How to Make a Career in Automation Testing

Test Automation

Test Automation is the process of using software tools and scripts to perform automated tests. The main aim is to increase the efficiency, effectiveness and reduce the time,effort. It helps to provide more accurate and consistent results. Automation testing involves creating automated test scripts repeatedly to verify the application’s,

  • Functionality
  • Performance
  • Scalability
  • Accuracy
  • Security

Benefits of automation testing

  • To run tests much faster and allows for quicker identification and resolution of issues.
  • Providing more consistent and accurate results reducing the risk of human error.
  • Reducing the cost and time required for testing.
  • To test a larger number of scenarios and use cases to improve the overall test coverage.
  • Improving the quality of software by identifying defects and issues early in the development process.

Career in Test Automation

Automation testing is the growing field in the software development industry. The rapid increase in automation testing, increases the demand of automation testing professionals. Companies tend to use automated technologies for testing to increase the performance. These professionals simplify the complex activities and reduce the time consuming work.

Test Automation Job Roles

  • Automation Tester
  • Test Automation Engineer
  • QA Automation Engineer
  • Consulting Automation Engineer
  • Automation Lead
  • Test Architect

Automation Testing Career Path

To create automated test cases, Automation testing uses software tools and frameworks. It can simulate user actions and test the functionality of software applications. If you’re interested in pursuing a career in automation testing, the important steps are given below,

Learn programming

To be an automation tester, programming skills are important. Start learning the most demanding languages used in automation testing are

Learn these programming languages from Credo Systemz training courses. Gain proficiency in any one of these programming languages.

Learn automation testing concepts

To understand Automation Testing, learn the Automation Testing concepts. Automation Testing Life Cycle (ATLC) concept is the structural testing process. The ATLC process involves Testing scope, Tools,Test Plan, Test Environment,Test Script and Test Reports. It is essential to have a strong understanding of Automation testing.

Learn automation testing tools

The next step in the Automation Testing domain is Automation Testing tools. Many automation testing tools available in the market. Hands-on experience with Automation Testing Tools is essential to work in the testing domain. Practice the tools and know about their functionalities, specifications, limitations, etc.
  • Selenium
  • Appium
  • TestComplete.

Learn software testing concepts

To be a successful automation tester, understanding of software testing concepts are mandatory. Practice Manual Testing to know about the core concepts and mechanisms of the Testing field. Develop the skills,test approaches and

  • Test case creation
  • Test plan
  • Test execution
  • Defect tracking

Then Move on to Automation testing and can complete the most-preferred Automation testing certifications are,

  • ISTQB Test Automation Engineering Certification
  • Certified Software Testing Engineer (CSTE)
  • ICAgile Certified Professional in Agile Test Automation (ICP-ATA), etc.

Gain practical experience

After developing the automation testing skills, it’s important to gain practical experience. Using real-world projects,Gain the industrial experience using Credo Systemz courses. It helps to perform well in the interview and later performance on companies projects.

Stay updated

As the automation testing is constantly evolving, it is important to stay updated.Know the latest testing trends and technologies. Read blogs,articles,market updates, join online communities to stay connected with the industry.


Finally,the Automation testing field is the advanced career which leads to career growth in the future. To become an Automation Testing professional,Credo Systemz testing training courses are the best.Develop the automation testing skills using hands-on training. Under professional guidance, Gain the industrial experience and best practices.

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