React Ecosystem in 2024

React Ecosystem in 2024 – Overview of Libraries, Tools, and Frameworks


To start, the React ecosystem continues to evolve rapidly with an array of libraries, tools, and frameworks. It empowers developers to craft robust, efficient, web applications. Let’s deep dive into the React ecosystem by exploring the latest advancements, popular libraries, essential tools, and emerging frameworks.

Popular Libraries in 2024

React Router

Facilitating navigation and routing in React applications. It involves:

  • Defining routes
  • Handling navigation
  • Mapping to specific components
  • Managing routing

Using React Router, Create Single page applications with multiple views and URLs. React Router is the go-to library for handling client-side routing.


To implement Google’s Material Design guidelines, Material UI offers a rich set of customizable components. It simplifies the process of creating modern, visually appealing and responsive interfaces. Material UI is often used for creating:

  • Admin panels and dashboards
  • Rapid Prototyping
  • Custom theming


Ant Design principles and design guidelines with a set of high-quality React components. It is suitable for building user-friendly web applications.

Ant-design provides

  • Ready to use UI components like buttons, forms, tables, modals
  • Effective support for theming and customization
  • Accessibility and usable by differently abled people


To build hybrid mobile applications that run on multiple platforms using HTML5, CSS, and JavaScript. It is used to create cross-platform mobile apps with a native look and feel. OnsenUI provides smooth animations and transitions and efficient rendering for mobile devices. It can be used with popular JavaScript frameworks such as Angular, React, and Vue.js.

React Spinners

To enhance the user experience by adding spinners to indicate loading or processing states in their web applications. It offers a variety of spinner styles and animations like rotating bars, bouncing dots, pulsing rings, and more. React-spinners provide options for customizing the appearance and behavior of spinners.

Emerging Frameworks in 2024


Leading React framework for building server-rendered and generated web applications. Next.js gains popularity for its performance optimizations and developer-friendly features.


Leveraging the power of React, GraphQL, and Prisma. RedwoodJS is a full-stack framework for building modern web applications with improved productivity, scalability, and developer experience.


Gatsby is a popular open-source framework to build blazing-fast websites and web applications. It is used for building high performance web experience with the combination of:

  • React
  • GraphQL
  • Static site generation


Remix is a modern web development framework for building full-stack JavaScript web applications. The key features of Remix are:

  • Server-side rendering (SSR) of React components
  • Client-side navigation with React Router
  • Data loading strategy to fetch data from various sources
  • Built-in support for authentication and authorization

Top React Tools