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Selenium Training in Chennai at Credo Systemz from the Trainer who is having more than 10+ years of experienced professional in IT Industry. We provide you the Best Selenium Training in Chennai among the different training institutes in Chennai. Our Selenium Training Course content ensures the absolute Practical oriented Selenium Training learning in Chennai. Credo Systemz, with the capability of providing hands-on Selenium Testing Training solutions, seats itself as Best Selenium Training Institute in Chennai.

Selenium training course content provided by Credo Systemz covers all the topics starting from basics to advanced concepts. We are conducting Practical and Job Oriented Selenium Training with real time examples. As a result, the trainees should be benefited during the interviews especially who looking for Placements. That’s the reason Credo Systemz is ranked as No1 Selenium Training Institute in Chennai among several selenium training institutes in Chennai. We stand out in Selenium Training as Best Selenium Training in Velachery Chennai, and it is purely based on our training methodology. Our Selenium course is helpful for beginners and advanced level Selenium automation tester.

You Going to get Amazing Benefits of Our Selenium Software Testing Training Package at Credo Systemz

About Selenium Course

What is Selenium?

Selenium is a popular automation testing tool which is widely used to test the web applications. The main purpose of Selenium tool is automating web browsers. Selenium is also defined as the set of various tools to automate different web applications. The different tools include Selenium IDE, Selenium WebDriver, Selenium RC, Selenium Grid. Many of popular web browsers support Selenium by adding it in their browser by default.

Why Selenium?

Selenium Automation testing tool is used all over the world since it is effective and also open source. According to the latest survey Selenium automation testing tool is used by 70% of companies and also the growth of automation testing increased while comparing to the previous years. Selenium is also named in the Top Trending Software Technologies 2018.

Benefits of Selenium

 SeleniumTraining in Chennai

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  • What is automation testing?
  • When Automation Testing is needed?
  • What is the use of automation testing?
  • Different Automation Tools available in the Market.
  • What is the difference between Selenium and QTP?


  • Java Installation
  • Introduction to all predefined packages
  • More about JVM,JRE&JDK
  • Types of Variables
  • Data Types in Java

Real-time Practicals
Implementing Calculator Functionality


  • Introduction to OOPS
  • Class
  • Object
  • Local, Instance and static variables
  • Constructors
  • Methods
  • Arrays
  • This keyword
  • Final Keyword
  • Inheritance and Types
  • Working with super classes and subclasses
  • Super Keyword
  • Using types of polymorphism such as overloading, overriding, and dynamic binding
  • Abstraction
  • Encapsulation
  • Abstract classes
  • Interfaces
  • String Methods
  • Collections
  • Exception Handling

Real-time Practicals
1. Java Logical Programs from Interview Point of View .
2. Interview Questions Discussion.


  • I/O using Java
  • Files (Create/Read/Write operations on files)

Real-time Practicals
Reading Values from the File and Perform Java Logical Programs.


  • What is Selenium?
  • Advantages of Selenium
  • Architecture of Selenium WebDriver


  • IDE Overview
  • RC Overview
  • Selenium-Grid
  • Selenium Web Driver/Selenium 3.0


  • Installing IDE
  • IDE icons
  • Recording your first test with IDE
  • IDE Context Menu
  • Assert
  • Verify
  • Adding IDE comments
  • Write your own IDE script without record and playback

Real-time Practicals
Writing the Record and PlayBack Script with Validation in the Form Submission Application

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  • Selenium Internal Architecture
  • Downloading web driver Jars configuring in eclipse
  • Drivers for Firefox, IE, Chrome, Opera, Safariand HTML Unit Driver.
  • What is the difference between RC and WD?
  • Installing and Configuring Eclipse for Web Driver


  • ID
  • Name
  • Class Name
  • Link Text
  • Partial Link Text
  •  Path

Real-time Practicals
Interview Questions Discussion.


