz React JS Certification helps to gain the knowledge with successful completion of the final project.

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React JS Training Curriculum

Our React JS classes in Chennai exclusively framed a course content which covers all the important and latest concepts from scratch to advance level which is prepared by our React professional expert trainers to make it suitable for beginners as well. Our React JS course content ensures to cover all the skill set up to industrial standard to lead a successful career path. Let’s take a look below before start learning,

HTML 5, CSS & BOOTSTRAP Curriculum

  • Introduction - Web
  • What are the different Types of Web Apps overview?
  • Introduction to HTML
  • Define HTML Structure
  • Difference between Tag vs Element
  • Difference between Semantic vs Non-semantic elements
  • Difference between Block level elements vs Inline elements
  • HTML Elements
  • HTML Forms & its Attributes
  • HTML Input Elements
  • HTML Global Attributes
  • HTML Element Specific Attributes
  • What is CSS?
  • Understanding the CSS Syntax.
  • CSS Selectors.
  • How To Add CSS in HTML.
  • Cascading Order.
  • CSS Colors.
  • CSS Backgrounds.
  • CSS Borders
  • CSS Margins
  • CSS Padding
  • CSS Height and Width
  • CSS Text, Fonts, Links, Tables
  • CSS - Float and Clear
  • The display: inline-block Value
  • What is Bootstrap?
  • Get Start with Bootstrap
  • Containers
  • Grid System
  • Structure of a Bootstrap Grid
  • Bootstrap Colors
  • Bootstrap Tables
  • Bootstrap Jumbotron
  • Bootstrap Alerts
  • Bootstrap Buttons
  • Bootstrap Navs
  • Define Navigation Bars
  • Bootstrap Forms
  • Bootstrap Modal

JavaScript, ES6 JavaScript - Curriculum


  • Introduction
  • What is JavaScript?
  • JavaScript Features
  • JavaScript Libraries
  • Understanding HTML, CSS, JavaScript
  • JavaScript Version
  • ES5
  • ES6/ES2015
  • ES7/ES2016
  • ES8/ES2017
  • Data Types
  • Number
  • String
  • Boolean
  • Undefined
  • Null
  • Variable Mutation
  • Basic Operator
  • Operator Precedence
  • Shorthand operator
  • Problem statement
  • Decision making statement-if else
  • if else - example
  • Comparing the problem statement solution
  • Switch statement - example
  • Boolean logic
  • Boolean logic example
  • Ternary operator
  • Ternary operator example
  • Tips
  • Functions
  • Function statement
  • Function Statement Example
  • What is Array
  • Real world Problem Ecommerce
  • Real world problem transport
  • Space and the Complexity
  • Built in function Complexity
  • Examples of Array
  • Objects, When to use it
  • Objects and Methods
  • Loops and Iteration
  • For Loop
  • Continue and Break Statement
  • History of JavaScript
  • Features
  • let & const and its example
  • Arrow Functions
  • Alternative
  • Tips and Arrow Functions
  • Exports and Imports
  • Tips for exports and imports
  • Classes
  • Classes example
  • Inheritance
  • Spread and rest Parameter
  • Destructing


  • React JS Introduction
  • Advantages of React JS
  • Work flow of React JS
  • Scope of React JS

