To start a successful career right after graduation, select the following technical courses to grow and establish in the technical field. As technology is continuously evolving, always new and exciting skills are always essential to translateany budding aspirant into a technical professional with career upliftment using standard training.

Let’s take a look at the list of top technical courses suitable for beginners to upgrade the skillset, knowledge that helps to improve the career.

  • Python
  • Web Development
  • JavaScript
  • Java/ .NET/
  • Node JS
  • React JS
  • Angular
  • PHP
  • Selenium

Learn the top courses from the best software training institute at Chennai-Credo Systemz assist the aspirants to develop in-built knowledge and skillset that helps to land in the desired job using practical training approach with Placement support.

The important features of Credo Systemz courses are,
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To Start with, Python is one of the best skills to add on in one’s resume that helps to increase the weightage of the resume which leads to grab the placement. It is the popular programming language of recent times.According to StackOverflow survey, Python is the 2nd most popular programming language globally among professional software developers.

Most importantly, Python is the open-source, general purpose, easy programming language to learn and code for beginners. Based on multiple job postings, Python is the demanded skillset for 2022. It is used by many popular companies and can help to start a career that is used in top technologies like,

  • Web development
  • Data science,
  • Machine learning,
  • Application development,
  • Game development,
  • Automation testing.

Web Development

Most developers kick start their career with web development because of its opportunities and jobs. Web development is the essential skill with huge scope globally as all business require website which require website development and maintenance.

Web development offers high paying jobs with growth to become specialised in different areas like,
  • Front-end development,
  • Back-end development,
  • Full-stack web developer.
The basic foundations of web development are,
  • HTML5
  • CSS3


Another in-demand programming language is JavaScript whichis used to build a sophisticated web application.It is open-source, versatilelanguage used to develop different applications like web applications, mobile applications, internet of things, artificial intelligence, and much more.

Major frameworks such as React, Angular JS, Node.js, VueJS, etc. run on a collection of JavaScript libraries with timely projects delivery, better code management, ease of use. Learn JavaScript to land in the trending jobs with drastic growth.


“Write-once, run-anywhere”

Importantly, Java is one of the top most programming languages in recent yearsused in various fields such as banking, mobiles, billing and the stock market. It is general use, object-oriented programming language which is easy to learn and use with incredible security.

Job Roles
  • Java Developer.
  • rchitect.
  • Java Web Developer.
  • Java Android Developer.
  • Java EE developer.

Due to its versatility, Java creates great opportunity for Students with the help of the Credo Systemz certification from scratch to develop in-built knowledge and skillset using latest version and features. Dot Net is the advanced version of Java used to develop different applications like web, mobile, apps, gaming and desktop.It is frequently used, prominent among developers which easy to use and learn using practical training approach.

Node JS

As running on several platforms like Windows, UNIX, and Linux,Node JSis the in-demand skillmajorly used for creating data-intensive real-time IoT applications and devices.

Learning Node.js with relevant certifications is an effective way to start the career as it is easy to use, learn with minimum effort in development from scratch along with support from active community.

React JS

In front-end development, React is the ultimate,open-source JavaScript library with excellent performance in web applications, Android applications for building user interfaces specifically for single-page applications along with reusable UI components.

Learn React library along with JavaScript application development,bootstrap framework by implementing single-page applications, using Reactstrap, Redux to design responsive React applications, the architecture for a React-Redux application and many more.

Start learning with Coding using Credo Systemz ReactJS course in Chennai from scratch to advance level using real projects.


As it is developed by Google, Angular is the open-source, strong framework which focus on design, user experience to create dynamic and modern web applications.In the field of Web applications, Angular has a great scope with significant growth creating demand in many Job portal sites.

Learn Angular to start career as it provides a client-side solution with its simplicity, declarative paradigm, less codes.When compared to over frameworks, Angular is the right choice with advanced features which provides optimal solution for multiple requirement, single page applications,and lightweight execution.


Next, PHP is one of the most popular web development languages as many of the big businesses build their solution on PHP and the important features to learn are:

  • Simplest and easy to use language.
  • Faster and interpretable language.
  • Platform independent – can run on platforms like Linux, Unix, Mac OS X, and Windows.
  • Case sensitive scripting languages.
  • Open-source language with huge community.


Learn ORACLE PL/SQL from the basic as it creates jobs for freshers in various wide range of companies which is easy to understand, efficiency, high performance, security and so on.

Oracle PL SQL developer is important in-demand job of designing, developing services and applications using most of the tools and development models available at their disposal.


In test automation, Selenium is the popular, notable automation testing tool in the market with unlimited choice for testers. It is a suite of tool that automates the test process with basic instructions and not much programming language.

With selenium, it is easy to write test cases using easy navigation tools without the need for any script. It is a domain-specific language that allows writing test cases in the popular programming languages such as C#, Java, Python, Ruby, etc.

Learn Selenium, as it is a powerful too used for automated functional testing, load testing and to re-use existing functional tests run with virtual concurrent users.


With the help of Credo Systemz,

If you’re a fresher or ready to start career in IT field, from the above list select the appropriate course by getting help from technical team. Attend free demo classes before joining any course to experience the training with affordable fee. Start your career with a bang!

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