Data Scientist Salary in India Freshers Experienced – 2024

In recent years Data Science career opportunities are growing very rapidly. Due to heavy competition, all the companies and brands are looking back at their data insights and compare with real-world data to increase their profits. The Data insights give you many ideas and opportunities to correct the mistakes. Due to this main reason, industries are ready to pay a high salary for Data Scientists.

India is the second-largest country in the world to hire Data Scientists, which is next to the USA. India has a large number of openings for Data Engineers. As a result, if you have the required skills and ready to update yourself for a big career change in Data Science, then you are the one who companies seeking as d Data Scientist.

Who is a Data Scientist?

Data scientists generally gather and analyze hugesets of data. Data could be either Structured Data or Unstructured data. Typicaldata scientists should have knowledge on Computer Science, Statistics & Mathematics.Data Scientist used to analyze the data, process the data and model the dataand then they finally interpret the results to create action plans for theirclients or for their organizations.

Data scientists are analytical experts who used to utilizetheir skill set in both technology and social science to identify the trends andto manage the data. Data Scientist uses their industry knowledge, contextualunderstanding, skepticism of existing assumptions. These will help them touncover solutions to business challenges.

Data scientists are the one who works closely with their clients or businessstakeholders to understand their goals and determine how to use those data toachieve desired goals. Data scientists generally model the data and use therequired algorithms and predictive models to extract the data for businessneeds, which helps to analyze the data and share insights with peers. The processes ofgathering and analyzing data generally follow the below path,

  • Ask the correct questions to begin the discovery process
  • Acquire the data
  • Process and clean the data
  • Integrate and store the data
  • Initial data investigation and exploratory data analysis
  • Choose the appropriate potential models and algorithms
  • Apply data science techniques, such as machine learning, statistical modeling,and artificial intelligence
  • Measure and improve results
  • Present final result to stakeholders
  • Make adjustments based on feedback
  • Repeat the same process for other business problem

Required Skill sets for a Data Scientist

  • Sufficient knowledge in Mathematics, statistics, algorithms, Big Data and Machine Learning.
  • Familiar with Python, R, SQL, Hive and SAS.
  • Analytical skills in Business Data and ask the right questions and find solutions in the data insights.
  • Strong communication skills in order to present the data to clients.

We have detailed Article about Must Have Skills for a Data Scientist, please have a look on it.

Salary of Data Scientist in India

The average data scientists salary in india is ₹818,757 / year. Even Freshers also can earn minimum 500,000 per annum. Having experience in Data Science with 1 – 4 years can earn up to ₹700,000 per annum.Here explained the data scientist salary in india grapical representation.
A data scientist who has 5 to 9 years of experience can earn ₹1,289,679 per annum in India. As your skill sets and experience grow, your pay scale will grow drastically, as a result, a data scientist senior-level can earn around ₹1,857,722

Data Scientist Salary by Companywise

Data Scientist salary range varies from various factors like the place, years of experience, Skills set and companies. Here we listed top companies’ pay scales for Data Scientists.

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