Java vs Python

Java and Python are leading programing languages that is frequently used by majority of the development companies. Both support the Object Oriented Programming (OOPS)where as it has many significant differences between both and those differences are shown in below table.

S No Java Python
1 Java is Compiler + Interpreted enabled language Python is interpreted language
2 Java support multiplatform, Object Oriented and network based programing language Python is light weighted high level object oriented programing language
3 Java is based on static typed programming language Python is based on dynamic based programming language
4 Java doesn’t support multiple inheritance. It can achieved partially through interface Python support multiple inheritance
5 Java supports only minimal string functions Python has inbuilt more string related functions
6 Java Program is portable and has capability of run in any machine using the help of JVM Python need an interpreter to get installed in end user or target machine to interpret or translate the python code.
7 Java is suitable for application such as Desktop and web application Python suitable for Numeric, Machine learning,IOT and data science oriented application
8 Java use curly braces for start and end while writing code as components Python use indentation not use the curly braces
9 More lines of code to achieve a task in Java We can write minimal code to achieve the task effectively in python. Simple syntax when comparing to Java
10 Java is complex and hard to learn Python is simple, light weighted and easy to use.
11 Java doesn’t have option of test before implementation Python helps to test the things before it gets implemented and has that libraries
12 It has Backend framework like Sprint, Struct, Blade and Spring boot It has popular Django and Flask framework
13 Java has gaming engine such as JMonkeyEngine It has popular engine like Pandas3D
14 Java has good documentation support available in Oracle site Python doesn’t have much organized document support such as Java
15 Average Salary of Java Developer is $ 103,400 Per Year Average Salary of Java Developer is $ 118,600 Per Year. It looks higher than Java developer

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Python Job Opportunities:

Python and Java developer job opportunities are more competitive in the world market. Every year Python jobs getting increased because of its light weight approach and usage in trending Machine learning and IoT applications. Even Java has strong programing and documentation capability still it lacks in Job growth because it not gets used much with trending data warehousing or Big data or Data science related application. Trend of Python increasing 5 Percent every year and Java is dropping 0.5 percent every year.

Java Job Opportunities:

Java also have good scope in Job market for beginners and especially for the experienced candidates with Spring and Spring boot knowledge. Majority of the existing application past 20 years already built on Java and Java framework based application. Modern world application also using java and micro services based development techniques only. Job market has more Java with Spring jobs mainly because of many existing candidates attracted and moved towards the trending technologies.

Find below the list of companies that has decent packages for Java Jobs

Types of Java Application:

Java is frequently used in developing below type of applications.
  • Standalone Application
  • Web based / Enterprise Application
  • Mobile Application

Standalone Application:

Software application that work in desktop or individual machines without help of any internet or intranet is termed as standalone application. Best examples for standalone applications are MS Office, Calculator, VLC Player etc.

Web Application:

Web application works only with help of internet / Intranet. It need browser to view the application elements. It works with help of 3 tier or N tier architecture. Java spring framework is useful for developing web based applications.

Examples for Web applications are Gmail, Amazon, IRCTC etc. browser applications

Mobile Application:

Mobile application is the application that installed in mobile devices such as mobile phone, tablet or smart watch that may work with or without internet or intranet is termed as mobile applications.

Examples of mobile application are Angry birds, CITI Bank Mobile App, WhatsApp etc. Even Calls,Call log are mobile application and we can termed it as predefined mobile application.

Types of Applications build in Python:

Python programming language also very powerful in developing different types of applications or solution. Find below the list of applications that are suitable to get developed using Python. Comparing to java python has wide capability to develop different types of application listed below.

  • Console Application
  • Desktop Application
  • Block Chain Application
  • Machine Learning Application
  • Gaming Application
  • Web or Enterprise Application
  • System or Network Management Application
  • Audio / Video / Image Processing Application

Console Application:

These applications are also termed as command line applications. Applications that doesn’t have GUI are termed as Console or command line application. End user needs to memorize the cryptic commands to run the application Example Networking application like Putty or MS-dos OS are best examples of console application. Many leading MNC’s are using this attribute of free available libraries to develop such console applications.

Desktop Application:

Desktop application are application that used after installation that works without help of internet or intranet. Already we discussed such application in Java application as standalone application.

Block Chain Application:

Python is widely suitable for developing modern Block chain applications. Developer can develop such application with the help of Flask Framework that is more popular in handling the Http request and end point creation in unique functions.

Machine Learning Application:

Most popular word use in the Job market is Machine Learning Developers nowadays and that ML applications are developed effectively using the Python language. It has predefined free libraries such as Pandas. NLP (Natural Language Processing) and Computer Vision also the Data science topics that can be effectively done through Algorithm implemented in Python.

Gaming Application:

Python helps gaming developer to develop the gaming application easily. It has powerful gaming engine such as Panda3D. Many live popular gaming applications are developed using the facility RGP – Rapid Game Prototype available. Real time testing for the Python games are done through Pygame facility.

Audio / Video / Image Processing Application:

Python is very light weighted and help us to create the audio and video applications. There are few libraries like PyDub help developers to build effective audio and video application.

YouTube is the best example of such application developed using Python language. All the above applications are implemented

Most Popular Python framework that used for developing applications are listed below

  • Flask
  • Django
  • Pyramid
  • Web2Py
  • CherryPy
Hope this article covers the overview about the python and Java in detail about their features and differences

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