Cloud computing is one of the mainstreams in now a days. The Top market for cloud computing provides like Amazon Web Services, Azure and Google cloud platform are the most popular in cloud technology. Here Amazon Vs Azure Vs GCP(Google cloud platform) we will discuss the major difference between these three cloud providers.But we compare the Amazon, Azure, GCP, let take a topic we will discuss here,

  • What is Amazon Web Services?
  • What is Azure?
  • What is Google cloud Platform?
  • What is the difference between these top 3 cloud providers?
  • So, let’s start the most popular Cloud computing provider – Amazon Web Services

To Start, Amazon web services is the lead cloud computing service provider which provides more than 200+ fully featured services to match different types of organization requirements around the world. This secure cloud computing platform provides services for individuals, companies and governments.

Secondly, the main benefit of cloud computing is it provides sophisticated applications which are also reliable, scalability and faster. More than 50 % of organization spends $ 1.2 million on Amazon. AWS reports that 13,5B$ in revenue during Q4 2021which represents 12% of Amazon total revenue and 4B$ in operating income. For Knowledge :Amazon Web Services

Now lets see What exactly is Azure

Followed by, Microsoft Azure is the next cloud computing platform which had impressive growth close to AWS provided by Microsoft. Azure had impressive growing stats with growth reaching 90% when compared to the previous quarters in the last few years.

The main benefit of Microsoft Azure is that it provides hybrid cloud, multilayered security and largest compliance which helps in building, deploying and testing servers and applications when comparing other cloud services. More than 36% of organization spends $ 1.2 million on Azure.

Now lets see GCP,

The Google Cloud is the third largest cloud provider which has a revenue uplift of 54 percent in Q2 2021 that mainly targeted on corporate customers.

The main benefit of Google cloud computing platform is its scalable infrastructure which helps to modernise your applications that is a close competitor to Azure and AWS with best cloud infrastructure. This is a highly focused cloud computing platform which provides specific commitments to your applications. Google cloud computing platform has many services which include data analytics, machine learning, core infrastructure and more. More than 18 % of organization spends $ 1.2 million on GCP

Sl.Num Amazon Azure Google Cloud Platform
1 AWS was launched in 2002, offered by amazon.com Microsoft Azure was launched in 2010 offered by Microsoft Google cloud platform was launched in 2011 offered by Google
2 Offers 200+ Services Offers 100+ Services Offers 60+ Services
3 Popular in 66 zones in worldwide 54 zones in all over the world 20 zones in all over the world
4 Cloud Market share 32% Cloud Market share 19% Cloud Market share 07%
5 The AWS customers are Netflix, BMW, Samsung, MI etc., The Azure customers are Apple, Johnson, Polycom, Honeywell, etc., GCP customers are Dominos, Paypal, Bloomberg, etc.,
6 Strength of AWS is Data base, Analytics, Networking Hybrid cloud is Strength of Azure Data Analytics, Deep Learning, Machine learning and Artificial Intelligence are the strength of Google cloud platform
7 AWS: One year free trial and discounts as well. Azure: Offers pay per minute billing option GCP: Offers pay per second billing option
8 IaaS: Amazon Elastic Cloud IaaS: Virtual Machines IaaS: Google compute engine
9 PaaS: AWS Elastic Beanstalk PaaS: App Service & Cloud Service PaaS: Google App Engine
10 Common In three platforms: self-service, auto scaling, identity management, security and compliance all three are common on all the three platforms even though AWS is much bigger in functionality and maturity common In three platforms: self-service, auto scaling, identity management, security and compliance common In three platforms: self-service, auto scaling, identity management, security and compliance

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