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In the RPA world, there many tools available. In this article, we will focus on the Blue Prism vs UiPath comparison. Why these two? Well, Blue Prism and UiPath are two leading Robotic Process Automation tool intended for automating different forms of application.

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Blue Prism Vs UiPath Comparision:

Comparing tools and technologies are always Fun, It’s really interesting to play with trending technology. Let’s see how Blue Prism and UiPath are similar and what makes them differ.
Sl.Num Blue Prism UiPath
1Blue Prism’s design is Client server architectureDesigned on basics of Web based orchestrator
2Base technology C#, VBHas C# for its base technology
3 Back office automationFront office & back office automation
4Advanced Queue administrationSimple Queue administration
5Application based processBrowser and mobile access
6Very high reliabilityModerate reliability
7Image recognition was good but the process is complex in blue prismExcellent recognition process
8Interact dynamicallyNo options for interact dynamic
9Unattended robot modeAttended robot mode
10On premise and cloud for deploymentcloud or hybrid environment for deployment

They look alike,

Blue Prism and UiPath has the reusability features which means libraries are reused in multiple project and visual Process designer.

And the winner is…

Neither, While the process used by Blue Prism and UiPath are somewhat different, but they have a common goal of your business. As a result, there is no perfect way to go about the choice of Robotic Process Automation tools. It all depends upon your needs and requirement of your projects.

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