Cloud Computing:

In the current era of information technology, Cloud Computing plays a major role in the industry which is one of the current emerging trends with a rapid growth. Due to the current pandemic situation, the need of cloud computing and its usage in different platforms such as IT industry, personal need, education, industry, government and more has been increasing which makes organization and people to adopt the new normal work culture and environment.

According to recent Research and Market report, the global cloud computing market size is expected to reach USD 1,251.09 billion by 2028, registering a CAGR of 19.1% over the forecast period. The demand for skilled cloud computing professionals is huge as 90% of business tends to choose cloud computing globally.

Cloud Computing Platforms

The top three cloud service providers which are expertise to provide a reliable cloud platform are,

  • Amazon Web Services
  • Microsoft Azure
  • Google cloud

From the above list of different cloud computing platforms and providers, Amazon Web Services plays a major role which is considered as one of the top cloud computing platform around the world which is a globally recognized cloud computing platforms. AWS is the current market leader and a most mature cloud platform offering more than 200 fully featured wide range of services.

AWS Expert

AWS experts are cloud professionals who focus on AWS to create, maintain and work with application software or programs within the Amazon Web Services cloud based platform based on AWS tools.

How to be a AWS Developer:

Upskilling yourself is the right choice in the AWS development platform to cope up with the current situation of information technology that result in career growth. As an individual, you might have different questions or queries about where to start to be a professional AWS developer. Let’s take a look at the solutions to become a successful AWS developer that leads to a high paying job,

The solution:
  • To Have passion in learning new technologies
  • Basic understanding in networking and cloud computing

Ultimately it is not a big deal to be a cloud developer the truth is simple & easy!! Why?

No prerequisites to learn Amazon Web Services.

Basic understanding of networking and virtualization is more than enough to learn AWS, just you have to follow the correct AWS course syllabus and to choose the right AWS certification to be an expert in the field.

Roles & Responsibilities of an AWS Developer:

AWS developers are responsible for cloud applications including designing to deploying. If you want to hire and become a cloud expert with AWS technology, then few job descriptions which are expected by organizations are,

  • Strong knowledge on Core AWS Services
  • Good understanding of building or maintaining cloud-native applications.
  • Developing various AWS Services such as EC2, ECB and Lambda.
  • Experience in AWS migration.
  • Preferred AWS Certified but it is not a mandatory.
  • Must be a strong team player and team lead.
  • Hands on working experience in AWS libraries.
  • Understanding and working knowledge in cloud security and DevOps.
  • AWS trained certification from experts will be an added advantage and enhance your career growth.
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AWS Experts Job opportunities:

Amazon Web Services are the most in demand career with high paying job roles and there are a wide range of jobs available for candidate with AWS Skills.

Points to notice: Various job roles are,
  • Support engineer
  • Cloud Developers
  • AWS Solutions Architect
  • DevOps Engineer
  • cloud practitioner
  • AWS SysOps Administrator, etc.,

You can select your area such as operations, developer, architects including big data, security and networking.

The best part is here:
AWS Jobs

AWS Experts Salary Trends:

According to Payscale, the average salary for an AWS Developer is $100,698 annually.

For Knowledge :Amazon Web Services
AWS Salary

On the other words, if you are an expert in AWS, then your salary will increase and also, its makes more eligible for various AWS job roles.

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Final Note:

Furthermore, with the best AWS Certification course which is suitable for you, you can easily become an expert in this in high demand skill and it will be helpful for you to land in a successful job with a career path using the right skill set and knowledge to fulfil the industrial expectations.

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