Primavera P6 vs Microsoft Project

Primavera P6 vs Microsoft Project

Primavera P6 is a project management software similar to Microsoft Project used widely in all the industries such as civil, production, IT and Oil & Gas firm. Primavera is more effective in planning, scheduling, tracking and reporting.
Both the tools are helping the project activity tracking and it status including it cost, risk, delay and resources working on it. We have listed the difference between Microsoft Project and Oracle Primavera in the below table clearly show the feature difference in both tools.

S.No Oracle Primavera P6 Microsoft Project
1 Primavera used to manage Portfolio, Program and Projects MS Project used to manage the Projects
2 Primavera allows multiple user to single project and feature restriction according to the user MS project doesn’t allow multiple user to the same project
3 Primavera support unlimited baselines MS Project has limited baselines maximum of 11
4 Primavera project planning information can be converted to html format without help of any third party tool MS project not having feature of converting data or information to html or other format. It needs third party tool to do it.
5 Primavera allows use to create sub activities for main activities with own start and finish dates MS Project doesn’t have feature of creating sun activities
6 Primavera has feature of multiple activity relationship in which more than one type of relationship between the activities can be created MS Project supports only one type of relationship between activities
7 Primavera support functionality of creating project website. It consist of Project risk, issues, resources etc populating the data that we already entered in the tool It doesn’t have any feature of creating project website.
8 It supports multiple project creation and its tracking. It allows viewing multiple project WBS comparisons and its calculation MS project has feature of creating multiple project creation. It doesn’t having simultaneous viewing of project and viewing its comparisons.
9 Primavera has unique identifier for project activity id’s It doesn’t have unique identifier feature and activity id depend on its activity’s position
10 We can create 200 columns including custom column in primavera We can create only 40 column
11 Primavera useful for higher budget or huge project and different Geo location projects MS Project suitable for low budget, single user and single location project
12 Primavera allows tracking of issues and risk MS Project lack in tracking issues and risk
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