How to learn Selenium – A complete Road Map 2024


To begin, Selenium is the most popular test automation framework. It is best in the Automation Testing field. The demand for automation testing professionals increases with numerous job opportunities. Selenium is a popular choice for automating web browsers. It provides a set of tools and libraries to interact with web applications. This framework leads to rewarding careers in the test automation field. Let’s explore the best learning path of Selenium in 2024.


Selenium is an open-source framework that supports automation across different browsers. It is the preferred technology for web app testing. Selenium testing suite has different tools like

  • Selenium IDE
  • Selenium RC
  • Selenium WebDriver
  • Selenium Grid

Selenium framework is popularly used for the following:

  • Functional Testing: To automate repetitive tasks, simulate user interactions, and validate the application functions.
  • Cross-Browser Testing: Write test scripts once and execute them across different web browsers.
  • Automates Repetitive Regression Testing
  • Web scraping, data extraction: gathering data for analysis, monitoring competitor websites from multiple sources.
  • Browser Compatibility Testing: Automating tests across different browsers, versions, and platforms.
  • Accurate Performance Testing
  • Integration with Testing Frameworks and Continuous Integration (CI) Systems.

Career opportunities of Selenium

If you are interested in software testing and test automation, Selenium is the excellent choice. Many organizations use Selenium for their web application testing needs. This high demand for Selenium professionals increases with growing demand. The global selenium market is growing with a compound annual growth rate of 8.8%.
Selenium is worth learning as the popular test automation tool. With expertise in Selenium, we can achieve the job roles like:

  • Selenium Automation Engineer
  • Test Automation Architect
  • Quality Assurance Analyst
  • Test Automation Lead
  • Software Development Engineer in Test
  • Test Manager
  • Quality Assurance Manager
  • Test Consultant

Selenium Roadmap

To master the selenium framework, Credo Systemz provides professional selenium training. We focus on practical oriented selenium courses that ensure industrial skill development. This Selenium course provides experienced instructors to offer the best practices. The Selenium sessions assists in acquiring the automation testing using selenium from basics.


As Selenium interacts with web elements, understand the basics of HTML and CSS. It will be beneficial in the career path. This Selenium course starts from scratch as it is suitable for all aspirants. Learn about HTML tags, attributes, structure and styling of web pages.

Core Java or Python

Selenium supports multiple programming languages to write test scripts. Among them, Java and Python are commonly used. Choose one of these languages and learn its fundamentals. It helps to write Selenium scripts effectively.

Introduction to Selenium

  • Gain the understanding of Selenium and its components using live, interactive Selenium training.
  • Learn Selenium WebDriver – programming interface to interact with web elements and automate browser actions.
  • Explore Selenium Grid for parallel test execution and Selenium IDE for record and playback functionality.
  • Study to set up the Selenium Environment by installing the required tools like
  • Java – Java Development Kit (JDK).
  • Python – Python interpreter for Python.
  • Selenium WebDriver libraries

Locators and Web Element Interactions

Using expert trainers, Dive into the various locators used to identify web elements on a page. Learn how to interact with web elements by performing actions like

  • Clicking buttons
  • Filling forms
  • Dropdowns
  • Handling checkboxes and more

Synchronization in Selenium

Understand how to handle synchronization in Selenium with test scripts. It is important to ensure your test scripts wait for the desired element and become visible or enabled. This selenium course involves learning about:

  • implicit waits
  • explicit waits
  • fluent waits

Web pages contain alerts, HTML frames, and multiple browser windows. Learn how to switch between frames, handle alerts and manipulate browser windows.

Advanced Interactions and POM

To test complex web applications, Study about advanced interactions such as:

  • Performing mouse actions
  • Keyboard actions

To maintain and reuse test automation, understand the Page Object Model (POM) design pattern. This selenium course assists in learning to structure the test code using POM.

Testing Frameworks

To organize and execute the test scripts, Learn about testing frameworks that integrate with Selenium.

  • Java – TestNG,JUnit
  • Python – pytest,unittest
Gain knowledge about test automation frameworks to enhance test maintainability, readability, and reporting.
  • Cucumber
  • TestNG
  • JUnit
  • PyTest


Learn about Jenkins and how to integrate your Selenium tests. Understand how to configure Jenkins jobs to execute Selenium tests automatically. Develop troubleshooting skills to resolve test failures. Study the Advanced Selenium concepts like handling AJAX calls, managing browsers.

Best Wishes with your Selenium learning journey!