Get detailed React JS course Syllabus Download Curriculum

  • Introduction of Virtual DOM.
  • Difference between JS and JSX.
  • React Components overview
  • Containers and components
  • What is Child Components?
  • What is Namespaced components?
  • What are the JavaScript expressions available in JSX?
  • Node setup
  • How to use NPM?
  • How to create package.json and purpose of it?
  • ES6 Introduction and features.
  • Webpack Overview
  • Best IDE for React JS and How to write optimized code in React JS?
  • React JS browser plugins overview.
Hands-on Practicals:
  • NPM Installation by locally and Globally
  • Create a Basic App with React JS and other Supported NPMs.
  • Create a React component with JSX template.
  • How to create Nested Components?
  • What is React JS render?
  • React Props overview.
  • Introduction of Props validation with data types.
  • Flow of States, Initialize states and update states.
Hands-on Practicals:
  • Create a Small React Module
  • Use All the states in in the created Application.
  • Lists of Form components.
  • Setup Controlled and Uncontrolled form components.
  • Control Input elements.
  • How to set default values on all formats of Input elements.
  • React JS Form validations.
  • How to write Styles?
  • Animations overview
Hands-on Practicals:
    • Create a React Form.
    • Client-side form validation.
    • Applying form components.
    • Submit and Rest the form.
  • Initial Render
  • Props Change
  • Stage Change
  • Component willMount
  • Component didMount
  • Component Unmount
Hands-on Practicals:
  • Applying Different Lifecylces in the Application.
  • When to choose Appropriate lifecycles.
  • Single Page Application Overview.
  • How to configure React Router?
  • History of Router
  • How to Handle Conditional statement in JSX?
  • IIFE in JSX for complex logic overview.
Hands-on Practicals:
  • Create a Single Page Application.
  • Applying Routing.
  • Dynamically render the components based on the url.
  • onBlur, onKeyUp, onChange and other useful primary events in React JS.
  • How to Sharing events between the components?
Hands-on Practicals:
  • Communicate Data between components.
  • Applying all lists of events.
  • CSS and inline styles in React JS overview.
  • Introduction to styled components
Hands-on Practicals:
  • Styling the application using styled component
  • How to use Animations in the Application.
  • How to Load the router library?
  • Configure the React Router?
  • How to Pass and receive parameters?
  • Integration of React-cookie overview.
  • What is Flux Architecture?
  • What are the Flux Components available?
    1. Stores.
    2. Dispatchers.
    3. View Controllers.
    4. Actions.
  • How Flux works?
  • Flux and React works together.
  • Introduction to One Store.
  • Provider Component
  • Actions.
  • Reducers.
  • sagas
  • Dispatchers
  • View Controllers
  • Selectors
Hands-on Practicals:
  • Redux application Development with Real-time Project
  • What are the necessary Tools required for Unit Testing?
  • React Unit Testing overview
  • Introduction to JEST.
  • How to Test React Component?
  • How to Test React Router?
  • Gulp & Browserify
  • React with jQuery
  • React & AJAX
  • https
  • httpster
  • npm
  • Understanding Hooks
  • The useState hook
  • Side effects using the useEffect hook
  • The useContext hook
  • The useReducer hook
  • Writing your own hook
  • Code splitting & Suspense
  • Route Based Code Splitting
  • Lazy Loading
  • Server Side Rendering
  • SSR with React - Setup & Server
  • SSR with React - The Toolchain
  • Using Jest with Test Utils from React-DOM
  • Using Jest with the React Testing Library
  • Using Jest with Enzyme
  • The React ecosystem
  • Handling exceptions in components
  • Error boundaries
  • Webpack and its use
  • Setting up and installing Webpack
  • Working with the configuration file of Webpack
  • Working with loaders
  • Quick word on lazy loading, code splitting, and tree shaking
  • Setting up a hot module replacement
  • Server-side rendering (SSR)
  • Working with renderToStaticMarkup and renderToString methods
  • What is GraphQL?
  • Cons of Rest API
  • Pros of GraphQL
  • Frontend backend communication using GraphQL
  • Type system
  • GraphQL datatypes
  • Modifiers
  • < li>Schemas
  • GraphiQL tool
  • Express framework
  • NPM libraries to build server side of GraphQL
  • Build a GraphQL API
  • Apollo client
  • NPM libraries to build client side of GraphQL
  • How to setup Apollo client

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    Our React Course Program Schedule

    Our React Master course starts from very basic and ends up with App Optimization and Deploying your own solely developed React app into the Real-world Server.

    React JS Course Program Schedule

    React JS Realtime Projects Covered

    Our unique hands-on training program helps the candidates to be highly qualified React JS Professionals in this industry. Also Minimum React JS training cost in Chennai while comparing others since providing the best training in the city.

    Project 1
    Payment Portal

    Build a Paymnet portal with multiple components and its interactions. Utlize its life hooks, various events and implement forms with validations.

    Project 2
    HTTP App Project with various API

    Connect your React JS App with various APIs like Weather, News, Jokes. Here you can experience how to resolve CORS error and Request, Response life cycle.

    Project 3
    Realtime Ecommerce App

    Create a new Ecommerce project with Authorization and Authentication. All forms with validations and send AJAX request to backend.

    Skills covered in our React JS Training

    Credo Systemz's React training covers the below listed skills to make you a Full Stack Developer. These skill sets transform you into experts in both front-end & back-end with 5+ Real-time Projects.

    HTML 5

    CSS Overview




    React JS

    React JS App

    Host an App
    in Real-world Server

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    React JS Training Reviews

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    React JS Developer

    Based on my personal training experience, Credo Systemz is the right choice for learning React JS with hands-on training and placement support. My trainer explains each concept very clearly using many real time examples for better understanding to complete our projects successfully. Because of practical training, I gained confidence to do any type of React JS projects which in turn helped me to crack my interview.

