15 Java Developer Skills You Need to Get Hired in 2024


According to the TIOBE index, Java is one of the most popular programming languages globally.90% of companies on the Fortune 500 list use Java programming language. Java is evolving and keeps up with technological innovations and market trends.It is used in web and mobile application development and modern technologies such as big data, IoT, blockchain, and artificial intelligence (AI). So, Java is the best career choice to shine as a Java Developer skills in 2024.

Java Developer Skills

A Java developer is a software professional who develops software applications using Java programming. They will be active throughout the development life cycle of a product. These developers are capable of analyzing and identifying technical problems for applications,products,websites and more. They provide efficient solutions using Java language and should come up with efficient, workable solutions.

The Top Skills of Java Developers are:

  • Core Skills
  • Java ecosystem
  • MVC Design Pattern
  • JDBC and SQL
  • Java Frameworks & Libraries
  • Java GUI Frameworks
  • Java Concurrency
  • Java Server Pages and Servlets
  • Exception handling
  • Java Building Tools
  • Advanced Java
  • ElasticSearch
  • Microservices
  • Cloud services
  • Docker

1.Core Skills

As a Java developer, it is very important to have a strong understanding of core Java programming language concepts.Develop these Java concepts using practical training to have a solid knowledge

Java data types,variables
  • Conditional statements
  • Looping
  • Exception handling
  • Interfaces
  • Lambda features
  • Collection Framework

Knowledge of object-oriented principles – inheritance, polymorphism, encapsulation and abstraction is very essential.To code effectively for robust application, master these concepts.Always update your knowledge with the latest trends and best practices.

2.Java ecosystem

To create various java applications,Java provides a software platform with a collection of resources. The Java Ecosystem composed of the following:

  • Java Virtual Machine (JVM) – It provides a run-time environment to load, verify, and execute Java Bytecode with program memory.
  • Java Runtime Environment (JRE) – It is the communicative link between Java programs and the operating system. It provides libraries and other resources/tools.
  • Java Developer Kit (JDK) – It is a combination of JVM and JRE along with tools and libraries.

3.MVC Design Pattern

Model – View – Controller Design Pattern is a design pattern used in Java applications development. It specifies the application – data as model, presentation as information, and control as information. MVC relates to the interaction layer of an application. The Model contains the application data without any logic.The View presents the model’s data to the user and how to access the model’s data.The Controller is between the view and the model which listens to events triggered by the view and executes the reaction to these events. The reaction is often calling a method on the model.

4.JDBC and SQL

Structured Query Language(SQL) and Java Database Connectivity(JDBC) skills are important for Java developers to handle data effectively. These skills help to store, organize, and manipulate data using databases. It allows you to interact with databases, execute queries, and retrieve data.Java developers can access database data or troubleshoot database issues to improve application performance and reliability.
Java Developers can work as backend developers, so learning JDBC,SQL is a core skill. SQL is the most common tool to interact and analyze data.To learn SQL,Join SQL training courses.

5.Java Frameworks & Libraries

To build complex applications, Java frameworks and libraries are essential for Java developers.It helps to work on web applications, mobile apps, desktop software. Developers use them during the development process and improve the code quality. The common frameworks to build robust applications are:

  • Spring: It is the must have skill for a Java programmer. This framework helps to write testable code easier.It is useful in building web applications and services. With powerful tools,Spring provides dependency injection and model-view-controller architecture.
  • Spring Boot: To create microservices, RESTful APIs, applications,Spring Boot is a must learn skill. It provides auto-configuration which reduces the development time.To learn Spring Boot,Join Spring Boot courses now.
  • Struts: To create web applications, user interfaces, web services, struts is used using JSP,servlet.

6.Java GUI Frameworks

  • GUI – Graphic User Interfac: It includes user-friendly components like buttons, textfield, etc. to make the user interact with the software.The best Java GUI frameworks are AWT, Swing, JavaFX, Apache Pivot, etc.
  • Abstract Window Toolkit (AWT):It is used for a smaller Java UI application and supports GUI programming. It provides user interface components,graphics tools.
  • Swing:It is the primer framework for building new GUI-based Java applications. It has a lot of rich UI components.

7.Java Concurrency

Multithreading and multitasking programming are used in java programming. Learning these concurrency techniques are important to code effectively.

