Top 5 Biggest Announcements of Amazon Web Services


Amazon Web Services has launched over a thousands of new services in every year and launched nearly a lot of new services in 2021. VC firm North Bridge states that the revenue of public cloud spending will grow at 19% CAGR which will reach $522B in 2022.

Let’s Start,Highlights from AWS in 2023

  • Latest AWS Certification: Database and Updated Solutions Architect Exam.
  • AWS released a new version of AWS Certified Solutions Architect – Associate, which includes more content across new AWS services.
  • Global cloud computing market insight shares there is a high growth in Cloud Computing market and expected to make most promising business contribution.
  • The top 5 biggest services from Latest 2023 announcements:

    The top new AWS services which are very beneficial, widely used among the thousand new services are,

    • Amazon Kendra
    • AWS Deep Composer
    • Amazon Detective
    • AWS Elemental Link
    • AWS SaaS Competency

    Take a Look: Amazon Web Services Training Latest Updated Topics(Free PDF) Amazon Kendra:

    Amazon Kendra is a search service that allows enterprises to search across multiple parts of data powered by machine learning and to understand the content of documents to deliver the more accurate answers for real questions. Amazon Kendra helps the user using Natural language Processing (NLP) to find the accurate information among the vast amount of content globally.


    • Easily find the relevant answers for your search query even from unstructured data.
    • Centralize different content repositories together (SharePoint, Service Now, Salesforce and Amazon RDS).
    • Kendra deep learning models by understanding complex languages which helps to get specific answers for the search results.
    • Easy setup, Faster access and intelligent search capabilities are the main benefits of Amazon Kendra.

    AWS Deep Composer

    Amazon’s Deep Composer as the name specifies it’s a keyboard to build music using machine learning. In other works it is a Machine Learning enabled musical keyboard for developers, the main concept of Deep Composer design is to educate developers about Machine Learning. Generative AI is considered as one of the biggest updates in the field of artificial intelligence in recent times, This Deep Composer includes tutorials, and sample codes also training materials which helps in building generative AI models. Amazon’s Deep Composer is the best choice to learn machine learning easily and in a fun way.


    • Easy and creative way to learn ML
    • Community and collaboration with the different developers and creators all over the world
    • Virtual keyword design in AWS Deep Composer helps to compose and learn anywhere.
    • Without a single line of code we can create generative AI models

    AWS Elemental Link

    AWS Element link is a fast and easy to setup device which sends live video to Amazon Web Services. The main benefit of this Amazon web service is once it is connected it automatically records the video, also the special feature here is it can be controlled and monitored from remote using the Media Live console. AWS Element link is a hardware device that enables secure connection to create Media live using AWS.


    • High quality videos can be handled easily
    • Easy and quick setup which connects into the cloud
    • Cost efficient and the link is also own and can be operated easily
    • Provides central point of control through which you can remotely monitor the videos anywhere in the world.
    • AWS SaaS Competency:

      An AWS SaaS Competency partner was announced by AWS on 05th May 2020 which focused on supporting AWS customers who look for APN consulting partners. This service have deep experience in assisting the organizations to design, build SaaS on cloud also to note down that they can write production application code.AWS SaaS Competency has been categorized into two such as

      • Design services
      • Builders

      It helps in building SaaS applications and APN consulting partners to design, implement and integrate. The Design Services category included designing and implementing complex, cloud-native, SaaS solutions with AWS infrastructure. The Builders help in building cloud-native SaaS applications via software development.

      AWS SaaS Competency Partners:

      • AllCloud
      • Base2Services
      • beSharp
      • Cambridge Technology
      • ClearScale
      • CloudGeometry
      • Itoc
      • AWS Detective:

        AWS Detective is none other than a detective which helps in analyzing, investing and quickly identifying the root cause of the potential security issues or any illegal activities with the power of machine learning. AWS detective is easy and fast to handle the security investigations with the help of collecting log data automatically using statistical analysis and graph theory. Unless Amazon Guard Duty and Amazon Macie, Amazon Detective easily investigates and quickly gets to the root cause of the finding.

        • Easy to setup and faster to investigate
        • Continuous Data update saves time and effort
        • Easy to Visualize
        • Threat hunting and incident investigation.
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