Oracle primavera and MS Project are leading planning, project tracking and management tool in all the industries across the globe. This particular article going to discuss about the which tool will be efficient in project management.

Multi User Access Ability

Oracle Primavera P6 has ability to allow multi user access to the tool for creating project, updating, scheduling and generating reports. It can be done through its Oracle or Sql Database which you choose during installation. It can be also exported to external file format anytime. User permission or entitlement also can be done it helps to restrict each user expected visibility. MS Project doesn’t have this feature. It can be done through the Microsoft Project server. Using the Microsoft SharePoint Sever project data visibility is controlled with different user entitlement by Project administrator

Work Breakdown Feature

Hierarchy or level of WBS (work breakdown structure) and activities are same in MS Project. Even activity can be added or linked to WBS level. Oracle Primavera P6 a helps user to differentiate the WBS and activity level with individual codes to each activity. Primavera has positive side than MS Project in the approach.

Activity Breakdown Feature

Primavera P6 helps us to break the complex activities in to multiple stepswhile maintaining Gantt charts. Also we can add activities with budget and resources individually with relationships. MS Project doesn’t have feature of breaking steps is big drawback.

Activity Relationship

Primavera P6 allows multiple relationship for the single activity where in MS Project only one relationship can be made for one activity. Its setback in MS Project comparing to P6.

Custom Field Option

MS project allows user to create custom fields as well as formula can be entered. Primavera P6 doesn’t allow the user to add the formula to the custom field.

Import/ Export Data Feature

Both tools will help the project data to communicate with all other applications. Import and export data in different file format are supported in both tools.

Project Tracking & Comparison

Oracle Primavera helps to create, track, comparing WBS, Cost and Unit are possible. But MS Project only have option to create multiple project and viewing it. Comparison feature is not available.

Relationship Assignment Feature

Assigning relationship in Primavera can be easily accomplished through Gantt view using click drag feature or Predecessors / Successors tabs. MS project has multiple ways to do it and those are listed below.

  • Assigning through Gantt chart
  • Can be done through task menu
  • Can link task in the split view
  • Drag the link between two tasks

Baseline Assignment

Primavera has the ability to create the unlimited baselines based on the schedule. It will be helpful for the analysis where MS project has only limited baselines maximum of 11.

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Report Feature

Primavera helps you to create multiple customized reports in tabular and sheet formats. MS Project helps user to create the customized graphical report based on the project need.
Overall primavera will be more suitable for the larger organization with multiple portfolio’s and MS project will be helpful for the projects that doesn’t has multiple user interactions, comparison between multiple projects.

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