Learn Python to Boost Your Career in 2024


To start with, Python is one of the popular in demand programming languagesamong numerous programming languagesin 2021 with tremendous growth. Python is ranked in the top according to the PYPL index, Stack Overflow, or any other platform. This article shows the valid reasons to learn and start or uplift the career with Python!

Python Programming

First of all, Python is a high-level, general-purpose programming language with easy-to-learn syntax that emphasizes readability, code reusability and reduced maintenance cost. It supports the programming fundamentals —like loops, conditionals, and functions.

Python supports modules and packages which assist program modularity and uses best practices like the object-oriented approach and data structures in order to create large, reusable software systems. Python offers compatibility with future technologies and vast library support, versatile nature.

More importantly, Python is one of the best career optionswhich can be learned using Python training in Chennai at Credo Systemz to develop the in-built knowledge and skill set needed for a Python developer using the help of industrial professionals along with placement support.


To learn a new programming language, beginners prefer language that should be easy to learn without any too complicated syntax or unusual rules.

Python falls under this category:

Due to the simple syntax and better readability aspect, Python is thebeginner-friendly language with a very simple syntax as english language. For example, If you want to print ‘Hello, Hi!’ in Python, the code would be

print(“Hello, Hi!”) – 
Yes, it is very simple!

Python is a free, open-source, and high-level programming languagepreferred by various schools and colleges as the first programming language to teach students. Python is easy to learn and can master it using Python course in Chennai using practical training approach.


Firstly, Python provides much-needed flexibility, scalability, and extensibility as it a cross-platform language. It works effectively on every platform whether it is Windows, Linux, or macOS. Python allows performing cross-language operations and integrated with Java, .NET components, or C/C++ libraries.

Secondly, Python is highly extensive that allows to get extended to other programming languages effectively. We can write Python code into C or C++ language and can compile that code in C/C++ language.

Importantly, Python is an interpreted language that does not need to compile the program before execution like Java or C++. The source code of a Python program is converted into bytecode and then executed by the Python virtual machine. Python code is not required to be built and linked like code for these languages.

Furthermore, Python is dynamically-typed languages so no needto specify the data type while declaration. When compared to other programming languages, Python is more flexible, portable, and extensible language.

In addition to that, Python is embeddablein which the any application can have the ability to implement some of the functionality in Python rather than C or C++. This can be used for many purposes that help to implement the application to fulfil the needs by writing some scripts in Python.

Trending Technologies

Python is the most suitable language for Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, and Data Science, web development, web scraping, embedded systems development, etc. Python is the suitable tool because of reasons such as robustness, library, scalability, community support, and much more.

To become expertise or to start a career – Python helps throughout the journey. Big Data, Cloud Computing, AI & ML, Data Science, etc. are technologies that significantly dependent on Python.

Learn Python from scratch using real time projects at Credo Systemz using Python Certification training in Chennai to start as a professional in any trending technology which is the right career option for all type of fields.

Huge Collection of Libraries

Python has a huge collection of libraries and frameworks suitable for all type of technologies like Machine Learning, Data Science, Cloud Computing, Web Development, etc. It helps to develop any Python application easily and effectively with less number of codes. Python has a huge standard library that helps to focus on the main tasks and reduce the development cost. The few popular Python libraries and frameworks:

    • Django, Pyramid, Flask • NumPy, SciPy, Pandas • Scikit-Learn,PyBrain, PyML, Tensorflow • NLTK, Keras, OpenCV • Asyncio, Pulsar, Pyzmq


Automation is in trend and much need of the hour which can be achieved using any efficient language for better productivity. Python is the best choice for automation with rich library, command line support and frameworks for efficient automation with scalability. Python allows automated software testing with more time to complex tasks and functionalities which helps to develop better optimum solution.

Python automation frameworks: Python unittest, Unittest, pytest, Robot, Behave, Jasmine

Huge Community Support

Python is an open-source language with huge and reliable community support that helps forgrowth and evolution.A large amount of Python Developers are actively present across the world and the few renowned communities are such as Stack Overflow, GitHub, etc. with Python developers who are ready to help the beginners.

Moreover, Python has a great documentation, learning resources, etc.are available over the web to help beginners to get started and work with Python conveniently.

Salary of Python Developers

Python is one of the fastest-growing languages across the globe with high demand for Python developers with high paying salary. The future of Python is bright with lot of career opportunities for Python professionals to become a part of many trending technologies such as Data Science, Machine Learning, and Big Data etc.

Python Job Roles

  • Software developer
  • Web Developer
  • Data Scientist
  • Machine learning Engineer
  • Data Analyst
  • Artificial Intelligence Engineer

According to upgrad report, the average entry-level Python Developer Salary in India is INR 427,293 per annum with lot of career opportunities from Web Developer to Data Scientist and to Machine Learning Professional. The average mid-level Python Developer Salary is INR 909,818 per annum, and reaches up to INR 1,150,000 for experienced professionals.


Python is the right choice to learn and boost your career at 2021 because of the above reasons.Start learning Python from scratch using practical training and develop the in-depth knowledge, skillset needed for any Python experts with the help of Python professionals using Python training in Chennai at Credo Systemz. Effective Python training in Chennai using:

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  • Professional certification
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