First of all,Amazon Web Service (AWS) is one of the most in-demand cloud platforms with steady growth. AWS remains as the most dominant cloud service provider and has different roles that provide attractive salaries.AWS Cloud services includes the storage space, computing power, on-demand content delivery,website hosting at a low cost and much more.

AWS certified solutions architect is the significant first step that showcases the proficiency in AWS technology. This certification enhances the career path, increases the performance, salary and credibility. In this article,Let’s focus into the details of this exam, its demands, skills and benefits.

1.Demand of AWS Certified Professional

Globally,AWS is one of the most commonly used cloud service platforms. There is always an increase in the demand for AWS professionals with efficient skills and knowledge. AWS Certification is the best way to show your ability and grab the best jobs.

To note, AWS certifications are a badge of honor that shows off the skills. It makes the job hunting process easier. The resume weightage increases and promotes towards the top recruiters. The AWS credentials are worth it and leads to higher opportunities with perfect salary

2.Join a course

More importantly, Getting professional support assists the cloud aspirants and leads to the successful cloud career. Credo Systemz AWS training in Chennai is the best cloud computing course with the following,

  • Standard Syllabus and course content
  • – The AWS course syllabus and course structure is framed to fulfill the skills and knowledge development.
  • Industrial cloud professional trainers
  • – The mentors are knowledgeable cloud developers and provide full support and training.
  • Practical oriented training approach:
  • The training program follows theory + practical sessions to understand and develop the skills with experience.
  • Job oriented:
  • The course focuses on fulfilling the interview oriented and industry demanded skills.
  • Certification support:
  • The training assists the aspirants to complete the suitable AWS certifications.
  • Placement and career guidance:
  • This course also covers the placement support using the HR team by providing mock interviews, interview questions & answers and much more.
  • Free demo classes:
  • The training course provides free demo classes, webinars, articles, blogs to know more about the AWS, AWS certifications and the informations
  • Visit the links to know about the courses:
  • AWS Training in chennai
  • AWS DevOps Training in chennai

3.Enhance your skill

Cloud architect job role is the popular tech job who are responsible for developing advanced cloud-based solutions. The important skills for AWS Certified solution Architect are given below:

  • Programming skills(Java,Python,C#):
  • Understanding programming is important for creating logical solutions.
  • Networking skills:
  • To create a secure, scalable cloud-based solution by using internet access,subnets and VPC peering.
  • Database skills:
  • Know,understand and handle the databases for effective storage with security access
  • AWS service skills:
  • Good understanding of the AWS services and how to use them based on the requirements. Cloud technology skills: Design the workload, AWS infrastructure with cloud specific patterns and technologies.

    Learn with a deep understanding of AWS cloud platform to develop the important skill set. These skills help to use the AWS cloud services, technologies for create best cloud solutions.

4.Solve Practice Tests

More importantly, Become AWS certified architect by solving a lot of practical test.It helps to develop a strong cloud foundation, AWS cloud services and gain industrial experience with skills.

Credo Systemz AWS course includes practical training, Assessments, Cheat sheets. Interview Questions & answers. Cloud aspirants can understand the AWS concepts,services,features using practicals. This practice assists the students in completing the projects, certifications and top jobs.

Go through AWS interview questions and answers

5.Work On Real Time Projects

The next big step in becoming AWS professionals is to work on real time projects. Credo Systemz has a list of AWS projects that are provided at the end of the training course. They few AWS projects covered are

  • Deploy a Windows Virtual Machine:
  • The Cloud platform Amazon Lightsail provides all the required resources to deploy and build websites or Applications.
  • Create a Serverless Web App
  • Implement Rest APIs using the Top AWS services like AWS Amplify, Amazon Cognito, Amazon API Gateway and AWS Lambda, Amazon DynamoDB, etc.,
  • Create and mount an Amazon EFS file system
  • Amazon Elastic File System (Amazon EFS) file system can be created and mounted using Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud.

6.Why is AWS Certification important for your Career?

To be recognized as a good candidate in this industry, AWS certification is essential for demonstration of cloud skills and knowledge in cloud architecture, security and management. AWS certified cloud experts experience great exposure and high demand for the best jobs. It intends to develop the IT career with higher pay and better opportunities.


As the IT industry is evolving daily and tends to create new jobs for professionals. To keep up with this fast pace, Cloud aspirants should develop cloud skill, certification to achieve higher roles at top companies. Join the AWS training course and start your career path.

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