    Freshers Python reviews


    Senior UI Developer

    I recommend Credo systemz for learning best React JS training in Chennai based on my training experience which has upskilled my knowledge with hands on training .As a beginner my trainer made it easily for me to learn with explaining every concept very clearly using many examples .he is very friendly, readily available to clear my doubt and help us to complete real world projects with code reviews.

    Web developer Python reviews



    I joined React JS Online training in at Credo Systemz based on the positive online reviews. My trainer explains each concept clearly to make them understandable that helps me to do any React JS project without others' help. Credo Systemz also provides placement support which helped me to start a successful career growth. I didnt faced any issues with Online platform.

    Cloud solution architect python review


    Front-end Developer

    I completed my React JS course in Chennai at credo systemz that assists to expertise React JS with its latest techniques. Credo systemz is the reason that I completed React JS successfully with my dream job. My trainer helped me with doubt clearance, assessments, projects, interview tips and much more. I strongly recommend Credo Systemz for React JS course with placements. Thanks to Credo Systemz!!

    Hadoop developer Python reviews


    Team Lead

    I am working as a React JS developer in the UI field with the help of React JS training in Chennai at credo systemz. My trainer ensures training to gain clear knowledge by explaining every theoretical concept using practical training and encourages us to code using assessments, code review , and projects. Credo systemz placement team guides me in starting my career with interview tips, resume building and latest interview questions with answers.

    AWS solution architect python review



    After completing my Bachelor's degree, I decided to learn React Js. One of my friend referred credo Systemz. I attended Free demo session via Online. Trainers are well experienced in related field. React JS syllabus is highly advanced to compared with other institutes. I got many hands-on experiences in React JS, it built the confidence level to attend the interviews. I got my Dream Job. Thanks credo Systemz for a professional Training.

    Our React Trainee Video Reviews

    Our Alumni Work At

    Credo Systemz has placed thousands of students in various top multinational organiation, witnessing the progress of our alumni gives us immense gratification.

    And 1,000+ Tech Companies

    React JS Training in Chennai Overview

    React is an efficient, and flexible, popular JavaScript library for building user interfaces. Let’s Know More about React JS which gives a clear understanding before starting.

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    For Online and Classroom Training

    Our Credo Systemz React JS Training in Chennai provides dedicated training of the React JS concepts, its application to gain the required professional skill sets needed for a React JS developer under the guidance of real-time industrial experts. To learn React JS Training in Chennai, The Aspirants should have the below prerequisites

    • Basic knowledge of HTML, CSS, and JavaScript
    • Basic understanding of ES6 features
    • Basic understanding of OOPs concepts

    Apart from the above requirements, the main thing needed to learn React JS is your passion and new main set. Our React JS Course Syllabus is designed to cope up with all the essential industrial skillset for Fresher and Front-end developers who want to enable career growth using React JS. So just enroll and feel the difference with Credo Systemz React JS training in Chennai.

    • Learn React JS training from our Highly Qualified Experts with hands-on real-time projects.
    • Offering the flexible timing and affordable fees structure for React JS Training.
    • Our ReactJS Course is framed by the experts in the technology to meet the current industry standards and needs.
    • The main focus of this course which involves helping you to build components and integrating into more complex design components by best practices.
    • Most Importantly our ReactJS training program will start from complete scratch - Native JavaScript.
    • Hands-on Practical assignments for every topic which makes you strong in technically.
    • After the completion of the React JS training, the aspirants will be able to meet all the skills required for the job descriptions posted by companies for a ReactJS application developer.
    The essential skills for React JS Developers that are covered in our course are:
    • HTML , CSS
    • JavaScript
    • JSON
    • AJAX
    • RJX
    • React Native
    • React JS

    React JS is the most demanding skill with a lot of popularity among tech companies worldwide and the credit goes to its growing developer resources, extensive nature and resourcefulness, documentation and support from Facebook. React JS is simple, easy to learn and used for building GUI, Front End Web Applications using independent, reusable components along with Our React JS Training in Chennai.

    In the recent survey of 2020, the role of React JS Developer has seen a 184% increase in the total number of open positions compared to 2019 which makes it one of the most demanding digital skills. Approximately 8 thousand companies along with the topmost companies are using React JS because it’s an efficient design and developer tool.

    • React JS Developer
    • React JS Front End Developer
    • Full Stack React JS Developer
    • Software Engineer
    • Senior Software Engineer
    • Web Developer
    • Sr. Software Engineer / Developer / Programmer
    React JS Salary details

    React JS is a must for every industry because of its efficient single-page application. The average React JS developer salary in India is ₹ 848,641 per year which increases based on experience, location, skillset. This clearly shows that the React JS Coaching increases once career opportunities with an effective salary package day by day. If you are looking for a great career start and growth, React JS is the right choice with its flexibility and high performance.

