As the technology develops, we have an n-number of cloud languages to explore, want to try the two chief cloud platforms- you can move with Azure vs. AWS, it’s not going to be an easy choice. With reference to career progression, we have listed the best comparison that makes a way for your bright future. Let’s bring the best out of it.

Azure vs. AWS: Which certification is harder to obtain?

When it comes to Azure and AWS, both seem to be hard if you’re trying to acquire knowledge from the platform without any prior basics, or you can efficiently learn only if you are trained professionally. Though, many IT professionals portray AWS as easier to learn and get certified. If you are a beginner, AWS has software development kits (SDKs) with a bundle of popular programming languages and permits new trends to change the SDKs. Till the year 2019, Azure only supported C++ and C# applications. Whereas, the SDKs for Java, Python, and JavaScript have best for years, but many developers privilege C languages for their efficient support.

Azure vs. AWS: Which do employers prefer?

You have enormous job vacancies if you have Azure, AWS, or Google Cloud Platform as a plus. But moreover, they have a vast number of requirements, particularly for AWS certification.  Yes, the next step of analysis is the crucial part of this blog and most wanted segment- let’s decide the best certification that makes your career consistent.

Azure vs. AWS: Which certification should I choose?

In due course, the choice is completely yours. If you wish to be certified in cloud technology which is quite popular today, go for AWS. It’s completely ahead of any other cloud service provider in all aspects required for the market share and will possibly hold the top charts. As a result of this, you may notice- most employers will feel glad to talk with you if you have an AWS certification but aren’t certified in Azure.

Do you think that your dream job requires Azure certification? Have you been stuffed with all possible needs except proficiency in Azure? You are at the right spot to get your passion with best cloud practices.

To get the best conclusion- we know, AWS is the leading technology according to the current stats. But Azure does have a third of the market, even though it has a high demand.  The major factor that determines your standards of certification is your determination towards the certification and preferences you give with hands-on practice.

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