  • Edit box
  • Link
  • Button
  • Checkbox
  • Radio Button
  • Drop Down Box
  • Select value
  • Display all values
  • Select values step by step
  • Capture screenshots
  • Synchronization Commands In Web Drive
  • Implicit wait
  • Explicit wait
  • Web Driver wait
  • File uploads and File downloads
  • Handling alerts
  • Handling confirmation messages
  • Keyboard actions
  • Mouse actions
  • Handling I frames
  • Handling multiple tabs
  • Handling popups
  • Preparing web driver test cases using customized x-path
  • HandlingWebTables

Real-time Practicals
1.Performing End to End Scenarios in Ecommerce Application.
2.Performing End to End Scenarios in User Registration Application.
3.Handling WebTables in the Live Score Card.
4.Performing Functionality Test in the Banking Application.


  • Interacting with Database
  • Interacting with Property File
  • Interacting with XML
  • Interacting with Excel

Real-time Practicals
1.Retrieving Values from the Property file and perform End to End Scenarios in Live Projects .
2.Reading and Writing Values from the Excel File and perform End to End Scenarios in Live Projects.


  • How to Install TestNG plug-in in Eclipse?
  • TestNG Annotations
  • TestNG sample script
  • Selenium testing script from scratch
  • Creating Test suites using TestNG
  • Reports generation using TestNG
  • Parameterized test cases using TestNG framework
  • Preparing TestNG Parallel Suite
  • Running test multiple times, depends on Methods,Grouping
  • TestNG Listener Sample Program

Real-time Practicals
Implementing the Live Project Using TestNG


  • Why Page Object Model & When it will be effective
  • POM Design Rules
  • POM Implementation of Rules
  • Implementation of testcases using POM framework

Real-time Practicals
Developing the TestNG Framework using POM Design Pattern in the Live Project.


  • Installing Extent Report Plugin in Eclipse
  • Methods in Extent Report
  • Extent Report Implementation

Real-time Practicals
Generating the Live Report which Include Failure Screenshots


  • Maven Features
  • Maven Build Process and Dependencies
  • Maven Automation Project Build
  • Best Practices


  • Install Jenkins
  • Setup Maven Project in Jenkins
  • Schedule the build
  • Best Practices

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Queries You may Have

Should You teach Java before Selenium ?

Selenium with Java is widely used in the IT Industry, though Selenium supports different scripting languages. Java is the most popular among them. Don’t you have sufficient knowledge in Java? – No worries, our Selenium Training starts from basic Java Programming.

How hard is to learn Selenium ?

NO HARD!Good knowledge in Java can be very helpful if you really want to learn Selenium.
In 45 to 50 Hours of course duration, you will become an Expert in Selenium Automation.

Where will I be land up in after the completion of Selenium Automation Training ?

Yes, You can start automating the Project using Selenium on your own without anyone’s guidance/support.
You can be able to attend and crack the Selenium Automation Interview as well.

Will you Help Me for Interviews?

YES! After the course completion, We will conduct Three Mock Interviews. In the Three Mock Interviews, We will figure outs your Technical competence and where you need to Improve. So after the Mock Interviews, You will have a Clear Vision and moreover, it will Increase your Confident Level.

Sample Resume formats for All different Technologies.

Will you provide any selenium interview questions sets ?


You can check here the Top MNC Selenium Interview Questions & Answers which is collected by our placement team.  It consists of all the frequently asked interview questions which will be really helpful for you to clear the interviews easily.

I like to join your Selenium course, May I know the registration process?


Just give a call to +91- 9884412301 or fill up the form in the side bar to get a call from our admin team, they will provide you the required details about our next batch and registration process.

More Queries ask here – Selenium FAQs

Selenium Training with Placement in Chennai

Our Training is focused more on Selenium framework. A framework is a bottom line to build the automation scripts and we train the candidates in Selenium Grid as it plays a major role in parallel execution. We have our own Selenium Training Syllabus, material, and documents so candidates no need to refer any other books and online materials.