    Our React JS training in Chennai at Credo Systemz is the exclusive course to provide efficient training with placement support for our aspirants from very basic to advanced level for leading a successful career path. The Reasons to Choose Credo Systemz for learning React JS are given below,

    • Credo Systemz is the best training institute to provide React JS training in Chennai to acquire in-built knowledge with practical training in React JS with the help of real world examples and projects.
    • Our React JS training in Chennai provides training with unique course content with the latest trend which is created by our Professional expert trainers and ensures to complete it with detailed step by step explanation using hands-on practices.
    • Credo Systemz assures quality trainers to develop the skill set needed for any React JS expert using training, projects, assessments, code review, doubt sessions and much more.
    • React JS training in Chennai at Credo Systemz stands out because of our placement support using interview tips, Professional resume building, latest interview questions with answers.
    • React JS training in Chennai helps to develop confidence among the aspirants to face the interview with the help of conducting mock interviews using our placement team. Our React JS training in Chennai is the best preferred training course with positive reviews from our aspirants.

    React JS is the efficient, flexible JavaScript library to build interactive user interface framework, robust component centric applications . In recent times, React JS is the best suited front end technology for software development. Let’s take a look at the learning objectives of our React JS training in Chennai,

    • Our React JS training in Chennai assists the aspirants to acquire in-built knowledge of React JS with JSX, NPM, Flux and Redux to have a better understanding of React JS concepts and the basics of its applications.
    • To develop strong knowledge of JavaScript this is the primary language for React JS and ES6 (ECMAScript 6), HTML, CSS from scratch to the advanced level.
    • Our React JS course in Chennai ensures you become expert in handling React JS real time projects with a deep understanding of React JS along with its components, forms, routing and much more.
    • To become pro in handling React JS projects with hands-on practice on single page applications, basic app creation, React JS applications with all features, components and applications .
    • Finally Our React JS training in Chennai course assists you in completing the React JS course with practical training to make sure you become an expert in React JS with all the necessary skills set and techniques that lead to career growth.
    • First of all, we are happy to share that we are ranked as the Best React JS training institute in Chennai based on our quality training, placement records with more positive reviews across the Internet.
    • We stand out from the crowd because of our unique React JS syllabus, quality practical oriented training and our complete placement support.
    • We are Providing React JS training as a classroom, online and corporate training with flexible timing as well.
    • Most importantly, our training will be handled by dedicated Industry Experts with real-time projects.
    • Important to note, our React JS syllabus has been framed by web experts from top IT firms and updated every 3 months to cope up with industrial standards.
    • We are providing the Best React JS Course in Chennai at both of our branches located in Velachery and OMR.
    • Effective industrial Expert trainers who ensure quality React JS training with their personal touch and individual attention by understanding the candidate's needs.
    • As a result, you become a Professional Expert in React JS and get your dream job in Top MNCs as a React JS developer.
    • Offering Job-based and Real-time practical oriented React JS Training in Chennai, which will help you to enhance your skills and make you stronger technically.
    • Our uniqueness is Complete Hands-on React JS training in Chennai with 100% Placement Assistance with our complete support system.

    Recent React JS Reviews

    I have done my React Js online course in Credo Systemz. I was working in Australia as a JavaScript developer. I have found Credo Systemz for Best React JS online training. Overall my Training experience was good. We can approach the trainer at any time. - Aditiya, Project Lead at Verizon Data Services
    I have joined fast track React Js course in Credo Systemz. I gained good knowledge in React JS. The trainer gave lots of real-time examples which makes me an expert in React JS. I refer recommend Credo Systemz for Best learning experience in React JS. - Kamalesh, Senior UI Developer at PayPal India

    Our React JS Instructors - Industry Experts

    In Credo Systemz, We enable the right quality trainers to upskill our aspirants to explore and learn the subject knowledge in a real-time environment. Our trainers are Professional experts who always assist their candidates to receive the utmost knowledge and take them to the next level.

    • Credo Systemz React JS Trainers are industrial React JS experts with More than 12+ Years of Experience in Top MNC’s.
    • Our Trainers educate with acquiring in-depth knowledge in React JS concepts, components using real-time practices and Expertise in the Front End Application platform.
    • Our React JS Trainers equip the aspirants with required theoretical knowledge in a practical way using training and practices in the front-end applications.
    • Our Trainers ensure exploring the subject with the necessary industrial skillset and up-to-date concepts, scenarios.
    • React JS Trainers are certified experts to fulfill the candidate's needs in friendly approach, individual attention, doubt clearance sessions.
    • Credo Systemz Trainers assure complete practical training with the practices of the single page Application process.
    • Our trainers are passionate to be available for the candidates whenever they are in need to share their knowledge.
    • Our Trainers guide the students in professional resume building, assessments, projects and mock interview to be successful .

