How to move from Manual Testing to Test Automation?


To begin with, Software testing is the process of evaluating and verifying the functionalities of any software product or application that helps to preventbugs, reduce development costs and to improvethe performance.

The two distinct kinds of software testing are:

Manual testing

Among the two types, Manual Testing is the primitive technique of software testing in which test cases are executed manually that requires physical time and effort without using any automated tools. It helps to find the critical bugs, issues, and defects in the software application.

Any new application must be manually tested that require more effort without any knowledge of testing tool. The benefit of manual testing is to allow human mind to draw insights from any test to deliver quality products.

Automation testing

Automated testing is most preferable software testing that is suitable for large projects to control the test execution and compare the actual outcomes with predicted outcomes.

Importantly, Automation Testing is the testing process that focuseson replacing manual human activity with systems or devices with the help of tools, scripts, and software to perform test cases by repeating pre-defined actions. It helps to increase the overall test coverageto maintain test scripts that consumes less time in performing the test. Automation testing helps to increase the

  • Productivity
  • Accuracy
  • Reliability
  • Testing speed
  • Reduce cost
  • Saves time

With the increasing demand of many organizations, the shift from manual testing to automation testing is the much needed career path that helps to reduce the time, human error and to produce quality products. Let’s take a look in detail about how to shift from manual testing to automation testing.

Shift from the Manual Testing to Test Automation

First of all, it is mandatory to develop the basic understanding of automation testing by learning about different methodologies like DevOps, automation frameworks, methods, reports.

More importantly, testing courses at best training institutes help the aspirants to build strong foundation to provide automation solutions using professional experts.

Select the appropriate courses to develop the basic foundation of automation testing which helps to move from manual testing using practical training under the professional guidance. The few top testing courses are:

  • Software testing
  • Performance Engineering
  • Big data testing
  • Perfecto Mobile testing
Automation testing is a tool based testing which uses different automation tools to perform testing process and they are,
  • Selenium
  • QTP
  • JMeter
  • Loadrunner
  • TestLink
  • Quality Center(ALM)
Secondly, to use any automation tool, we have to learn the programming languages associated with that tool. Learning a programming language is much needed to perform automaton testing and to use the Automation tools for upskilling. Automation tools are associated with many programming languages like
  • Java
  • Python
  • JavaScript
  • PHP
  • C#

Importantly, Programming skills help to write and maintaintest cases, test scripts that help to perform testing with utmost support.

To develop the in-built knowledge, Skillset, Credo Systemz helps to learn and use the programming languages effectively from basics with the help of Professional trainer using practical oriented training.

After developing the programming skills, start learning about the right automation frameworks and tools. Selenium is one of the popular open-source frameworks for web automation testing which consists of Selenium WebDriver, Selenium Grid and Selenium IDE.

Selenium is the full-fledged framework used to automate the testing of a web application. It supports many different browsers like Firefox, Chrome, IE, and Safari.

Automation Testing tools are software applications that is designed to verify function and non-functional requirements using automated test scripts. It helpsto test various desktop, web, and mobile applications. Learn about the Automation Testing Life Cycle methodology which is similar to the Software Development Life Cycle SDLC. To sum up:

  • Firstly, developing the coding skills by learning a programming language which is the first important thing to start any test automation.
  • Secondly, build the basic foundation of automation testing with ATLC to perform testing effectively.
  • Importantly, Focused approach to learn about automation testing tools with hands-on training using minimal coding.
  • Learn to design test cases, to generate logs, reports with utilities, libraries.
  • Most importantly, develop the knowledge about the automation testing frameworks and keep improve with continuous learning.
For Knowledge : Selenium


Finally, in order to move from manual testing to automation testing follow the above steps that helps to develop the knowledge and skillset needed for any Professional expert tester with successful career growth.

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