Why and How to learn Docker-Kubernetes ?


In this current trend, Every IT company is moving to cloud computing and DevOps. Containerization solutions are essential to develop more secure applications faster. Docker and Kubernetes are the efficient way to create, develop, deploy and ship software.The aim of Docker and Kubernetes is to simplify the development and Deployment process.Let’s study about Docker-Kubernetes, its importance and best ways to learn.

  • Docker is to simplify the development and Deployment process.
  • Kubernetes is the growing, open source system designed by google.
  • Kubernetes is a platform for running and managing containers from many container runtimes.
  • Docker provides the ability to package and run an application in a loosely isolated environment called a container.

Docker & Kubernetes

Docker is the popular, open source container platform.It packages software into standardized units called containers. Docker provides all the software needs to run.It makes it easy for organizations to run applications.

Kubernetes is the open source,container orchestration tool to handle the container management responsibilities at runtime.It automates operational tasks for deployment, scaling, monitoring and managing applications.Kubernetes is a portable for managing workloads and services which is designed by Google.


Docker is a platform for:
  • Packaging
  • Deploying
  • Running applications in containers.

Reasons to learn Docker & Kubernetes

The list of important reasons to learn Docker & Kubernetes:

Essential skill

The main reason is the increased adoption of cloud computing and microservices.The new trends in the tech world are

  • Blockchain
  • Data Science
  • Machine Learning
  • Artificial Intelligence.

It leads to new technologies – containers and serverless computing.
Docker and Kubernetes are essential skill sets for any professional which is dominating in the job market. It is one of the most highly paid job roles.

Salary details

According to a Glassdoor report,the average salary of Docker and Kubernetes is Rs 11 lakhs per annum.With the docker and kubernetes certification, increase your job promotions.

High Demand

As the future for Docker and Kubernetes are bright, organizations tend to change to these new tools and technologies.This is the right time to invest in learning Docker and Kubernetes.
Docker and Kubernetes lead the shipping of applications into the container with less effort.It allows to ship the application together as a container. There is no need to deploy the application, OS, database, runtimes. So all types of companies prefer these new tools.It increases the job demand.


Kubernetes is a system for managing containerized applications across a cluster of nodes.
  • deployment
  • maintenance
  • scaling of applications.
To simplify the development and deployment process for simple and complex software projects, Docker and Kubernetes are preferred. It is highly used in web development and DevOps. So Docker and Kubernetes skills take you to the next level.


To enhance the earning potential, Get certified in Docker and Kubernetes. It increases your value in the job market and to showcase your skill set and knowledge.

To learn Docker and Kubernetes

The best way to learn Docker and kubernetes, Join Docker Kubernetes training at Credo Systemz. This is the standard course to learn Docker and Kubernetes from scratch.Docker Kubernetes course in Chennai is the real time practical training program using expert trainers.
In this course, learn docker from installation, fundamental concepts,containers, management tasks.This training course covers all the important skills along with live projects,certification support and placement guidance.It covers all the in-depth knowledge and the required skills set to grab the high paying jobs.

  • Docker Container
  • Docker Swarm
  • Docker Compose
  • Docker Commands
  • Dockerfile
  • Docker Networking

To learn Kubernetes, Understand the basics, core architecture, and key components.It includes all the skills of the Kubernetes,

  • Kubernetes cluster
  • Kubeconfig file
  • Kubernetes objects and resources
  • Kubernetes pod
  • Kubernetes configuration Management tools

This course is the complete guide to learn both Docker and Kubernetes in depth. Credo Systemz is one of the best software institutes which is trusted by students, professionals and graduates.At the end of this course, you’ll have a solid understanding,skills and confidence which take you to the next level.


To wrap up, Docker and Kubernetes are the best skills to be learned in 2023. Enroll now to get trained and certified in Docker and Kubernetes with our Docker certification training courses. The program is helpful to become an certified expert in Docker and Kubernetes technology.

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