    React JS Training FAQ's

    React JS is a popular, open-source, effective JavaScript Library for building Reusable UI components. React JS is developed and maintained by Facebook and the main aim of React JS is better performance and interactive web applications. React JS carries out the User Interface of the applications which means "View" in Model-View-Controller. React JS works as the template language for your web Application especially for single-page applications.

    React JS is popular when compared to other plenty of frontend frameworks available for web applications. Let’s have a look at the benefits of React JS over other Technologies. Simplicity

    • React JS is very simple to use.
    • It uses plain JavaScript, so easy to learn and develop.
    • Well component-based Structured Approach.
    • It has a lightweight library that deals with the view layer.
    • React JS introduces a special syntax called JSX which allows developers to write HTML with JavaScript.
    • JSX is much easier than JavaScript
    Very Easy to learn
    • If you have basic programming knowledge, you can easily learn React.
    • Less knowledge in HTML & JavaScript is enough to start learning React JS.
    Native Approach
    • React JS provides component based structure which is quite easy to start with tiny components.
    • Not only for web applications, can be used for Mobile Application also.
    • It allows developers to reuse the code which is easy to maintain.
    • We can use the same React code for Web Application, Android and iOS Applications.
    Better Performance
    • React JS offers Better Performance that involves high user interaction since it learns once and writes anywhere library with the component-based approach.
    • Well Testability
      • React JS applications are very easy to test.

    The few important benefits of React JS are,

    • React JS is flexible with a vast variety of platforms to build a quality user interface. It creates a great developer experience which uses HTML (JSX) inside pure JavaScript. React is popular with steady growth with Facebook resources and support. High maintenance, usability, and boost productivity which guarantee code stability.
    Not only learning the course, here you will do one real-time Project!

    Learning React JS is not a big deal. In Credo Systemz, you will learn React JS Course with real-time project. So that you can understand what are the issues you may face while start work on the project. The project fully developed by yourself only, the trainer teach you all the things and guide you. If you follow up the classes properly, at the end of the course you will have one real-time React JS project which is developed by yourself.

    Of course!!

    The React JS course conducted by Credo Systemz is purely real-time practical oriented only. Each and every topic you will have some hands-on experience. From the 1st session itself, you can start work on the project. You will be asked for doing many assessments. We will discuss and practice many real-time use cases in the web application.

    You become a Master in React JS
    • Extreme knowledge inReact.js.
    • Knowledge in various components of React.js, JSX and the Flux architecture.
    • You can build complex user interfaces which having a unidirectional data flow, with React.js.
    • Overall you can gain knowledge of those who having 1-year industry experience.

    Totally 50 hrs, but no Rush!!
    The total course duration will be 50 hrs but there is no rush to complete the course. We will give you endless support. You can reach us anytime. Once you completed the course and still having doubts in any one of the topics means you will be allowed into next batch where the same topic is going on.

    We with will provide you all the course materials, day to day session workout files, Lab practicals, etc., Everything will be shared in Google drive at the end of the class. The shared drive has lifetime accessibility. You can review the code, go through the materials whenever you need.

    Credo Systemz providing 100% Placement Assistance.
    Not only after the completion of training, but we will also provide you placement assistance when you doing course itself. From our placement team, you will get job emails every day. You will get job alerts through WhatsApp. We have tied up with many of our client companies. Whenever they have recruitment, we will send your CVs.

    For sure!!
    Once you submitted an enquiry with us, our admin team will call back and schedule a Free demo session for you. Actually, it's not a demo session, it's an ongoing live session. You can sit with existing live batch and understand the quality of the training, your expectations are fulfilling or not and also you directly discuss with our trainer.

    You will be sitting with our existing ongoing sessions. If you have any queries or if you have clarifications, you can directly discuss with our candidates also.

    During the course journey, you will be asked to do many assessments. After completing the course, you have to come for 3 mock interviews. It will boost your confidence level.
    Also we have tie-up with our client companies, so whenever they have recruitment, we will forward your CV.

    React JS Certification

    Credo Systemz's certificate is highly recognized by 1000+ Global companies around the world.

    Download the certificate once you,
    • Complete our React JS training program
    • After successfully Completing the Realtime Industry projects
    • Successful completion of assignments with assessment

    Related Courses

    We intend our React JS course to upgrade your skills in front-end. The job offers of React JS are highly increased with competitive salaries. Credo Systemz’s React JS training is more dynamic with the latest updated topics.