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Credo Systemz offers Scrum Certification training in Chennai, specifically focus on Scrum Foundation certification and Scrum master certification. Lot of organizations like Scrum Org, Scrum Alliance, and Scrum institute are providing the examination programs. Best Scrum Master training in shares the knowledge about basic stuff in Scrum and also the role of Scrum master in Scrum. Consultants will provide the scrum master real-time training with a lot of case studies related to their projects in the company.

Generally, Scrum has derived framework from Agile Methodology which focuses mainly on the product development in continuous increments. Scrum mainly deals with the process of review and adapt to deliver a high-quality product with effective reliability. Scrum always follow the different empirical approach that will be very useful when requirements are uncertain and not clear. Due to industrial experts providing the Scrum training with valuable working exercises in this framework it referred to Best Scrum Master training in Chennai. Scrum framework doesn’t solve all the problems in the product instead it will showcase all the problems in your table transparently. That will help everybody to respond as a team to solve based on priority.

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Section1: Scrum Foundation

  • Introduction
  • Session about traditional development lifecycle models
  • Waterfall Model
  • Prototype Model
  • Spiral model
  • A necessity for Incremental model
  • Agile manifesto and principles
  • Scrum Introduction and its Philosophy
  • Scaled Agile and its introduction
  • Time boxing

Section2: Scrum Roles

  • Product Owner
  • Scrum Master
  • Scrum Development team
  • Responsibilities of every roles

Section3: Scrum Artifacts

  • Product backlog
  • Sprint backlog
  • Potentially deliverable iterative increment

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Section4: Scrum Framework

  • Goals of Scrum
  • Workflow of Scrum
  • Values of Scrum
  • Roles similar to Scrum in traditional model

Section5: Scrum Activities / Ceremonies

  • Backlog Grooming or product backlog refinement
  • Sprint Planning
  • Standup call or Daily Scrum
  • Sprint review for product improvements
  • Sprint Retrospective for process improvements

Section6: Scrum Agreements

  • DOD – Definition of Done
  • DOR – Definition of Ready

Section7: Scrum master’s Checklist and activities in Scrum

  • Enrich the team towards agile environment
  • Ensuring the vision statement accepted and understood by the team
  • Team Facilitation
  • Product backlog – Details
  • How to Split Product backlog
  • Burndown chart –Release and Sprint
  • User stories Slicing
  • Handling the epics
  • Estimation of user stories – Story points
  • Exercise with planning poker for estimation
  • Scrum Appraisal mechanism


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Course Objectives of  Scrum Master

  • Earn in-depth knowledge about fundamental aspects, attributes and roles of Scrum
  • Understand the development lifecycle models
  • Master to solve the conflicts and take on challenges
  • Gain Hands-on experience through applying the Scrum methodology towards real projects
  • Make sure the personal and organizational growth through professional training
  • Improve the efficiency of the Scrum

Scrum Master Training Reviews

Very professional  
Author Picture

I am Rajaguru, Senior Test Consutant. My project has been moved from Waterfall to Agile Scrum model. To understand Scrum,I started the training at CREDO SYSTEMZ but I eventually completed Scrum Master Certification and now a CSM consultant specifically implementing Scrum and Agile projects.

This course well exceeded my expectations  
Kanchana Pillai   
Author Picture

I was looking for weekend training for Scrum Master course since I do not find time to read understand all concepts as I have been managing three teams as a Manager in Infosys.

My choice of CREDO SYSTEMZ is influenced by the demo session given by Mr. Vijay, which is pretty clear and concise. The training is also mingled with team activities and games. The activities makes things interesting and fun learning environment.

Thanks CREDO SYSTEMZ for fun filled training and Mr. Vijay for tips to cool my nerves before the certification. I am a Certified Scrum Master (CSM) now, thanks to CREDO SYSTEMZ.

A great place to do your course  
Muhammed Azad   
Author Picture

I have joined CREDO SYSTEMZ to prepare for Scrum Master Certification and pass the certification.

I am really glad I chose CREDO SYSTEMZ for my coaching. The teaching methodology and techniques used by Mr. Vijay for explaining concepts are simple but effective. The memory techniques and games helped me remember the process very well and my certification became a cake-walk.

More than that, the understanding at the end of course is amazing. Thanks CREDO SYSTEMZ for the wonderful training.

I learnt a lot on this course  
Ram Babu   
Author Picture

Myself Ram Babu. Completed training with CREDO SYSTEMZ in Scrum Master course.

The games played during the course made me understood and made me think on my own about the process necessity, which led to lot of process optimization in my project at Wipro. I have got my promotion for my contribution.

Thanks Mr. Vijay for the clear training and CREDO SYSTEMZ for making my life easier with Scrum Master Certification.

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