Our Best Automation Testing Training in Chennai also guarantees you providing cost effective training, where you have to get training from top Selenium Corporate Minds. Our satisfied candidate has ranked us as a Best Selenium Training Institute in Chennai with Practical/Hands-on training with free placement support. Check out the free placement drives conducted on our premises.

Here are Our Latest Software Testing Placed Candidates

Benefits of Selenium Software Testing Training Package at Credo Systemz

CREDO SYSTEMZ is the Best Selenium Training Institute in Chennai which provides more Practical Oriented Training rather than theoretical oriented. As part of the Training, we are covering Java. The Course duration will be around 45 – 50 hours.

We offer both Class Room Training as well as Online Training. Trainers here are actually working for various MNC’s who is having real time experience in the IT Industry. That’s why CREDO SYSTEMZ is Prominent for Best Selenium Testing Training in Chennai.

Selenium Careers

Basically, Selenium is the Open Source Functional Automation Testing Tool which was developed by Thought Works. Selenium supports different Scripting language and it supports different Operating Systems that’s why it is being used in most of the IT Companies. Now it’s a Best Automation Testing tool and all the manual testers are started to learn Selenium Testing. Check here the Latest Job Opportunities.

Top 100 Selenium Interview Questions (Must Read)

To know more about Selenium, Please visit our Selenium Tutorial

High Facts which makes us the BEST Selenium Training Institute in Chennai

  • Practical oriented Selenium Training in Chennai and Online Training by Industrial experts.
  • Also, we provide Basics to Advanced level concepts in training series.
  • Furthermore, our Instructor has 10+ years of experience in Selenium Training & Testing Automation.
  • As a result, You can get updated knowledge in Selenium Testing.
  • We have Best Lab facilities, so you can use it as much as you want.
  • Almost Interview focused Selenium Training for beginners in Chennai.
  • Therefore, we guarantee 100% Selenium jobs placement support for freshers.
  • Consequently, Practical Assignments, Assessments and Mock interview will be conducted post training sessions.
  • We are also Ranked Best Selenium Training Center in Chennai Velachery as much as all positive Reviews
  • Most noteworthy Less selenium training fees in Chennai.
  • Hence, We offer Hands-on Selenium Training in Chennai and placement assistance for candidates.
  • Also, We provide adequate knowledge about Selenium automation testing and the different frameworks.
  • Our value is the attention each student receives from us while learning the Selenium Training in Chennai.
  • Since Compact batch size for Best Selenium Automation Testing Training in Chennai.
  • Our Selenium Training in Chennai classes will make sure that you get confidence in Software Test Automation.
  • Especially our Course content formulated for the Job based Selenium Training in Chennai.
  • Yet CREDO SYSTEMZ offers Selenium corporate training for Software Developing Companies.
  • In addition, Special care will be taken for the Freshers during Selenium Training Chennai.
  • Finally, Affordable Selenium course fee with special offers for Students/Freshers at Best Selenium Training in Chennai.
  • In result, You can get Highly skilled Selenium Training with Less course fees in Chennai.
  • It is our esteemed duty to communicate the current prominence and requirements to accomplish tasks and jobs through Selenium Training in Chennai.
  • Minimum Selenium training cost in Chennai.

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Selenium Training in Credo Systemz – Reviews

Real-time Practical Oriented Selenium Training in Chennai  
varshini karthik   
Author Picture

I was trained under Madhan on Java & Selenium. His classes were very detailed with practical examples of implementation and concepts, tidbits on how to attend interviews and regular exercises. Best part of this training was that he would be straight forward on the feedback which he gives you and drives you to try harder with each class. He also repeats the concepts until everybody understands them.

Credo Systemz are flexible with your attendance of the course as well, they let us attend certain sessions second if we need it, i even had to take break between Java and Selenium parts of my course, which they let me. Class rooms environments are quite comfortable as well.

