Amazon Web Services Vs Open Stack

First of all, AWS (Amazon Web Services) and OpenStack are the two most popular cloud technology solutions that enjoy a vast customer base globally in which AWS is user flavoured and OpenStack is the proprietary cloud-based shared services . Let’s discuss more about AWS and OpenStack and its difference in details,

Amazon Web Services

To start with, we all know that Cloud Computing plays a major role in the current era of information technology as a emerging trend with drastic growth. Among many Cloud Computing Service providers around the world, AWS is considered as the king for Cloud Computing Service Providers with high demand.

Initially Amazon Web Services was launched officially in the year 2006 for their own company’s online retail operations later it became the first online platform to provide pay as you go cloud computing platform.

AWS is the evolving cloud computing platform provided by Amazon that includes a mixture of infrastructure as a service (IaaS), platform as a service (PaaS) and packaged software as a service (SaaS) offerings.

AWS provides different services offering 200+ universally featured resources, from infrastructure to machine learning according to the user’s need which gives a major breakthrough for companies, individual, private and government agencies across the globe.

Top AWS Cloud Computing Services:

  • Compute
  • Storage Database
  • Networking
  • Management
  • Data Management
  • Security
  • Analytics
  • Mobile Development


Firstly, OpenStack is one of the cloud computing platforms which is free, open source that uses common authentication mechanisms. OpenStack shares an administrator platform which provides a dashboard for both public and private cloud.

Importantly, OpenStack is an open-source, IaaS cloud computing platform that’s deployed in both public and private clouds. It comprises several components that function together to manage and control large multi-vendor hardware stacks of processing, storage, and networking resources across a data centre.

OpenStack uses pooled virtual resources to build, manage private and public clouds. It controls large pools of compute, storage, and networking resources throughout a data enter with common authentication mechanisms.

OpenStack.org shares the complete guidance for this cloud computing platform also the landscape to plug and play depends on your needs.

Top OpenStack Components

  • Nova
  • Neutron
  • Swift
  • Cinder
  • Keystone
  • Glance

Amazon Web Services Vs OpenStack

Amazon Web Services and OpenStack are the top trending cloud providers also both are having large community and having customer globally.

Both AWS and OpenStack are best in the cloud market, choosing between the AWS and OpenStack is based on the company’s requirements for their projects.

Let’s look at difference between AWS and OpenStack

Sl.Num AWS OpenStack
1 For computation AWS has EC2 For computation Open Stack has IaaS infrastructure.
2 For Identity functions Keystone is used in AWS For OpenStack the identity is IAM
3 For storage AWS has S3 For storage OpenStack has Swift
4 EC2 API OpenStack API
5 When it comes to relational data base the AWS is RDS. Relational data base for OpenStack is Trove.
6 AWS has built in management support. OpenStack is open source so, there is no management services.
7 You need to buy Hardware directly from AWS For OpenStack prem hardware compatibility
8 Multi cloud are not supported Multi cloud are not supported for OpenStack as well
9 Amazon Polly is used for Text to Speech tool No Text to Speech Tool in OpenStack
10 SES – Simple Email services is used for Mail Service No mail services in OpenStack
11 In AWS Lambda for Server less Framework In OpenStack there is no Server less Framework
12 Managed Hosting Platform for AWS is Elastic Beanstalk No Managed platform in OpenStack
13 AWS IoT is used in AWS No Internet of Things in OpenStack
14 Glacier for Archiving Swift for Archiving
15 Alloted Network Ii DirectConnect There is no Dedicated Network in OpenStack

The Amazon Web Services VS OpenStack article is all about the features of AWS, OpenStack and its differences. Hope it will help you to take better decision based on your requirements. To begin with your Amazon Web Services and OpenStack Journey, Join the Cloud Computing courses.

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