Cloud Computing Salary Trends – What to Expect (2024)

Do you have any idea about Cloud computing skills & future scope or any predictions? And, think out -why organizations are looking up for Cloud-based professionals & guess in what aspects? Here, in this blog- you can get to know the entire cloud computing importance and scope along with salary predictions. Let’s dive into the Cloud Computing Salary blog and get acknowledged.

Organizations are hiring more cloud professionals, that can support them leverage the cloud to establish digital revolution goals. Reference to the global employment rate in tech is relatively focused on hiring qualified professionals in the field of IT skills, especially cloud computing. It is because, you must be efficient with the skills you acquire, that makes you stand unique from competitors.

To get such support, we would recommend the best Cloud computing courses to get placed at top cloud computing jobs.

In accordance with this, the Public cloud computing market is expected to be valued at $800 billion by 2025, profited with cloud computing skills could be well worth your time and efforts reference to the future. Eventually, this will prepare you and make you eligible for abundant job opportunities with high-paying Cloud Computing salaries.

Network and Cloud Architect

Network/cloud architects are highly in authority regarding the plan, design, and upgrade activities on various network and cloud projects. As a result of this, it enhances an organization’s overall computing strategy. They even work efficiently close to the IT team- which tends to be the number one resource regarding any troubleshooting issues related to network architecture and signifying system improvements.

To withstand this role, candidates should possess good experience in managing networks and cloud technologies. One such should be capable to get a role like Network & Cloud Architect. Pick thebest Cloud Architect course in Chennai.

Network/Cloud Architect Salary globally:
  • The Average Cloud Systems Architect salary is $106,100 / year in the US.
  • The Average network/cloud architect salary is £63,732 / year in the UK.
  • Network/cloud architect’s average salary in India is ₹19L / year.

DevOps Architect:

Where, DevOps architect outlines a systematic solution that satisfies the best across the technical, operational,and management standards. They support producing an organized solution by inspecting the large system environment and just by choosing the application framework to manage the given system hitches.

Eventually, the DevOps architect should be always proficient of handle all the issues by executing the strategies which are already in line with the DevOps best practices.Do you want to uplift your skills to become a master in DevOps Methodology, enroll in DevOps Training in Chennai.

Updated salary for DevOps Architect:
  • DevOps & Cloud Architect salary in India generally for experienced professionals ranges from ₹ 13 Lakhs to ₹ 60 Lakhs with an average annual salary of ₹ 27.8 Lakhs.
  • The average salary for DevOps Architect is £78,055 in London, UK.
  • The average DevOps Architect salary in the United States is $151,194 as per the recent report on September 26, 2022.

Cloud Network Engineer

Typically, the role of a network/cloud engineer is to implement, design, and bring about day-to-day support, and in taking care of network & cloud services. They are even tasked with recognizing the best cloud providers and scaling cloud services to address your growing business needs. In order to accomplish these achieve these tasks, the candidate must be efficient in handling the cloud networking and hardware & software.

To build a strong base on the server and network infrastructure, interfacing, and security, eventually on analytical & problem-solving skills can bring you first in hiring position as per the leading company. To establish such, you need to be aware of leading cloud providers like Amazon web services, Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud Platform, and eventually the cloud-based systems.

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Updated Cloud Network Engineer Salary:
  • An average salary for a cloud Engineer in the UK is $150,866 /year.
  • The average cloud network engineer salary in the UK is £ 35,183 / year.
  • When it comes to India, a cloud network engineer’s average salary is ₹6L / year.
  • Cloud Database Administrator

    With reference to the capabilities of the cloud and the growing acceptance of database-like services (DBaaS), database administrators are increasingly associated with data in the cloud. In authority for managing cloud- based databases, we need professionals who play a major role in guiding businesses into new technologies like the Internet of things (IoT), blockchain, and AI, all of the above- cloud computing qualifies People in this role to work directly with business leaders, managers, and customers.

    As a result of this, you can find out the most suitable ways to apply data to solve business-related concerns. To be in this designation, you must be ready with your active skills like Azure, JSON, DevOps, analytics, Linux & Linux scripting, Machine learning, and artificial intelligence. Surprisingly, you can get these courses in one platform-The best IT Course training in Chennai.

    Updated Cloud Database Administrator salary:
    • Cloud Database Administrators in the US can averagely earn a salary of $130,000 / year.
    • The average salary of Cloud Database Administrators in India is ₹ 501,660 / year.
    • Whereas, the average salary for Cloud Administrator is £56,581 in the UK.

    Cloud Security Analysts

    Cloud security analysts play a crucial role in confirming the security of cloud systems within an organization. It is also one of the recommended precise measures that can effectively boost-up the company’s overall security, particularly cloud usage. Just, try to work on hands to establish the potential flaws & address security requirements when an organization is drifting to the public cloud.

    As a result of this, jobs requirement must have dense CSE background and knowledge related to the latest security protocols, authentication, & certification. On the other hand, also expected to know about cloud services like AWS, Microsoft Azure, and Rackspace can put you on a priority list. Immediately, look for the best Cloud computing course training online.

    Cloud Security Analysts Salary:
    • Average salary for Cloud Security Analysts in the US is $94,796 / year.
    • Whereas, the average annual salary of Cloud Security Analysts is ₹ 8,14,386 / year in India.
    • Cloud Analyst’s average salary is £56,570 in the United Kingdom

    Overall Predictions

    The experience of the Cloud Engineer is highly required in many factors of Cloud Computing salary. On the other hand, your pay will increase as a cloud engineer in future 2024 with the updatedcloud-computing skills. A cloud engineer with approximately 0-3 years of experience can earn a Cloud Computing salary of around ₹12,41,123/ annum. Eventually, the salary of a cloud engineer with capable of 4-6 years of experience, can get around ₹18,45,827 – ₹19,01,389.

    When it comes to active locations – India’s IT hotspots like Tamil Nadu, Mumbai, and Karnataka. The requirement can be paid. In Karnataka, the average salary is ₹9,13,087 per annum, in Maharashtra is ₹7,20,119, and in Tamil Nadu, it is ₹4,27,000. As a result of this, salary predictions may be in accordance with the cloud computing industry with a stand of ₹8,20,543 to ₹1,228,902.


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