Selenium Training with core Java Concepts  
Shasthri Subramaniam   
Author Picture

Hi everyone, I am Shasthri. I have joined Credo for Selenium Training. I had zero knowledge with regards to java. The Trainer here gave us the best selenium training along with Java and assisted me whenever we need help and also explained the concept with real time projects. Trainer has so much knowledge on selenium that he can clear all my doubts. During the course, the trainer has given us exercises which helped us to understand the topics and built confidence on the interview perspective too. I am happy that I have joined Credo. Thanks.

Well organized Selenium Training  
Author Picture

Overall the course was well designed and kept it is as goal oriented. The tutors method of teaching was understandable and much effective. The course was well organized. Many were newbie to selenium, when the course started but now we understood the concepts of selenium and the logic how to automate. He is approachable and we all had positive impact on the learning part. Will also discuss the interview questions and guide us how to approach those.

100% Practical & Job Oriented Training  
Mathu Bala   
Author Picture

I joined in CREDO took up the Selenium course, as a manual tester i know some basic stuff of testing. Mr. Karthick, my tutor he explained me lot about Selenium tool with full of practical sessions & real time scenarios. He gave me some study materials also. Friendly tutor & good environment to learn.
Totally the training was worth for money my precious time.

"The best course I have taken so far! "  
Author Picture

Hi, this is Vamshi, working for MNC in Singapore; I Planned to learn Selenium Training, so initially I searched for Selenium Training in Singapore which is bit costly but at the same time quality is also not good, so I had decided to take Online Training. I had attended the Free Demo Session provided by CREDO SYSTEMZ thr’ Skype and I were very much impressed in the way that Prakash (Selenium Trainer) has delivered. Training is Simply Superb.

Real Time & Practical Oriented Training  
Author Picture

I am Arvind, Test Lead (Manual) at CapGemini. I got an opportunity in a new project in Selenium Automation framework. I started for searching best for Selenium training in Chennai. Attended demo & found CREDO SYSTEMZ to be reliable, genuine and professional.

They are very transparent in their functioning and approach. They taught me Java fundas for 5 classes after which I was able to write test cases on my own.

They guided me well and taught me everything from the scratch in Java. I have completed the PoC at my company in Selenium. Now, I have joined Java classes and pursuing the same in CREDO SYSTEMZ.

"Great experience, highly recommended"  
Vijay Raman   
Author Picture

Attended Demo with Vijay for manual and Selenium and joined at Credo Systemz.. From the day one step by step examples and execution made me passionate towards testing. Thank u sir

Best Place to Learn Automation Testing  
Author Picture

Selenium is the Open Source testing tool, which is widely used in IT industries. From the automation standpoint, Selenium is a good tool to work. Actually i don’t have any exposure to selenium, so i joined CREDO SYSTEMZ for selenium training. The framework that i learnt from there is TestNG. With that Practical oriented training now I’m gonna work in Selenium for my new upcoming project.

Really Great Training Experience!  
Author Picture

Upgrading my professional skill with Selenium at Credo systemz is truly an enriching experience. I would be glad to recommend this to my friends who are looking for a breakthrough in their career. No doubt, Credo Systemz was my right choice.

Highly Recommended  
Author Picture

This is Avishek. I came to know about Credo systemz from few of my colleagues who were undergoing Selenium and UFT classes. I enrolled myself for the UFT classes and it will be an understatement to mention how much it benefitted me. The course is as per the industry trends and equally interactive at same time. Faculty member mentioning Mr Karthick helped me in understanding the basics and criticalities of the tool and the importance of it in industry.Course was completed on time and adequate importance has been provided for doubt clearing and mock interview preparations. I highly recommend Credo Systemz for any candidates for Automation training.

Check here for candidates feedback on Selenium Training through CREDO SYSTEMZ Reviews, Video Reviews, Google+ Reviews

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