Top 10 Features of Angular 14


To begin, Angular is one of the popular choices of framework for Software development in 2023. It is an open source JavaScript Framework maintained by Google. Angular 14 is one of the latest release upgrades of Angular. It is the most systematic upgrade with new and improved features. Angular 14 has a range of in-built functions to improve the quality, let’s explore them.

Angular 14

Angular 14 is the most prominent release with many new important and useful features. It has a new way to create reusable components. Angular 14 is the stable version with backward compatibility. It’s time to know more about the new features of Angular 14.

Features of Angular 14

1. Strictly Typed Angular forms

Strictly typed forms in Angular are introduced in Angular 14 to create forms. These forms are strongly typed that the form controls and form data have a defined type. It ensures that the form data is consistent and predictable. This feature improves the maintainability of the codebase.

Advantages of Strictly typed forms

  • Type safety and error checking at compile time
  • Better code organization and maintainability
  • Consistent and correctly typed
  • Better documentation

2. Standalone Components

Standalone components are reusable components that are used independently in the application. These components are self-contained and can be added or removed easily. It can be created using the Angular CLI with a set of tools and commands. This feature helps to build more complex applications and less code.

Advantages of Standalone components

  • Reusability to improve the quality
  • Scalability with easy addition and removal of components
  • Encapsulated, self contained to reduce the complexity
  • Testability,clear interface, easy to write and debug
  • Consistency with consistent look,feel

3. Angular CLI (Command Line Interface)

To create, manage, and deploy Angular applications, Angular CLI is used which is a command-line tool It provides a set of commands that automate many common tasks. Angular CLI provides auto-completion features to speed up the development process.

Advantages of Standalone components

  • Quick and easy project setupy
  • Code generation with a set of generators
  • Automatic configuration
  • Built-in development server

4. Streamlined Page Title Accessibility

With Angular 14, It is possible to customize the title tag of the pages directly. This feature allows us to leverage the power of HTML. It provides additional context for the title tag. Now the page title is accessible via a simple API. It allows to use the following techniques to improve your web content.

  • Title service
  • ARIA attributes
  • semantic HTML
  • Descriptive page titles

5. Enhanced Template Diagnostics

Enhanced template diagnostics is a feature in Angular that provides more detailed error messages and warnings when working with templates. It can help developers identify and fix issues in their templates more quickly and easily, improving the overall development experience.

Advantages of enhanced template diagnostics

  • Detailed error messages – line number, column, error type, suggested solution.
  • New template parser to improve the application performance.
  • Better integration with popular IDEs.
  • More accurate type checking on template expressions.

6. Extended developer diagnostics

This feature provides an extendable framework for better insights into the templates. It offers suggestions for potential boosts. In Angular 14, a new private compiler option is added. Diagnostic tests produce warnings or information diagnostics for user templates.

7. Angular DevTools

The new dev tools extension will help to view the layout of the application in a tree-like structure. Click on each component and view its properties, Profiler can be used to analyze change detection cycles in the application. In offline mode, Use the Angular DevTools debugging plugin. In Firefox, Check out the plugin through Mozilla’s Add-ons.

8. Latest Primitives in the Angular CDK

The new Angular CDK (Component Development Kit) offers a set of tools to build UI components with new primitives. It allows to create better accessible custom components.

  • Drag and Drop service – To create drag-and-drop interfaces.
  • Move key action – To move focus between elements using the arrow keys.

9. Optional Injectors

Angular 14 has optional injector features that can be passed in as an option when creating an embedded view. The embedded view can be created through ViewContainerRef.createEmbeddedView and TemplateRef. createEmbeddedView. This enables customization of dependency injection behavior.

10. More improvements

Angular 14 supports the latest version of TypeScript – 4.7 release. It targets ES2020 by default. This built-in improvements allows the Angular CLI to ship smaller code.


To wrap up, Angular 14 is the stable and better version when compared to Angular 13. It is now easy to build Angular applications with new, improved features.Angular 14 simplifies the complex operations and improves the efficiency. To learn Angular 14, Credo Systemz Angular training program is the best. Start developing the professional Angular skills using expert trainers. with new release, the Popularity of Angular will increase in the tec.

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