  • Multithreading – is a java feature to run multiple threads concurrently.Thread is a small unit of task in the program.
  • Multi-tasking – To achieve better performance,several tasks are executed simultaneously.

8.Java Server Pages and Servlets

JSP is a programming technology for developing web pages. It supports inserting java codes in HTML codes using special JSP tags. It is used to fulfill user interface.Servlet is a Java programming class to create web pages dynamically. Using HTML forms,user data is collected by servlet and also using query records from databases. These two web development techniques play an important role on the server side. So it is essential to learn as a java developer.

9. Exception handling

Exception handling is the important java mechanism to handle run-time errors which interrupts the program flow. Exception is an unexpected or unwanted event that happens during program execution like:

  • ClassNotFoundException
  • IOException
  • SQLException
  • RemoteException

Exception handler is a block of code to handle run-time errors. Try, catch, throw, throws, and finally are keywords used in java exception handling.

10. Java Building Tools

To develop highly scalable software, Advanced Java concepts are necessary for Java developers. The Advanced Java concepts are

  • Concurrency
  • Network programming
  • Design Patterns
  • Distributed computing
  • Data storage

11. Advanced Java

To develop highly scalable software, Advanced Java concepts are necessary for Java developers. The Advanced Java concepts are

  • Concurrency
  • Network programming
  • Design Patterns
  • Distributed computing
  • Data storage


ElasticSearch is used by top companies for single page applications. Elastic search is open search and analytics engineer.It is used for:

  • Searching the applications, websites
  • Logging and security analytics, business analytics
  • Monitoring the applications and performance
  • Other features such as data analysis and visualization


Another important skill for Java developers is microservices.It is a collection of small java applications which work together to implement a comprehensive solution.Microservices is used by top companies like Uber and Netflix because of its simplicity.As microservices split an application into a set of smaller, composable fragments, it is much easier to code, develop, and maintain java applications.Microservices has gained popularity and used in both small and large scale projects.

14.Cloud services

As more companies are moving towards the cloud, Java developers need the cloud knowledge to move forward in their career.It helps to advance in the tech field. Cloud services is the critical skill for Java developers. The top preferred cloud platforms are AWS, GCP and Azure.


Docker is the way to containerize the applications. It is a centralized platform to create,deploy,run applications.Docker packs software into containers with libraries, tools, and runtime.Containers are standardized portable units with executable components.
For a consistent development environment, Docker is used to frequently shift from one to another environment. It is helpful in the software development and implementation process. To add more value to your career, Every Java developer should study Docker.

Career Opportunities – Java

The future scope of a Java developer in India is expected to be high with the increasing demand in various industries.The growth of emerging technologies such as cloud computing, big data, creates new opportunities for Java developers in India.

As automation and higher adoption of digital technologies are high,Software developer jobs are in huge demand in India.Java programming is one of the Popular Programming Languages among others globally.
Numerous java jobs opportunities are available from various industries. It is used for developing web & mobile applications, embedded systems,big data technologies and many more. It is widely used in multiple fields like finance, e-commerce,banks,start-ups and web application industries.With the right skills, a Java developer is the best career choice in India.

Job Roles

  • Java Developer
  • Java Architect
  • Technical Lead
  • Backend Developer
  • Software Engineer

Salary details

The average Java developer salary in India is Rs 443,568 per annum which ranges from Rs. 202,602 to Rs. 1,102,825 per annum. The salary depends on factors like location, experience level, company profile,skill set etc.

  • Entry-Level Java Developer – Rs 277,518 per annum
  • Mid-Level Java Developer – Rs 410,306 to 839,714 per annum
  • Experienced Java Developer – Rs. 1,373,565 per annum

Java Training

To become expert in Java programming, Join Java Training in Chennai at Credo Systemz. With quality trainers, Java course follows practical oriented Training.The training course involves developing the professional knowledge from basic to advanced concepts with real-time projects.

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Java Course in Chennai ensures developing the essential skills to meet the market demand. This Standard course is suitable for all aspirants from Fresher,Non-IT professionals with placement support.


Finally, Java programming is one of the best career options to get hired. This article clearly explains the important Java developer skills needed to get hired in 2024.To become Java developer, Become expertise in java programming with the essential skills to land in the best IT jobs.

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