How to double your salary in a year?


To begin, the quest for career advancement and financial growth is perpetual. However, doubling your salary in one year is an ambitious goal. With the right strategies and mindset, it’s entirely achievable. Here’s a comprehensive guide to help you doubling your salary in the IT field within a year

Assess Your Current Situation:

Before diving into any strategy, it’s vital to assess your current position. Evaluate your:

  • Skill set,
  • Working experience,
  • Market demand for your expertise, Strengths,
  • Areas for improvement.

To perform this assessment, Avail Our Career counselors Free assistance. They provide you with the right information, current market trends. This helps you to find the best field, skills to move forward towards the goal.

Set Clear and Specific Goals

Define your salary target for the end of the year. Make sure it’s realistic yet challenging. Break down this goal into smaller milestones for each month or quarter. It will help you track your progress effectively.

Enhance Your Skills

Invest in acquiring new skills or upgrading existing ones that are in high demand in the IT industry. It is crucial in gaining the essential technical skills in IT. Consider certifications, online courses at Credo Systemz. Focus on areas like:

  • AWS
  • Data Science
  • Full Stack Development
  • Programming languages – Java python
  • DevOps


Invest your valuable time in learning AWS which increases your earning potential. AWS Skills positions you as a valuable asset in today’s competitive job market. It opens up lucrative career opportunities such as:

  • Cloud Architect
  • Cloud Engineer
  • DevOps Engineer
  • SysOps Administrator
  • Solution Architect

The knowledge of AWS potentially leads to a significant increase in salary. According to Glass door Report, The average salary for an Aws is ₹6,40000 per year in India.

Data Science

Data science skills are in high demand across industries globally. It offers numerous opportunities for career growth and advancement. Learning data science leads to a substantial increase in salary. In India, The average salary for a Data Scientist is ₹12,00000 per year. Data science skills are transferable across various industries like:

  • Finance,
  • Healthcare,
  • Retail,
  • Technology, and more

Full Stack Development

Companies are in need of developers who can handle both ends of web development. This increases the demand for full stack developers. Full stack developers are proficient in both front-end and back-end technologies. They have a broader understanding of the entire development process.
With a diverse skill set, full stack developers have more opportunities for career advancement. The combination of skills commands a higher salary due to specialized expertise. The average salary for a Full stack developer is ₹5,00,000 per annum in India.

Programming languages

Expertise in programming languages doubles your salary depending on the demand and market trends. Languages like Python, Java are widely used across different industries. Emerging technologies and learning the programming languages associated with them can be lucrative. R programming is widely used in data science and machine learning.


DevOps practices are increasingly adopted by organizations worldwide. It improves collaboration, automation, and efficiency in software development and operations. As a result, there is a high demand for DevOps professionals. They are highly valuable in today’s fast-paced IT industry. It leads to salary premiums for those who excel in this field. The average salary for a Devops Engineer is ₹9,00,000 per year in India.

Professional Training Courses

Credosystemz offers Effective Training for Trending Courses using Industrial experts. The Professional courses ensure live practical sessions to achieve the market demand skills. The Courses provide Job worthy knowledge, Certification support and Career guidance.

Showcase Your Achievements

Document successful projects, cost efficiency improvements and other tangible results. Update your resume, LinkedIn profile, and portfolio to highlight these accomplishments. Effective negotiation is crucial to improve your payscale. Recognize the milestones you’ve reached which will keep you motivated and energized.


Finally, doubling your salary in the IT field within a year requires dedication and strategic planning. By following these actionable steps, Turn your salary doubling goal into a reality. Remember, Success is all about enjoying the career journey and the growth it brings.

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