To work in the field of Business Intelligence and Data Analyst, Tableau is the suitable popular data visualization tool that helps in analysing the data and deriving insights to take necessary action for the business growth. To start with, this article explains the top reasons for learning tableau and its career opportunities to start the successful career in the Data Analytics and Business Intelligence.


With emerging popularity, Tableau is the best Business Intelligence Tool used for data visualization that helps to transform the raw datasets into an understandable format to take the right decision for improved performance without any programming or technical knowledge. Tableau helps the organizations to analyse and process a massive amount of data suitable for companies from small to big of all range. Based on its trend, it is high time to learn Tableau, start a career in Business intelligence, Data Analytics and the top reasons are as follows,

  • Increase in Demand
  • Better Data Handling
  • Ease of Use
  • Best Profession

Increase In Demand

As huge amount of data is generated in the companies daily, the need for effective data handling tool is inevitable which increases the demand for tableau to process the enormous volume of data. Based on recent studies, the amount of data generated every day is increasing when compared to the past decades. So, the organizations are willing to adapt Tableau as it is easy to use to process the vast data which increases the demand for Tableau professionals in all type of organizations. The demand for tableau professionals are high currently and it will keep growing at a faster rate in the future.

Better Data Handling

With the help of the Tableau Tool, Data handling can be done effectively with Integration and Manipulation as simple and easy. Tableau tool helps to handle data which can be integrated and manipulated with any programming language or software. It is also effortless to integrate Tableau with various data sources along with deployment followed by data analytics methods like data consolidation, reports gathering from databases, data understanding and manipulation. Using well organized user interface, it is easy to customize the views in tableau with few clicks easily. Tableau software can handle a large volume of data efficiently with quicker calculation of datasets. It is very user-friendly that helps to produce interactive data visualization with complicated charts and graphs.

Ease of Use

Based on its user-friendly nature, Tableau is the essential tool that allows to build complex charts and graphs with ease of use. Using its amazing features, Tableau helps to construct data visualizations by handling large volumes of data along with easy dataset calculations. It allows professionals in organizations to pay attention to the visual data. With the help of visual analytics features, it allows users in organizations to interact and visualize data. It helps to make improved business decisions to get better insights.

Best Profession

In business intelligence and data visualization market, Tableau is the leading tool which creates the best and secured career for the professionals. As per the research results, the Tableau tool was declared as the leading tool with its unique and creates the bright future career. When compared with other tools, Tableau stay ahead as the leader with the ability to execute with its Vision completeness. The demand for the Certified Tableau professionals is increasing as large companies are ready to provide tableau jobs as they realise the need for this tool to create a better performance for effective organization’s growth and the few companies are:

  • Verizon
  • Dell
  • KPMG
  • Bank of America
  • Sunguard
  • Sony Electronics
  • Facebook and much more

Benefits of using the Tableau tool

  • Firstly, Tableau Tool can handle large amount of data and produce reports which lead to increase the performance of the business.
  • Importantly, Tableau is easy to use with data visualization along with many options for improved user experience with the help of simple drag and drop interfaces.
  • To build visuals by selecting the appropriate models to select the best-suited representation for their organization.
  • With easy customization using simple clicks, tableau can be integrated with various data sources.
  • It has well-organized user interface with effective community for users, developers to get answers for their queries quickly.

Career Opportunities

As most of the global data is stored digitally, the need for data visualization experts has been rising eventually. The career opportunities of tableau are increasing eventually in the areas of business intelligence and data analytics.  Many organizations are moving towards Tableau creating multiple job profiles with high pay packages. The few job roles for Tableau professions are :

  • Tableau Developer
  • Senior Tableau Developer
  • Data Analyst
  • Tableau Consultant
  • Software Engineer
  • Business Intelligence Manager
  • Business Analyst

Salary Details

Tableau Developer’s salary in India is on the rise, and experienced developers earning as well annually. According to indeed report, the average salary for a tableau developer is ₹8, 30,405 per year in India. Experienced tableau developer makes up to 8 Lakh per annum with 1 to 2-year experience. This completely depends on various factors like geography, experience, and skills. To work for reputed companies, Grab a certification and start your career as Tableau professionals. Credo Systemz, Tableau Training in Chennai assists in developing the in-built knowledge and skillset to start a successful career with placement assistance.


Finally, most of the organizations use Tableau, leading tool to analyse large amount of data with its effective features. Tableau is the best career option to build a career in the business intelligence and data analysis domain with high pay in a reputed company. Learn and uplift with the right certifications.

All The Best.

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